List Leverage Review: Make Profits With Platform


List Leverage Review: Make Profits With Platform





List Leverage Review


After I see various advertisements on the List Leverage Program, did this honest review with the final of giving you the elements necessary referent to List Leverage that not is more than a platform of expensive viral email list building that List Leverage Products include lead capture pages, swipes, and a viral pass up system, also connected to other very expensive low-quality MLM programs and that really is that offer the company. Now same I give an idea of in that consist this platform for that you do not lose your time and money.


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There are many people that have been interested or have searched for the current List Leverage Program but these people ask Is it a scam or legit?  I will pretend to analyze all the details of this program including the products, the system, and the compensation plan in this List Leverage honest review.


Even is possible that you saw people promoting List Leverage on social media and other advertising systems, and securely you want to know if it’s a good MLM program with the idea of seeing if you can do investment or not?


It is by this that my honest review will help you to tell you it’s not that good, it’s little a mostly hype and also a little transparent that it will disappear in a short time like other similar programs that have to exist with the same features.


So it is very important that you continue reading for that can see that the List Leverage Program is a platform that is Not Recommendable.




Name: List Leverage


Price: $1.00 for 3 days then $47 per month

Owner: Mathew Neer

Overall Rank: 2 / 5

Verdict: Is “Not Recommended”



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What is List Leverage Program?


Of form generic List Leverage Program is an email list building the program.  Their claim is “Turn One Lead Into Thousands”. This program as another of this type always claims the same but it really is difficult that this happens by other aspects related to continuation.



list leverage review header



As you will observe List Leverage Products include lead capture pages and a viral pass up system whereof form general you will be passing your leads to the people above you and the people recruits will pass leads up to you. So you will pass up every 5th lead person you generate and will see that 20% of your leads(recruits) and their commissions will be passed up to your sponsor inside of the matrix.


Also, you will know that the List Leverage Program was created by Matthew Neer. This marketer has been in the internet marketing space for a while creating many products. Really the most of these products are for making money online programs with hype marketing claims such as $5K Formula System, Viral Cash App, Income League Speed Wealth Commission System and other programs with the same essence.


It is good to communicate to you that part of the List Leverage Program system this conformed by two-part companies associated: Send Shark (Joel Therien of GVO and NowLifestyle) and Traffic Authority (Doug Wellens and Greg Chambers).





The Send Shark Company consists of an autoresponder system that allows you to send mass broadcast emails to your leads. Although Joel’s autoresponder systems have always been plagued with low inbox deliverability rates that really we can see that is a little efficient.


In the case of Traffic Authority Company is a traffic MLM program that was popular a few years ago in 2016 that sold overpriced solo ad traffic in the MLM niche, but was an accepted system.


Who is List Leverage Program For?


The List Leverage Program is for anyone who wants to build a list fast.  It is important that you consider that the list will not be very targeted and is possible that not have quality adequate.


How much does it cost?


The List Leverage Price is $1.00 for a 3-day trial.  Then it is $47 / per month.  You will have the additional cost you need for the GVO hosting which also has a $1 intro offer for 7 days and an additional cost of $9.97 / per month.  Also, you must also have to pay for PPC campaigns and Solo Ads that will need it.


Is really List Leverage Free?



free access to list leverage claim



As you will see if this was true, there would be no real risk in signing up, as you can always unsubscribe from the newsletters again on of the system.


Also will observe as many other programs that promise they are 100% free and will make you rich with no effort, there are hidden costs after you join. It might be true that you get the website to promote for free, as you are promised, but this does not mean it will be free to join and use List Leverage and also that you can earn money without making payment of the Program.


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Now you a look at the affiliate information for List Leverage, where you are told how much they pay people to promote this system. This reveals the true costs of the system and you will check that not exist transparency in the platform.



list leverage pricing structure



Here you will observe in the graphic previous the upsells of List Leverage show the true costs of joining.


How Is Customer Support?


In this aspect, I can say you that customer support is handled through an online form.  The form states you will receive a response within 24-48 hours.  It also has a link on the form if you want to cancel your membership. I have heard that the customer service is very deficient. In case you to want to cancel your subscription takes you directly to Clickbank to look up your order and cancel with them, an aspect that yet I do not know if really they are serious in this sense although with Clickbank never occur problems with this.


What Products Offer The List Leverage Program?


To continuation, you will observe the different products that offer in this Platform


List Leverage Software Suite: Cost is $49.00 / Monthly Or $398 / per Year


Observe that the List Leverage Program is an advanced software solution that has been designed to create a large-high-quality email list through leverage very quickly. These are just 3 lead capture pages, with their Viral Lead Pass-up System design.


List Leverage Program Has Three(3) Additional Upgrades that are:


1- Pages: Cost is $97.00


With 15 additional high-converting lead capture pages.


This gives access you to all 15 of our best Squeeze Pages for only $6.40 per page


2- Swipes: Cost is $247.00


Here you can also buy Swipes product which is a collection of Matthew Neer’s 1,000 highest converting email swipes.

Also, you will get Matthew’s 1,000+ Email Marketing Swipe File Templates

This theoretically Automates Your Marketing.


3- Webinars: Cost is of $497.00


You will see that this product includes over 30 hours of content that Matthew obtained from interviewing his personal circle of Affiliate Marketing Insiders.


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Also, give you Instant Access To 10 Webinars


a) Download & Stream All Videos

b) Over 30+ Hours Of Webinar Content

c) + Bonus Webinar: Here will learn how To Flip Domain Names For Thousands.

d) + Bonus Webinar: Here will learn how are Internet Marketing Conspiracies.


List Leverage Program also offers Add-On Products as:


1- Traffic Authority: On this theme, you will observe that this is a traffic MLM that sells traffic that you can send to your lead capture pages. These traffic packages cost from $220 up to $8,397. The Traffic Authority also has other products: Traffic Authority Reseller, Traffic Optimizer & Traffic Academy = $144.00 per month.  Here the fundamental is that are very overpriced because they pay commission on the traffic, and the traffic does not convert either, which is the common feedback of the affiliates.


2- Send Shark: Also, this is an MLM autoresponder service. Cost is $25 monthly for 50,000 subscribers and pays up to 50% commission, which seems like a good deal, but you get what you invest. The Company has some of the lowest inbox rates in the industry. This means that most of your email messages will go straight to the spam folder and will not get read or opened, this signified that you can to lose its investment and time.


List Leverage Program Compensation Plan





The List Leverage Program has a cost monthly is $47 / per month and pays a $20 / per month commission to the direct Sponsor.


You also have the option in the List Leverage Program Annual that has a cost of  $398 / per year and pays a $200 / per year commission If the member’s direct.


If the sponsor is not eligible, the $200 commission would roll upline to the next eligible qualified member in that member’s upline.


 List Leverage Add On Products Compensation:


1- Pages = $97 retail pays a $50 commission


2- Swipes = $247 retail pays a $125 commission


3- Webinars = $497 retail pays a $250 commission


Anytime a List Leverage product is sold their sponsor will receive the corresponding commission whether their sponsor purchased that List Leverage product or not.


It is fundamental that you know The only qualification for a List Leverage Product commission to be paid is that the sponsor must be Active. If a member’s direct sponsor is NOT Active, then that List Leverage Product commission will roll up to the next Active member in the upline. As a condition, an active List Leverage member is one that maintains their monthly or annual membership and is in good standing on the system.


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What is Click Cash Compensation?


Here you can observe the features fundamentals for the Click Cash Compensation:


1- List Leverage All-In Qualified Members receive twenty (20) cents on the clicks from their personal leads.


2- List Leverage All-In Qualified Members receive five (5) cents on the clicks from their direct team.


3- List Leverage members who are NOT All-In qualified to receive ten (10) cents on the clicks from their personal leads.


4- List Leverage members who are NOT All-In qualified to receive one (1) cent on the clicks from their direct team.


Also, I communicate to you that the Send Shark compensation plan – pays up to 50% commissions, please note there are upsells in Send Shark as well, $497 is the first upsell.


In the case of the Traffic Authority compensation plan –  pays around 45% split commissions with your sponsor on traffic packages, but you will have to buy them first to earn a commission, or they will pass up to the next qualified sponsor who purchased that level on of the matrix.


Verdict Final: Is List Leverage Program A Scam?


You now know both the potential of List Leverage, how it works, and some important things to consider before joining. It will be good for you to analyze this review through the “Pros” and “Cons” so that you have a better criterium in sense general:




1- The system, in theory, helps you grow your email list.


2- In principle, a big list can make you a lot of money




1- Really the program is not as automatic as they promised


2- This system runs the risk of building a low-quality email list.


3- I think that it is irrational that you have to sign up for 6 newsletters to join.


4- The program is not transparent about the true price of joining.


Really I have analyzed several of Matthew Neer’s programs, and of form general, none called attention me to them, and the same thing happens List Leverage Program, none of them are transparent about the true cost, an aspect that you must consider before of do its investment.


Another of the defects of the List Leverage Program is that all furthermore promise to help you make a lot of fast money online without much effort, that for me are false promises that not this of according to with the actual marketing online because we know that for earn money online all depend on your effort and time.



Resultado de imagen de list leverage images



So in my experience, I can say you will end up investing a lot of time and money if you are looking for an automatic system that promises to do all the work for you when really is difficult. Is by this, I can’t recommend List Leverage Program.


In conclusion, I consider that List Leverage is “Not Recommended”


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Thanks so much for your interest.




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If you have any comments, questions, or have any experiences with the List Leverage Program, So I would hear from you in a comment below.

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