Four Percent Challenge Review: Training Platform To Beginners


Four Percent Challenge Review: Training Platform To Beginners



the four percent challenge


Four Percent Challenge Review


Now you will observe an honest review of the Four Percent Challenge Program after having seen many people interested in this platform in the social networks and other sauce with the final of give to know to you if in sense general is convenient joining this program because right for you or if this represents to be a Scam. Please is very important that after of this review you give your opinion on this program.


In function of this review, I will give you various elements fundamentals as:


Really Is The Four Percent Challenge Program A Scam?

What Is The Four Percent Challenge Program?

How Does The Four Percent Challenge Program Work?

You Can Make Money With Four Percent Challenge?


Actually, there are many programs out there online, that some are good where you can make money but really there are many that are Scams and are by this that you must know like do the investment of your money and time.


In this analysis, I will communicate to you that it consists of this business structure and how it works the same with the goal of that you value if this business is for you.


Logically, you will make the decision according to the details that I will give to continuation.


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the four percent challenge training

Program Name: Four Percent Challenge


Price: $1 trial, $49/month, + upsells

Owner: Vick Strizheus

Rating: 2 / 5

Verdict: Is “Not Recommended”


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What Is The Four Percent Challenge Program?


In the first term, I will give to know you that the Four Percent Challenge Program was created by internet expert Vick Strizheus who’s been in this business since 2005 and he had started the Four Percent Group and this sir you will see its history on the internet as an old marketer online.


This Four Percent Challenge is another way to market his program and reach a new audience with its own style inside of the marketing online.


This style o model of business of the Four Percent Challenge Program consists of a training program that will teach you how to get from zero to $10K at the function of your skills where you will be doing a certain lesson daily with specific tasks, of form that you little at a time you can go assimilate the features of the program.


You will observe that this business model is based on building an email list and marketing to that list with an email follow-up series to continue to promote to your list after you have joined this platform.


In this system of the Four Percent Challenge Program, they concentrate a lot of traffic generation, show you how to pick the right products, how to track your sales, and what business tools you’ll need for that your business model works correctly.


The Company claim that promises it’s the most comprehensive, step-by-step training there is for this type of business model following all the details corresponding to the system.


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Of form general you will have 3 levels to learn from in this program that are:


Level 1: $10,000 Challenge – Referent to this level, you will learn how to generate $10,000 whether it be a year, a month, or a day.  You’ll learn his business model and how it works which can be applied to many different types of business but most people will just promote this system itself.  This wants says that when you master that, you will upgrade to the next level.






Level 2: $100,000 Challenge – At this level is where Vic will help you 10x your business with scaling strategies like “Strategic Market Stacking”, learning how to be persuasive, and having an influence in your space.  Once you have earned $100K, already you have this ready and can move on to the third level of the program.





Level 3: $1,000,000 Challenge – In reference to this level will really ramp up your business to 7 figures to learn how to take advantage of the recurring revenue model, how to massively scale your business, and really become the trusted authority inside of the system.


You will appreciate that at each level, there are many training lessons that will be unlocked each day and you will only concentrate on the lesson at hand so you can assimilate it.


Also, you will find tasks at the end of each session that you need to take action on for you can going forward.


You will see other programs online with the same email marketing business model, where you will have significant costs associated with this program inside of the system of the same. To continue, you will see the resume of the costs associated.


Cost Associated of the Four Percent Challenge


Here you will appreciate that this business model that the Four Percent Challenge Program uses will cost you much money if you buy the different additions of the system that are:


Four Percent Challenge Program “Level  1”


So like this business model is using affiliate marketing, you won’t have the cost of product inventory or anything like that but there are certain tools this business model uses that you must buy almost of obligation form.


Here you will see the additions:


Cost $49 / monthly: Membership to the Four Percent Challenge


Cost $19 / monthly: In the case you want to sell the Four Percent Challenge, you have this fee to become an affiliate.


Cost $15: $149 / monthly. For Email Marketing Auto-responder which they suggest GetResponse, Aweber or other.


Cost $97 / monthly: ClickFunnels. If you want to build landing pages with ease on of the system.


Cost $12:  $97 / monthly.  Click Magick, which is a link tracking system to track where your sales and clicks are coming from.


Cost $15 / yearly. Domain in case if you want your own domain, most people would because it markets better and to have more presence online.


Cost $11: $49 / monthly.  Hosting when you want to host your landing pages on your own domain which you probably do if you’re buying your own domain that is the logic.


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Of form general, your monthly business cost of this Four Percent Challenge Program will be $204 to $461 / monthly


Others Costs of the Four Percent Challenge Program


Another of the things about the Four Percent Challenge Program is that it will teach you to use paid promotions so that’s going to also cost you and all the members thousands of dollars a month in paid traffic because that is the system this design for this. This paid traffic is typical of this type of business online.


Of all forms, you can use the methods of traffic that you consider, free traffic, safe list, social media, classifieds, or others but almost sure you not will have good results like paid advertising.


If you want a system of free advertising that I use normally you must join My # 1 Awesome Niche and you not will have an expensive paid like in Four Percent Challenge Program. Exist other types of paid expensive that are related to other products that they have in the system and that you can sell, using the same program, but you will have more cost additional.


It is important to communicate to you that, there are also programs within the member’s area that have nothing to do with internet marketing. To mode of example, there is a link to join a program named WORLD VENTURES and another health program referent to a product named ENAGIC, which be MLM companies that are partnered to Four Percent Challenge Program where you too can sign up and participate in the program. That we will relation continuation.


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All indicates, that the Four Percent Challenge Program is attempting to make a great Company of different products and with this achieve a lot of affiliate marketers to promote his program for a great number of possibles recruited.


Here you will observe the 10 programs that appear in the Four Percent Challenge Program:



four percent challenge list of programs


How Does The Four Percent Challenge Program Work?


The business model that this Four Percent Challenge teaches is structured in this diagram






Four Percent Challenge Business Model (Above)


Really the Four Percent Challenge Program teaches you how to build and set up all the systems and as you will find the affiliates and also offers you how can you make money online.


The Four Percent Challenge Program claims that this kind of system works in any niche, but most people use it to make money online niche, already that all the people want to profit. But this system is very little reliable and sure is by this that you must to think good for doing investment in the same.


Also with this system, you not will have a big online presence with a business model like this where people can’t find out how to have more performance with the program without having so many expenses and in a sense general that you can observe if exist transparency and that not have cost additionals.


So,  I will communicate to you that for me this system of Four Percent Challenge is “Not Recommendable”. I consider that this is a system that you can invest time and money already and if you do not know some of the marketing online you can lose its investment.


You Can Make Money With Four Percent Challenge?



4 Percent Success Challenge Review



This is the critique point of this honest review because you will make money with this system if you know the technics of marketing online, due to that for me this system this designed for experts in marketing and also where you must invest any quantity of money.


It is by this that you initially will have significant monthly costs to cover as well as paid advertising costs and you will need a volume of enough sales just to achieve success with Four Percent Challenge Program.


Also very important to say that most beginners will get less competent principally by the detail of paid traffic and another cost additional. Really here you can have time at a big cost and really have little sell.


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In conclusion, it is very easy to think that this will get you to earn $10K quickly with this kind of system, it simply does not work that fast even if you use paid traffic, because fundamentally like have many cost additionals that are not compatible with all the people online that join the Four Percent Challenge Program.


Verdict Final: Is The Four Percent Challenge A Scam?


I really do not think that the Four Percent Challenge is a Scam at all because they have an amount of training you can go through but I just don’t like the idea of spending thousands of dollars in paid traffic and in the number of cost additionals in the system.


Another inconvenient that has this kind of business model is that all you’re doing is building an email list to spam and losing subscribers while paying for them to get on your list in the first place inside of the system is by this that not have transparency by that is “Not Recommended”.


Another of the things is that you are also needing to pay for so many costs in addition to putting the machinery it all together which could get complicated for some people fundamentally to the beginners.


In conclusion Four Percent Challenge Program although for me not a Scam. I do “Not Recommend” this Company principally for people that not are experts in marketing online.


Definitely, if you want to learn how to achieve quality visitors to your website and build a list, I recommend you can join My # 1 Awesome Niche for that you learn by working with affiliate marketing. It really takes time and effort, but it is an honest Program where you will teach you real online marketing. Join to continuation:


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Thanks so much for your interest.




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If you have any questions or comments about the Four Percent Challenge, feel free to let me know below, thanks for reading my honest review.


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