Rain Money Review: Is Profitable This Program?

Rain-Money 2

Rain Money Review: Is Profitable This Program?



Rain-Money 2



Rain Money Review


Of form general, this review is valid for the marketer habitual online and for the new marketers may have been alerted referent to the Rain Money Program via social media sites such as Instagram, Facebook,  Twitter, and others? If you or any people are attempting to gain referrals to Rain Money,  in the hope to receive a commission I can say you that really this is not possible. Unhappily, you will not get paid, and I will show you into that soon in this Rain Money Program honest review with the objective that you not lose your time and money.


After having analyzed the offer of this Company If you are finding a fast answer, I will communicate to you, Rain Money Program is a Scam in all its words.


Really I have reviewed other programs that are similar to Rain Money, and all have the same features.


Of form generic, I will communicate all this within Rain Money Program honest review, and with this analysis, you will see why you do not must sign up for this platform and why you not must make an investment of time and money in the same.



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Product Name: Rain Money

Website: http://www.rainmoney.co

Founder/Owner: Unknown

Product Type: Tasks / Referrals

Price: $Free

Rating: 1.5 / 5

Verdict: Is ” A Scam”


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What Is Rain Money Program?



 Rain-Money 3




Here you will observe that the Rain Money Program is a platform based in that you recruit people. The Company claim you will get paid, but that you must follow the following recommendations:


1- Create a YouTube video – $50

2- Download App make – $10

3- Refer friends make – $10


Here the problem fundamental is that not exist a fee to join. Is by that what Rain Money Program claims they are paying people a great deal of money by getting people to carry out the list above.


This really is that Just the people see money in their dashboard, it’s like video game points; it doesn’t mean it’s dollars until the money gets to their bank account that this aspect really results be a theory.


Also, you will see that Rain Money Program Uses A $25 Sign Up Bonus (rm bonus)



rm bonus



It is good to observe that the form the Rain Money Program entices people to join is that by giving them $25 video game points (rm bonus).


You will see that were they to say under how do I get paid, it says when you are ready to get paid, simply request your payment in the member’s area, this really appears a game.


If we analyzed in sense general this system we know that anyone who has joined a service that is free and gives you a signup bonus, know first hand you are not going to be able to cash out just because you joined, is logical that you had that to execute a payment.


So the Rain Money Program always has a payout threshold and requires that you do the needed tasks before you can even cash out, logically this is a little serious because finally you not can cash out.


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On of the analysis, of Rain Money Program also you will see that there are a lot of types of platforms circulating online with the same system. “Viral dollars” and “Referral Pay” is a similar platform to Rain Money.


Here you will observe the mode of example that their business model is identical to Rain Money.


1- Create a YouTube video – $50

2- Complete surveys – $25

3- Download App – $10

4- Get paid per click – $2

5- Refer friends make – $10


If we see numbers look rewarding, and people have a tendency to work to get others to join, but when it’s time to cash out, that is another story, because you do not receive what think and really to lose your time and money.


In life real not there is no way any program out there will pay anyone $2 per click this is a dream. If we referent to other programs as the example of surveys anyone isn’t out there that pay you $25 to complete surveys. The surveys pay when more than $3 – $5 per each and really there isn’t a qualifying process, you complete the survey, and you finally get paid without complications.


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In this case, you will receive $3 – $5 but you will not get surveys sent to you every single day. You might get a survey 2 – 3  a month when more. These surveys are not going to get you to full-time income status.


In sense general, you will see sites out there that use surveys that claim people get paid $25 to complete one survey and you will conclude that is only to cheer him up. We can say that it is intelligent by part of the company for a way to lure people by using the word survey.


In conclusion, none platform, in general, will pay you the number of profits that say Rain Money Program, only platforms that have the same system of promises that are a little transparent.


How Does Rain Money Program Work?


In this aspect, you will observe that the feature principal of the Rain Money Program is to get as many people as possible to sign up as a member. So, the information you pass over in the signup process is then stored within the database of Rain Money and they set up an abstract system to convince people.


Also, I can say you that when you complete tasks within the system, extra information is given forth, such as phone numbers data, address details of the members, and others.


Now we can affirm, Rain Money Program is a data storage site that collects as much personal information as possible. This information can be used in various ways, including being sold to third-party platforms and other tricks of the Company for work with its data later, but never you will see this quantity of money that they say.


Rain Money Program Fraud


In fact, I’ve even seen YouTube videos that expose Rain Money as being a “Scam”. The person in the video below has been scammed and is warning others against signing up.


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As you can see in the above video, there is a threshold limit that you need to reach before you can withdraw any funds. This is set at $200, which gives enough time for unsuspecting victims to promote Rain Money all over the internet, before finding out that Rain Money will not payout.


You can also see that it’s not possible to signup and withdraw your $25 bonus. When you think about it, who on earth would offer you $25 just for signing up anyway. No company can make money from doing this, which is why it’s a false promise.


Rain Money Program Red Flags


There are several indications that alert me to this “Scam”, not least that I’ve seen the same site cloned under different domains. So pay attention, and have a good read of this.


Verdict Final: Is Really Rain Money Program  A Scam?


In my criterium Rain Money Program Yes is a “Scam”, you observed there is not a fee to sign up, and in sense general none Program can pay you if you when joining not pay anything. You how can claim to the Company anything. Is by this that I consider that Rain Money Program is Totally another Scam Online because you can promote this platform and in return, you are not getting anything out of it. Also for me think that is a Program, little respectful for the serious marketers online and in a sense general for all the people that go to invest their money.


Definitely, Rain Money Program claims you can make a lot of money based on getting people to join is a platform deceptive.


The Company uses fake testimonials made to see that is real. This is troubling and unpresentable.



rm fake testimonials



In conclusion, I consider that Rain Money is “A Scam”


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Thanks so much for your interest.




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If you have any questions or comments about Rain Money, feel free to let me know below, thanks for reading my honest review.



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