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Guide To Affiliate Marketing For Beginners.


You Want Are A Super Wealthy Affiliate Today?



Here You Can See Step By Step The Fundamentals Of How To Start An Affiliate Marketing Business Online.


This tutorial guide to affiliate marketing for beginners will take you step by step through basic strategies of building your own affiliate marketing business and website.


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By the time you finish this training, you will not only have the fundamental knowledge to build your own online affiliate marketing business, but you will also have a live and fully functioning affiliate marketing website of your own. Start now and you will see good results in a short time this is the Online University.


How Can You Make Money Online With Affiliate Marketing?


Actually, Affiliate Marketing is a multi-billion dollar industry used by household brands like, Nike, eBay, Walmart, and many more to promote their products Online.


Because it is such a large industry, you can make money by telling people about almost any product online (that has an affiliate program), and should someone purchase that product through your special link (website address), then you are entitled to earn a commission on the sale and in the comfort of their home.


How To Start An Affiliate Website The Simple Way.


To be a member of any business opportunity you must have a good Blog or Website and Wealthy Affiliate is the only program that offers you 1 Free Website as a Free Member and as a Premium Member of Unlimited Websites. I highly recommend Wealthy Affiliate as the best Online University and going to Premium Member to enjoy all the advantages.



Build A Website Free In 30 Seconds



Build A Website Free In 30 Seconds



Normally,  many people,  building a WordPress website is hours or days and they do not think that can be in 30 seconds!  But today I’m going to show you that it is not impossible and show you the proof with a video of like you will create a website in 30 seconds and like you make money and this not will be difficult for you.



What Is WordPress?




In principle, if you look back only a few years ago and you know the online business then, building a website was fundamentally an aspect technical. Being a programmer was almost a must and little habitual.


Of form general, you needed to have a good photoshop and some experience in this. Also, you need a top-notch computer and expensive software even to create a normal site.  Really some of the ordinaries sites used to be built then, but they were profitable, so it

worked out good surprisingly in some moments.


After appears a revolution called WordPress, which is an open-source framework that has a community of millions of people, and thousands of developers that already have made it all for you, only you must configure it.


Generally, WordPress actually is a platform supported and the most famous framework for building websites today however now WordPress still requires web hosting, FTP protocol transfer, a database, and some technical knowledge to install and you make money.


WordPress is one of the best platforms, even though on some occasions it can be a little difficult to install to even seasoned online marketers and webmasters, but really is a great site already configured for you.


Here you will observe the fundamental features of WordPress:


1- You do not have to deal with FTP transfer


2- You do not have that configure the databases


3- You do not have more than worry about DNS or Domain registries


4- You can forget about HTML and PHP forever!


5- You can put the place the complicated photoshop in a wastebasket


6- You do not have that to buy expensive software


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Are you can have doubts about this 30-second thing and how to go about building your own site? You will see real, strong proof that I can do this and so can you!.  Simply CLICK HERE  and get amazed!  watch the video for yourself and see how you can then own your website and start a niche of your own without even one penny and monetize the same.


You will appreciate that in less than a few minutes from now, and you will have yourself up and running with your very own WordPress website.   including access to hundreds of different themes and you can use your website within whatever niche if you choose and all made with its own content.


Also, you can promote anything you like on your site and you will be getting access to a whole community of help and training when you get of its website.


You will do this following these two simples steps:


1- Choose your Starter Wealthy Affiliate account (FREE).





2- Build your Website FREE and in record time(30 Seconds)


I think that this honest content on Build A Free Website was of great help for you if you need assistance please feel free to write me using the comment box below. Also, you can visit the home page My #1 AWesome Niche to learn more about how you can make money online of form sure.

Wealthy Affiliate Free vs Premium Membership: Why is it very important You Must Join Premium…





If You this thinking of joining Wealthy Affiliate, but not sure if it is convenient upgrading to their Premium Membership or not?

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Really is a situation that you can have doubt.


Exist a great difference between the Wealthy Affiliate Free Member vs Premium Member. This difference will do for that you made the decision to Upgrade the faster possible.


To continue, you can see the Comparison Table that will help you to see the differences between the Free and Premium Membership, for that you make the right decision correct that obviously is the Premium Membership.


Below is a table with outlines the differences fundamentals between the Two Memberships.




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Wealthy Affiliate Free Member Starter Membership:


a) Access to 2 Training Room Classes, approx 20 Lessons in total.


b) One FREE website (Wealthy Affiliate hosted with a – Subdomain)


c) 30 FREE searches on the Jaaxy keyword research tool.





d) Option to earn through the Wealthy Affiliate Program of WA.


e) 24/7 Live help access for the first 7 days!


f) 1-on-1 Coaching for the first 7 days, for getting started.


Wealthy Affiliate Premium Membership:





a) Unlimited access to ALL training classrooms (100+ lessons)


b) Ability to host 50 websites (25 on your own domain, 25 on domain)


c) Unlimited searches on the Jaaxy Keyword Tool (a tool for Affiliate Marketers).


d) Can earn 2x higher commissions payouts with the Wealthy Affiliate Program!


e) Full access to 24/7 Live Chat and 1-on-1 coaching.


f) As well as private access to the Wealthy Affiliate owners Kyle and Carson.


g) Price: Monthly


Most Popular: $ 19 00 Discount.*** Then just $ 49 per Month


Yearly Premium


Best Value $ 41,25 / Month $ 495 for 12 Months ($ 93.00 OFF)


100 Free Community Credits ($ 50.00 Value)


1 Free .com Domain ($ 14.00 Value) / $0 Starter


***Special Bonus – Upgrade within the first 7 days and get the first month for only $19, very good for starting.


What Benefits are included in a “PREMIUM” Membership at Wealthy Affiliate?


Honestly, if your website was the bread, the Premium membership is going to be the peanut butter and jelly for your business!.


For less than $1 per day, you can become a premium member! You can get access to all of the training here, access to the entire SiteRubix Suite, access to weekly live classes, unlimited access to the keyword research platform, the ability to rub shoulders with some of the most established marketing experts in the industry, and unlimited support & mentoring.


Not just that, having Premium will increase your chances of success by over 500%. It’s proven.


This seems like a no-brainer considering a single course in college could easily run you $1,500. You could get a 5-year Premium membership at Wealthy Affiliate for this price and 100x more value!


There isn’t a more comprehensive, technically advanced, cost-efficient, and caring affiliate/internet marketing anywhere in the world. That is something that we proudly stand behind.


You are also going to instantly unlock Level 2, The Ultimate Traffic Training course as soon as you go Premium.


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In this quick and easy tutorial, I am going to show you how anyone can start an affiliate website using this very easy-to-use Content Management System, more specifically known as WordPress, and SiteRubix easy-to-use software. Starting an affiliate website can be a highly lucrative endeavor over the long run.


Getting Started as an Affiliate Marketing Blogger: Word Press.


The most important aspect when creating your affiliate website has less to do with the actual attractiveness and more to do with the content that you implement. More people are inclined towards finding content that they need. Having the internet as the perfect place to do so, gives you the chance to stand out as the person who can gather the necessary information to deliver to your everyday readers.


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By delivering this type of content people need rather than want, you are able to target people willing to buy any number of recommended products. If you’re more interested in starting a website off the cuff, I recommend utilizing SiteRubix. This is also the precise method I used that helped me first get started in building up my own affiliate niche website.


Every Business Starts with a Website – Do it for Free!





I liked it very much because not only is it free, but you can create up to two free websites, and get to experience first-handily what the WordPress dashboard experience feels like. I must admit there is a fair learning curve when it comes to using WordPress, but once you get it down, it becomes as handy as being able to do simple math calculations.


Eventually, you’ll find WordPress becoming very second nature, and more importantly, very handy and beneficial when it comes to your intentions in fulfilling a popular need or desire as an affiliate/online marketer.

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Attracting more and more visitors with more valuable content, I was able to find myself writing.


The more content we build, the more we will begin to realize the significance of over-content people’s wants. Hence, when building a website, it’s important to create something simplistic, easily navigable, and with a purpose!


Why is WordPress our best option?


A couple of years ago if you wanted to create a website, you had to know HTML and coding knowledge in order to create a single-page website. Now, it is a completely different matter to create a website and you can create a professional-looking website in minutes using a content management system. The advantages of WordPress for creating and managing a website are:


1- No need for any coding, HTML, designing, or any kind of advanced skill.


2- Access to thousands of free and paid beautiful templates


3- Ability to add new functionalities to your site easily by adding plugins.


4- Easy to install and easy to manage.


5- Free training, help, and support within the community





We prefer WordPress and this website is built by WordPress. If you want to build your own WordPress site too, the next section is for you.


Every Business Starts with a Website – Do it for Free!


Long story short: Begin with the Get Started Here section. It will guide you through everything and answer all of your questions. Here is how the get started section looks:



Wa get started


This Is The Process of Making Money Online with Affiliate Marketing.


Now discover How Any Newbie Can Start Earning Real Money Online With This Proven 4 Step Formula You can create your Website(Blog).




It can be very lucrative or it can simply be used your Website to earn a part-time income depending on how much time and effort you are willing to put into it.


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You could make $10 a day or $1000 a day or anywhere in between with Internet Marketing. There aren’t any limits (but do remember that this is hard work and will take a time to build to that level). It’s really up to you.


I can help You personally.


I am on Wealthy Affiliate every single day of my life helping members develop their ideas, create their websites, and get traffic to hear content.


Best of all Is That I Don’t Sell Anything.


I help people find the information they’re searching for online. I deliver quality information that helps people make decisions and then send them over to a store like Amazon who handles the rest.


Think of how many trillions of searches are done at Google or Bing or Yahoo and how many billions of dollars are spent online.


Starting to see the value of Internet Marketing?


This is very powerful stuff!


There are affiliate programs in almost every imaginable niche.


Nearly every major company out there has an affiliate program. You can partner with companies like Amazon, Walmart, Best Buy, Target, Nike, eBay, Apple, Microsoft, HP, Dell, Nikon, Canon, Sony, Samsung, and many more!


The list is really endless.


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Your goal is to find your own little niche on the web, partner with a company, and incorporate their ads on your site.


Maybe you are reading this and think it’s a great idea but don’t know where to start. Maybe you’ve never built a website before. Don’t be intimidated! This is exactly what Wealthy Affiliate teaches you how to do and I’ll be there every step of the way.


Every Business Starts with a Website – Do it for Free!


Now is very important that if you want to learn how to achieve quality visitors to your website and build a list, I recommend you can join My # 1 Awesome Niche for that you learn by working with affiliate marketing. It really takes time and effort, but it is an honest Program where you will teach you real online marketing. Join to continuation:




Thanks so much for your interest.




Are You interested in Build A Solid Future from the comfort of your home?


My #1 Awesome Niche is absolutely the best resource for awesome Start In Online Business, with fast and unlimited cash and you will learn the Strategic Planning To Help You Build A Money-Making Affiliate System. Get a Free Starter now and You can build One Free Website.


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If you have any questions or comments about Build A Free Website feel free to let me know below, thanks for reading my honest review.



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Hello good afternoon, I know what is affiliate marketing, we have everything related to mail order, banners, and put user name in these, when you registered and put them on a web page or blogs. I already enrolled in that network that sends me affiliates and treated me very badly, I ask you to please, if you have another.

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