CB Money Vine Review: The System Made For Profit


CB Money Vine Review: The System Made For Profit



CB Money Vine Review


Welcome and Congratulations on your interest in my CB Money Vine Review. Of form generic, you will observe that when it comes to affiliate marketing, the principal objective in building a website and getting traffic for the same that in sense general the affiliate links are only associated with one product designed by the company and that this aspect will limit you to have profits. But when you read totally this review must decide if is correct or not to make an investment in this program.


Referent to this I can say you what there is a system that is all the contrary due to that this system will generate you an affiliate link that is designed with for that you get more than one product in the system.


Starting off with this analysis already I can communicate to you that this system is the CB Money Vine Program which will generate you an affiliate link that is designed for that you get more than one product with the same.


Here in this honest review we will analysis, all the aspects fundamentals in sense general for that you have a background and decide if it is convenient for you to make an investment or not in CB Money Vine Program.




Name:  CB Money Vine

Website: http://cbmoneyvine.com

Founder: Tom E. & Brian Winters

Price: $20

Type: ​Affiliate marketing software

Rating: ​2 / 5​​

Verdict: “Not Recommended” ​​​​​


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What is CB Money Vine Program?





The CB Money Vine Program is a system-based software that allows your affiliate links to be attached to more than 4000 ready-to-go products without having any pending approvals designed by the platform.


For all that know what affiliate marketing is, it usually works by matching one product to one buyer at a time, where you really have more time for results. Now with CB Money Vine Program, that process is all the contrary.


Of form generic, with the CB Money Vine Program system, you will deliver your buyers a lot of options for products they can choose from. This gives you a major performance where you will obtain more profits.


This condition wants to say you that can simply share your CB Money Vine website or opportunity link with other people and your monthly commissions will up of form considerable. This program is similar to Moola Vine also designed by Brian Winters because they have the same features.


Who is behind  CB Money Vine?


You will see that the people behind the creation of the CB Money Vine Program are the partners, Tom E. and Brian Winters that are the owner’s founders.


In the case of Brian Winter was who made MoolaVine, which is similar to CB Money Vine. Also, Winters began with other profitable products as Lazy Profit Engine 2.0, IG Money Tree, Piggyback Payday, and Boomerang Buddy.


The other partner of Brian Winters called Tom E. is a known figure in the world of internet marketing and by its part created other programs as Arbitrage Underdog Evergreen.


They in sense general are big marketer online that has helped many people to make money online.


With CB Money Vine Program you will achieve two its 2 big products that are:


1- CB Money Vine Software


In principle, the software is basically what you will use of the system. When you log in will be able to connect your affiliate link with more than 4000 products.


It is good to say that you won’t even have to wait for a long time. This will only will take one minute and you are ready to go.


In the case of the payment, this goes directly to your account of the system.


2- CB Money Vine System


The following that you will get is the CB Money Vine Program system. So we already know that you will be given 40%-75% commissions with 4000+ products on your affiliate link. Also, we must communicate to you that all this not will work if you do not have a mechanism that makes the money.


As a complement, you will have a system called RIS on your own website of affiliate marketing that is already included here that this system will make you earn money since the initial where you will have a built-in incentivization program for the sale of its products.


This system of CB Money Vine will work always on autopilot if you do this online or not.


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CB Money Vine Features


Referent to the features of the CB Money Vine Program is its website that will be designed made for you. But you must not consider this as a great platform like Amazon or eBay even though you will have more than 4000 products for sale. the problem this in that your website will generate you an unlimited number of the called VINE of CBMV free version sub-members.


In principle, these persons are who will purchase products through your affiliate link because of the incentive created by the system, that this will be provided by CB Money Vine to your website and that really this feature will be converted in profits.


With this last feature, the system will increase your sales that really are the commissions.


Of form, general, there are other features that you will enjoy with the CB Money Vine Program that already we had to see like:


a) 100 % Automated system.


b) You will enjoy more than 4000 Physical and Digital Products.


c) It also will have Easy Performance Stats Tracking.


d) Fundamentally will have Multiple Income Streams.


e) The “CBMV” Reverse Income System.



CB Money Vine website link


How does it CB Money Vine Program work?


Aspects fundamentals of the CB Money Program:


1- In the first term, CB Money Vine Customers get a free DFY “Done For You” website, fully hosted and ready to promote its business.


2- You will see that the Company gives the following instructions and enter their affiliate ID into the software. The software hardcodes its affiliate ID into more than 4000 products.



CB Money Vine marketplace



3- After you will observe that, using free traffic, they invite others into the system, by giving away the same kind of DFY fully hosted website, 100% for free for all the people that join the program.


4- You will see that to stay in the system and keep their free website, those “Freebie” users have to buy one offer per month. They have thousands of offers to choose from, all hardcoded with the CB Money Vine Program Customer’s affiliate link. These are all Clickbank offers that will be, hardcoded by our software and of this form that the Customers CB MoneyVine can have profits.


5- CB Money Vine customer gets 50% commissions for all those sales. where Bryan and other marketers did many sales and logically had big profits.


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6- Also we can say that “Freebie” users make money the same way CB MoneyVine Program Customers do. The only difference is that they have to keep buying one product a month from the system designed.


7- Referent to Big Bonus we can affirm that when a Freebie member not buying one product per month, then the future affiliate commissions from their referrals automatically go to the CB Money Vine Program customer who brought them referred.


8-Other of the aspect is that exists an AUTOPILOT program coded in, for the Freebie customers who say “No Thanks” to buying a monthly program. With that program, they instead pay a flat $20 / monthly to stay in. So CB Money Vine Program Customers get 50% of that.


To continuation, you will see a VIDEO that does referent:




How do you retrieve your investment?


Your revenue is channeled into your accounts with WarriorPlus and Clickbank.


Guarantee of CB Money Vine


The CB Money Vine Program has a 30-day, money-back guarantee.


Verdict Final: Is CB Money Vine A Scam?


CB Money Vine Program for me is Not Recommended and you will observe to continuation Why?


The CB Money Vine Program claims of income are certainly difficult to verify. I said this due to that the platform did not explain how the system works in detail.


For example, exist little information about the founders of CB Money Vine online, this creates little credibility in the program.


Also, I think that their marketing model is not the best and has the features  of a “Pyramid Scheme” (MLM) due to the following aspects:


1- In the first term, it promises you monthly income with zero risk and unlimited upside with its system.


2- In the second term, it affirms you recruiting new members to earn your money. New referrals and “forced” sales are your only way of making money aspect also a little credible.


3- In the third term, you do not have out of system retail sales. The products are only bought by your referrals with experience online. This aspect is logically not considered to beginners.


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In sense general, CB Money Vine Program is a modified affiliate marketing scheme MLM in my criteria. Because they claim that you can have huge profits monthly by recruiting more people.


In conclusion, for me, it is “Not Recommended” to join CB Money Vine Program taking into consideration all these aspects.


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Thanks so much for your interest.




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If you have any questions or comments about CB Money Vine Program, feel free to let me know below, thanks for reading my honest review.


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