Secret Affiliate Website Review: Is Real this Secret Website?


Secret Affiliate Website Review: Is Real this Secret Website?





Secret Affiliate Website Review


When you observe my review of The Secret Affiliate Website Program. You will appreciate that the objective of this honest review is principally for that you can to value if really this program is good for you can earn money as an affiliate or if this is a Scam in which you did not must make an investment of time and money. Hope that you give me your opinion on your criterium of this platform.


It is by this that is very important that you do the research before joining a program and buy a product in marketing online.


If you are not new to internet marketing you must know that exist many programs that result be a scam the that is important to analyze this to avoid these frauds or scams and find the form of arriving at a legit program and can earn money as we want.


Referent to Secret Affiliate Website Program you will see that the claims in its sales page some aspects that say that are positives and finally this is not real, already that there are elements fundamentals that the company does not say on its claims and if you do not have a minimum of experience you can be cheated.


So, is Secret Affiliate Website Program a Scam, or is it a Legit Program and a system sure to make money as an affiliate?


As I said before in its sales VIDEO the Company claims some aspects that be real but the platform also claims some false things.





If you follow this Secret Affiliate Website Program review you will observe all the elements fundamentals, with finally that you can see that will treat the system and you will avoid losing time and money if finally is a Scam or a program Not Recommended.



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Name: Secret Affiliate Website

Website URL:

Owner: Hidden

Price: $17 + Upsells

Overall Rating: 3 / 10

Verdict: Is “Not Recommended”


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What is the Secret Affiliate Website And What Does It Offer?





Of form general, the Secret Affiliate Website Program is a system that will automatically help you make websites and earn money through affiliate marketing online.


The Company says that its system is so effective theoretically for me that you can easily start making hundreds of dollars from day one as if you had with a magic wand.


These claims appear in social networks and other sites of advertising by people affiliate the program, aspect called the attention me and I get motivated to make this honest review for seeing if is true this claims of the Secret Affiliate Website Program.


In this case, they claim this product is a new software that can allegedly make you $937 daily doing little work.





In principle, according to the Company you need to set up your websites using the Secret Affiliate Website system. Following you plug into the secret traffic source, already you this ready for can start collecting your commissions.


They claim that all you need to make commissions 24 / 7 is sharing a few links, all thanks to this amazing software that does most of the work for you and all results easily.


As said anteriorly, in theory, it is very easy, but before getting to a lot of the warning signs I have spotted in the sales video and in these claims, let’s first look into if this is even a valid and legit way to make money because they make think you that with its system will achieve all easily. For me is some superstitious and a little transparent.


The Secret Affiliate Website has a concept that is simple: you promote other people’s products or services and earn a commission for each sale in the system.


The that is very important to say you are that, making money this way is not that simple because there are many factors that you need to take into account by achieving.


Of form generic, we can say that there are multiple methods to earn money using this business model, but products like Secret Affiliate Website Program are not teaching an adequate method fundamentally beginners that in case of that you be, you can to lose its investment.


Really if you do not make an effort fundamentally in traffic for you not will be easy to make money online as they say. This is a program little transparent.


We can say that affiliate marketing is a legitimate business model where you can have profits when you made all the fundamentally by its effort and knowingly in online marketing.


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Does Secret Affiliate Website Work?


In sense general, the Secret Affiliate Website Program does not work as the spokesman tells you in the VIDEO of the program.


You will observe that they claim that this system works in 3 steps that are:


1- Build websites with their software


2- Plug into the “secret” traffic source


3- Get paid





They claim that when you plug into the secret traffic source, already you this ready for can start collecting your commissions.


The Secret Affiliate Website makes it sound like this system is the perfect solution for anyone who’s looking to make money today without doing much effort with its program.


In the life real you right now that you will not make money the first day you get started because this method is not for beginners is by this that is Not Recommended for people with little experience in marketing online.


Really the Secret Affiliate Website Program works of the following form:


In principle, they claim that “You need a website for each affiliate program”. This aspect is not real because the more websites you have the less focused you will be on one website. This claim is a little transparent by part of the Secret Affiliate Website Program.


We can say that you can promote multiple affiliates offers on the same website, as long as they are relevant to your audience and is the best form of promoting this, already that will be a niche.


Instead of building many websites, it’s best that you focus on one website until you monetize it.


Also is false that “You don’t need to write” will be good the idea of getting a website that takes a few minutes to set up and doesn’t require you to do any writing really you think that is logic.





Referent to this aspect the problem I see with this is that, if you don’t create your own content, you will not be able to get free organic traffic from search engines like Google, Bing, and others.


This aspect logically is a “fake claim” because without traffic you cannot make sales of its products.


In the case of the search engines, they warranty organic traffic for the websites that provide unique and original content. This confirms that the program use claims are deceptive.


Really the company treats taking advantage of people who don’t know anything about driving traffic to websites in sense general that not have experience in marketing online.


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Have Secret Affiliate Website A Secret Traffic Source?


In the VIDEO they claim that you will make commissions thanks to a “secret” traffic source being the same the social networks like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and others where you after having to build these websites with their software, will have to share the link on social networks for having sales. Although the importance of all this is that for having sales you have that to create a list, that is your effort that if you do not have experience not will have fast success.


It is by this that you not must do case to the claims of Secret Affiliate because you not will get anywhere. Finally, this program is “Not Recommended”.


Also, another aspect negative of the program is that not there are own the websites created by the Secret Affiliate Website software due to that without a domain name or hosting of you, you are not this ready to make money for the long-term in marketing online.


Another inconvenience of the Secret Affiliate Website Program is that the owner does not mention his name and he doesn’t even show a picture of him and really you cannot have trust in a program that the owner does not give the face to you that is fundamentally for a serious platform.


PROS And CONS Of The Secret Affiliate Website



1- Affiliate marketing is a real way to make money online




1- No existing info about the owner.


2- Generally, automatic build websites are usually bad.


3- The fast income is misleading.


4- You do not own the sites because haven’t domain.


5- Really not all links will be your affiliate links.


6- Cost Initial and Upsells later.


Verdict Final: Is Secret Affiliate Website A Scam?  


Affirmatively for me, the Secret Affiliate Website Program “Not Is A Scam”,  But this does not mean it will be Recommended,  in my opinion, this program will “Not Is Recommended”. If you analyze the PROS and CONS, you will observe that in theoric only have an aspect positive that is: Affiliate marketing is a real way to make money online but not in this program where have many gaps, aspects deceptive, and aspects little positives for those people that not have an experience online and are beginners.


Really the Secret Affiliate Website Program is a platform that does not have much positive to say about aspects positives. An of the positive things I can say is that it will have offers a money-back guarantee, and that affiliate marketing is definitely a real and great way to make money online that as already said is not convincing in this program.


Also with my honest review for me exist more aspects for not signing up for the Secret Affiliate Website Program. For example, the idea of building completely automated affiliate websites does not make sense in the long run, the claims about how fast you will make money are false, you do not know who is he owns of the program, and other details that make that this Company aren’t serious.


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Conclusively considering these aspects, the Secret Affiliate Website Program is  ‘Not Recommend’.


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Thanks so much for your interest.




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If you have any questions or comments about the Secret Affiliate Website Program, feel free to let me know below, thanks for reading my honest review.


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