CJ Affiliate Review: Best Vendors Affiliate Network

CJ Affiliate Review: Best Vendors Affiliate Network



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Commission Junction Affiliate Review


After you read my Commission Junction Affiliate Program review. You will have an idea of what treats this platform is and may have heard this affiliate network in social networks like Facebook, Instagram, and another medium of advertising as a great business opportunity. But finally, you give me your opinion referent to this platform and if really you must invest your money and time.


Referent to this honest review, you will see some basic information about this platform, how it works and if this is the right place to get started with affiliate marketing and if it really is convenient that you make an investment.


Is the Commission Junction Affiliate a Scam?


In principle, affiliate marketing, as you will learn on the Commission Junction Affiliate Program website, is made up of three aspects fundamentals or of three elements: The advertiser, the publisher, and the consumer.


1- We can define the advertiser as the person that can form part of a group that is selling a product. This will not be you, although, it can be you, for the purpose of this article, this is not the role you play.


In this case, anyone who has a product or service to sell can be an advertiser. If you are in a position to pay someone else to promote your product or business, then you are an advertiser inside of a system.


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2- Also can define as a publisher is a person or a group that promotes service, product, or business. They are the people who promote the product of the advertiser of form general.


In this case, this is the role you are aiming for. When the two parties come together, there is an agreement as to how much the publisher will be paid for each sale. The publisher will bring solutions as to how to sell the product or promote it. This could be through ads in social networks, classifieds, links, and others.


3- As the last aspect, we can define as the consumer is the third part of affiliate marketing. Without someone to buy the product, there is no point in promoting it. The consumer is the person who will purchase the advertiser’s product generically.




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Product: Commission Junction Affiliate

Website: http://cj.com

Owner: Waleed Al-Atraqchi

Price: Free

Rating: 6 / 10

Verdict: Is “Not Recommended For Beginners”.


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What Is Commission Junction Affiliate?





The Commission Junction Affiliate Program is an affiliate network. The same was founded in 1998 and it’s still one of the bigger companies in the industry of online marketing.


It is good to communicate to you that Affiliate networks run the affiliate programs of various companies, and in the case of you are an affiliate, you will be responsible for your links and payments on the system.


So, the Commission Junction Affiliate Program is one of the top affiliate networks and the Company has thousands of active members online. You will see that exist a lot of companies that participate in this network where you are going to find unknown companies or vendors to the platform.


Also, we can say that it is a legit company and a safe place for affiliate marketers on the internet. Logically, the results depend on your efforts in the case of you make sales, you will get paid on time already this is designed by the program.




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Of form general, you will find some complaints on other issues like customer service that is not the best and also the process to get approved by the vendors that are mentioned below on this review but there are no major complaints about the payments, what that is the aspect fundamental of the result of your work.


How Does Commission Junction Affiliate Works?


Really the Commission Junction Affiliate Program is a free platform to join just like should be to all the affiliate programs or networks online. At the moment that you create an account, you add some information about you and your affiliate marketing business before you start searching for products to promote as delivery the system.


So, your specific job is to look for products in your niche, and when you find something you like or accommodate, you must apply manually for approval of the system.


Of form general, each vendor will have different requirements. It is by this that not guaranteed that you will get approved for every product or service you want to promote. All will depend on them if you will be accepted or not. Here in this aspect, you will observe that the more experienced marketer you are, the more likely is to get approved of the platform.


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Normally with Commission Junction Affiliate Program, you could check that the top companies usually have strict rules or minimum traffic requirements. But you can always send them an email or try to contact the vendors in any way you want for coming to an understanding.


It is important that you should at least have a basic understanding of HTML, as you need this skill to insert the tracking code on your website.

In the case that HTML is completely foreign to you, visit “w3schools” to pick up this new skill.

To find advertisers within your niche, click Advertisers > Category.



cj affiliate advertisers


It is good to know that before you start joining affiliate programs, let’s break down what these 3 columns mean.



cj affiliate network earnings epc


To know other aspects of the program, click on the advertiser. It tells you important information such as the commission rates, policies, and referral period in the program.


cj affiliate program terms

Aspects Negatives of Commission Junction Affiliate Program


1- Many members have discovered it’s way too hard to reach the CJ Affiliate support team, which for me is the aspect more negative.


2- In the program, you must accumulate $50 to cash out by direct deposit, and $100 to cash out by check.



cj affiliate payoneer international payment



3- With Commission Junction Affiliate, you cannot use Paypal.


4- A requirement to sign up to be an affiliate of each CJ Affiliate advertiser.


5- Many Commission Junction Advertisers can go many months to approve or not your application to join their affiliate program.


6- Exist advertisers who email you and invite you to join them. Only to turn you down later when you apply through the CJ Affiliate portal in the system.


7- You will see that there are also cases where advertisers drop people within a day of approving their applications.


8- Many people complain that they make no money despite their efforts in the program.


9- There are people’s accounts that get blocked for no valid reason.


10- Exist many members complain that the Commission Junction Affiliate Program does not want to pay them after of have made a great effort.


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Is The Commission Junction Affiliate For All Marketers?          makemoneybay.com


One time that you this in the Commission Junction Affiliate Program will see that the approval process makes your experience more complicated and that is not for everyone but if you do not know what you are doing, you will probably be rejected by many vendors in the system.


In case you know what you are doing and you have a strategy to get traffic, there are better chances here to find what you are looking for and achieve success.


The Commission Junction Affiliate Program was one of the first affiliate networks online and is a platform where ideas to start an affiliate marketing business.


As already we said you are important to have a website to avoid applying for unknown or little-quality products with the final of achieving the approbation.


Also if you have some experience of how to get traffic and make sales, you can for a few good programs and get approved of the system, logically this implies that if you have experienced this will result easier than for the people that not have an experience that is the case of the beginners.


It is by this that Commission Junction Affiliate Program is “Not Recommended For Beginners” because to have success you must know some of the marketing online and of all forms, you must make an effort to get of traffic and know to select products with quality for to can be selected.


It is good to communicate with you that there are affiliate networks and programs that are much feasible to get started and you can find good quality products to promote too and that will be best if you have a website and can be programmed as Clickbank, Amazon Affiliates, eBay, that will be good for to have the approbation.


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Pros & Cons Of Commission Junction Affiliate




First – Legit affiliate network: It is online since 1998, and it has offered services to many affiliates and vendors in the industry of marketing online.


Second – Top Vendors: There are many top names in every niche. It will be good to create an account on Commission Junction Affiliate because usually, you will find good products for your audience with this program.






Third – CPA Offers: There are some great CPA programs on the listings of the network system.




First – It is not good for the beginner: Really it is more of the vendors and not on the Commission Junction Affiliate to get approved and promote the products you want. It will be best to get started with other alternative programs.


Second – Support: Really exist many complaints from affiliates about not helping them with some issues or not responding to them at all, not at the right time.


Verdict Final: Is Commission Junction Affiliate Program A Scam?


Really for me, the Commission Junction Affiliate Program is not a “Scam”. Almost most affiliates who make some money online have checked at least once a few products on the listing of this program that in sense general is an acceptable network of affiliates online.


I consider that the fundamental of all this is that in the Commission Junction Affiliate Program you can find some top products in most niches in the system, and in the case, you can send traffic of quality, you will earn some money with this platform.


Now is important to communicate newly that for me, the Commission Junction Affiliate Program is ‘Not Recommended’ For Beginners or people without experience in marketing online, because really you can lose your investment and time.


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In conclusion for me, Commission Junction Affiliate is “Not Recommended For Beginners”.


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Thanks so much for your interest.




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If you have any questions or comments about Commission Junction Affiliate Program, feel free to let me know below, thanks for reading my honest review.


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