Pure Leverage Review: Tools Up For Profits & Leads


Pure Leverage Review: Tools Up For Profits & Leads



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Pure Leverage Review


As the first aspect of this Review, you will see that the Pure Leverage Program is a Multi-Level Marketing “MLM” Platform that is supported by a multi-million Online Marketing Company that its name is GVO. This Platform Pure Leverage offers you marketing tools that include, lead generation, website builder, autoresponder, and other tools at a reasonable price on the Program, but is important that you observe closely all the aspects of this review for that to value if must join or not.


Joel Therien the founder of GVO, also created the Pure Leverage Program with the final of helping people to best their online businesses at a reasonable rate. The Pure Leverage Program was created in 2012 by this businessman online.


Through this Honest Review, you will observe form particular that offers Pure Leverage Program where you will value if really this Platform is good for you and if is logical invest time and money.




Name: Pure Leverage

Website: http://pureleverage.com

Owner: Joel Therien

Price: $24.97 / monthly + $19.97/month (Resell right)

Rating: 3 / 5

Verdict: “Not Recommended” For Beginners Must Avoid


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What Is the Pure Leverage Program?


In the first term, the Pure Leverage Program deals fundamentally with virtual products. They have online marketing tools like lead capture pages, auto-responders, and video email services.


This Company is a part of Global Ventures Opportunity (GVO) and it was founded in 1999 by Joel Therien. If you are unfamiliar with GVO, just know that they are a multi-million dollar web hosting Platform.


Now is important that you know this is an MLM Company. And as such, you are expected to spend a substantial amount of time recruiting.



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How Does Pure Leverage Program Work?


Referent to how to work this Platform we can say that you start off with Pure Leverage as a customer. You can try out their program trial for 7 to 30 days. The exact number of trial days changes from time to time. This will cost you $1, but after, you are to pay a month.


Really for a monthly fee of $24.95 you have access to the 6 main online marketing tools mentioned previously. If you want to earn money from commissions, however, you need to become a reseller of the Program.


Of form general to purchase the rights to resell these marketing tools to other people, it will cost you an additional $19.95 per month. Globally your total cost right now if you want access to the tools and reseller rights is $44.90 per month.




Take Massive Action: $97 one-time payment

Smart Marketing Coaching: $47/mth

I.P Syndicate Center:  $97/mth

GotBackup: $7.99/mth to 12.99/mth

Online Marketing Masters Workshop: $497 one-time payment

Freedom Live 2014 Las Vegas: $197 one-time payment


You do not think that would be the end of your financial commitment. These businesses make money on upsells. Really you do not know if it will lose its money and investment especially the Beginners by the Upsells and by being a system MLM.



If we observe for one-time payments of between $97 and $497, you may get access to different videos and workshops designed to help you promote the Pure Leverage Program. Also, other upsells may include recurring monthly payments from $7.99 to $97 for such things as cloud storage and VIP access to the Platform.


As you will see the only upsell you may want to take a look at is the VIP Syndicate Center due to that it may affect how much money you make in the Program.


VIP Syndicate Center


I want to communicate to you what Pure Leverage Program doesn’t tell you is that without this upgrade you will not make the 100% commission rate advertised for promoting their products. You will see that fundamentally, this upgrade gives you the aspects following:



100% Commissions?



1- 100% commission for Month One, 50% commission for Month Two.


2- 50% matching check bonus on all your direct referred.


3- Words of Wisdom Audio Series


So this upgrade will cost you, though. On top of the other monthly fees, you will also have to pay an additional $97 per month for 100% commission potential estipulate by the Program.


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Smart Marketing Coaching.


In the Pure Leverage Program, if you need more information about how to build a business promoting Pure Leverage, it will cost you even more money. For $47 a month you can receive coaching from the head coach of Pure Leverage, Terry Anglin. It covers all the fundamentals you may need to set up this online business for that you have Success.


Of form general, the costs of the Pure Leverage Program may not be as much as other tech-based MLM companies on the market, but really a people normal can result in difficulty make an investment considerable as this. To continuation you can see the monthly payment to realize:


Standard Membership $24.95/mo.


Reseller rights $19.95/mo.


VIP Syndicate $97/mo.


Smart Marketing Coaching $47/mo.


The Pure Leverage Program Compensation Plan


Referent to this aspect you will observe that the Pure Leverage Program compensation plan is not very real. You will earn 100% commission but there are a few gaps that not are of help.


Because First, you only earn a full commission from your first level downline’s first-month commission. In the form of example, let us say that new people sign up for the program. You will see 100% commission the first month that they pay, however you will only see 50% of what they pay for the second month, an aspect that not is nice.


Also, you will see that you can earn a 50% matching check bonus from any of your first downline commissions if they are also recruiting. Keep in mind, however, that to have access to this you need to have reseller rights and VIP access. That will are $19.95 + $47 = $66.95 per month just to be eligible for the resale commission that for me is a disadvantage.


To continuation, you will see a video detail on the compensation of the Pure Leverage Program:





Tools(Products)That Offer In The Pure Leverage Program


Referent to this aspect you can see in detail that the Program have 6 fundamentals tools that are:


1- Lead Capture System.


Of form general, you will have in its back office to a library of lead capture templates with the Lead Capture System Tool that helps you in this sense.



pure leverage review



Here can say that this system works by capturing the important data of its leads, like the name, username, and emails of the same and then saving it to your account. You will observe that this information will also then be tied to your auto-responder which is also included with this great tool suite. All the leads will be converted into sales. It is important to communicate that you can create your own templates custom template builder or you can select one of the already existing Pure Leverage Program based templates to use for your business model.


2- Web presence & site


Really the most important for a successful business is your presence on the internet for can have success in marketing online.

With this tool possibility to you to build, customize, host and update your blog or website of an adequate form. This allows you can now use your own domain name to build and market your business website by using the Pure Leverage website feature known as Domain Mapping that result is very important.



pure leverage



Also, we can say Blogging has influenced that exist more rich persons than almost anything else online. The owner of the Pure Leverage Program Joel used this tool to help you build a grow earning business, will teach you how powerful it really is.


3- Auto Responder  


Referent to this theme we can say that the money is on the list, but most importantly, money comes from the relationships that are built in your list of leads. You must have orient your leads list fully engaged with daily, and periodic weekly or monthly email marketing and you must to give a massive following with the final of having control adequate.



Pure Leverage



Of this form, you will have your business on autopilot by creating unlimited mailing campaigns. You can send emails immediately or you can propose a date for it to be sent these emails. Also, you can send an email to one person or to everyone its leads on the list.


The Pure Average Program allows to you get 10,000 subscribers with the option to upgrade and get more as you need.


4- Elite Coaching.


In sense general with this feature, you will be able to join the live interactive environment 2-3 times a week with certified Pure Leverage Program instructors. They will teach you how to use the complete Pure Leverage tool suite and how to tie it into your business model to get satisfactory results and going to Success.






So this aspect will also give the great opportunity to learn from blogging and WordPress experts, you can be blogging in a matter of minutes on of the Platform.


Other particularly is that you can also learn about online conferencing and then use this to turn your conference room into a money-making machine and also the leads referred by you. In this case, the live training classes are recorded for you to use on a later date that is an advantage of the system.


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5- Video: Email & Streaming


Now you can observe Your leads list will grow, causing your downline to build itself, once you have traffic being sent to your successful lead capture pages referred by you to its websites.


It is fundamental that your downline members and leads can get to know you in comfort with the use of videos. Also, you can deliver video for up to 10,000 subscribers referred by you.


6- Live Conference Room



pure leverage



As aspect essential can say that your Live Conference Room tool will come in handy once your team starts to grow and upgrade in the Pure Leverage Program. Here will see that this system is almost like a video call that turned a big scale. It allows you to communicate live with real-time audio and video. You conduct presentations and even share desktop files with the rest of the attendants. The broadcast is in real-time, no matter where you are in the world, as long as you have a computer and an internet connection and so to achieve its objectives.


Pros Vs Cons in Pure Leverage Program


We can say that the Pure Leverage Program has more aspects of negatives that positives fundamentally for Beginners.



1- The Company gives a complete model for the study.

2- It Platform is not expensive as compared to other high price programs existent on the internet.




1- They give a guarantee of a 100% commission payment whereas it is limited to a certain time period and this offer can be availed by top-level commissions. This aspect is not favoring business.

2- The upselling techniques are not well explained.

3- Some details are mentioned on the list only but are not given.

4- Affiliate reviews for the Pure Leverage Program provide fake guarantees for the affiliated.


Verdict Final: Is Pure Leverage Program A Scam?


Doing conclusion my Honest Review on the Pure Leverage System Programa, I consider that there are a lot of cons that make this opportunity not is Recommendable to people that not have experience in marketing online that is the case of the Beginners because this is a site not adequate for beginning a business online.


Othe aspect negative is that is a version very appears to a Pyramid Scheme because its principal objective is to recruit people despite that Pure Leverage Program has legitimate products and services and also since my point of seeing the more experienced they must be careful with this Program.


Verdict Final: “Not Recommended” fundamentally for Beginners.


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Thanks so much for your interest.




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Please if you have questions or comments Pure Leverage Program, please leave them below. For me, it is a pleasure to hear something from you.

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