Impact Mailing Club Review – This Program Promises Profits


Impact Mailing Club Review – This Program Promises Profits



Impact Mailing Club Review



Welcome to my Honest Review of Impact Mailing Club Program is a Platform that gives you the possibility of making 3 to 4 figures by sending out postcards and letters. It is a business that not is very frequent but I tried to find out about it and see in that consist. Referent to this review, I am going to inform you everything you need to know about Impact Mailing Club Program for that you know it must make an investment or not.


Is by this that  I must congratulate you for spending time doing your own research about the reality that offers this platform and you can know it is convenient or not for you.


Also, I communicate with you because it is important to check a program’s review before buying it because there are too many people, scammers, online and really you must be alert for not lose its investment.




Product Name: Impact Mailing Club


Owners: Rose Alameda and Tereza Cumric

Product Type: Mail Direct Sales

Price:  $100 – $2000. These Are Varies.

Rating: 2.5 / 10

Verdict:  Is Not Recommended


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What is Impact Mailing Club?





Impact Mailing Club Program is a platform that promises to help you make $500 to $1000 by mailing postcards and letters to its house. It is not very common and appears a little without none sense.


For me it is important to say to you after learning about it, I would say it is possible to earn money with this method but it is difficult and of high risk where you can lose your time and investment.


Impact Mailing Club Program is a platform that was founded by Rose Alameda and Teresa Cumric in March 2019. According to information obtained It currently has 3500 members on a Social Platform(Facebook and YouTube) when this honest review of the Program, a good quantity of affiliated only in six months. This increase is very significant to achieve the Program many affiliated in a short time. Although I consider that many people join the Program with the final to earn fast money and in a short time will see that almost all will lose time and investment.


How Does The Impact Mailing Club Program Work?


In principle, the Impact Mailing Club Program admits that you recruit people and you can make a profit off the people who join under you inside of the Platform.





Of another form, the Impact Mailing Club Program provides a letter that talks about the benefit of joining the program and its features. Where you can photocopy this letter and after mail it to a lot of people which they call potential clients in Impact Mailing Club.


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If any lead joins Impact Mailing Club through your mail, you will earn commissions. Parallelly you will then form a team with all the new members that join you. Also, they have a system that when the team grows bigger, you will eventually earn a 2nd tier commission according to the number of members that you recruit.


Now How To Join Impact Mailing Club?


Of form general before you start recruiting people and making profits with Impact Mailing Club Program, you must buy into the program. And you can see that there are 4 packages available that you can acquire:


Level 1: Emerald

Cost: $100

And You Get A Welcome Package, 100 Leads, 1st Tier Commission $65, 2nd Tier Commission $20.


Level 2: Ruby

Cost: $250

And You Get Welcome Package, 200 Leads, 1st Tier Commission $150, 2nd Tier Commission $50.


Level 3: Sapphire

Cost: $500

And You Get Welcome Package, 400 Leads, 1st Tier Commission $300, 2nd Tier Commission $100.


Level 4: Diamond

Cost: $2000

And You Get: Welcome Package, 1000 Leads, 1st Tier Commission $1000, 2nd Tier Commission $500, 2 Invites to Company Mastermind Event.


You can observe above, that the more expensive package gives you more leads and a big commission that open the eyes to many people already by being proposal attractive as a feature of the Program.


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The Price & Compensation Plan






Who This is Impact Mailing Club for





In Impact Mailing Club Program the target market for this is fundamentally the people with little experience online.


But also to anyone and everyone who is interested in making more money at sense general.


It really is possible that you and everyone else get caught into this opportunity of business and that is why you are even on this review to join the Program.


Of another form, there is one specific type of person that Impact Mailing Club targets Program. What are all the people that not have experience in online marketing to do a profit and the people that do not know what type of Program selects to earn money and is by this that some join this pyramidal system that sells no product?


What Product Offer Have The Impact Mailing Club Program?


Until now we have not seen the product that they are actually selling as a serious Company. Of form general, it is just using the old member’s money to pay new members that join the Program.


Referent to this aspect you can see that we are in the presence of a pyramid system MLM because nothing else can be explained the respect.


This shows that you not must join because all the Online Programs with the same style as MOBE, Digital Altitude, Too Damn Easy, Six Figure Stamp Club, and 30 Day Success Formula got shut down in the past by its bad results where almost all the affiliated losing its time and investment.


If we value this Program we can say that the same is worst than an MLM Company already that this type of Platform MLM normally sells a product that is like you can to have profits this implies that for me this Impact Mailing Club Program is not Recommended due to that you have that to wait for recruit a people for earn money.


“Pros” And “Cons” of Impact Mailing Club Program







1- It Is a Program nothing but recruiting

2- Is not a legit business model

3- Very Overpriced


Final Verdict: “Not Recommended”


You in its journey online can see that there are many programs that run exactly like Impact Mailing Club and that for me are cataloged all as “Not Recommended”.


Can say that the recruiting is good when really we have a product or various products to sell and in a Company Legit of the contrary without products can begin the problems fundamentally the loss of time and investment and really when you earn never is as you wish. Only will earn the people that are experts at marketing.


In Conclusion, I am “Not Recommended” to none person without experience in Marketing Online to join Impact Mailing Club Program.


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Thanks so much for your interest.




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Please if you have questions or comments Impact Mailing Club Program, please leave them below. For me, it is a pleasure to hear something from you.

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