Online Sales Pro Review – You Get Leads & Profits


Online Sales Pro Review – You Get Leads & Profits



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Online Sales Pro Review.


As the first aspect of this Honest Review, you will know that the Online Sales Pro Program is owned by Vincent Ortega Jr. In 2014 the Internet Lifestyle Network closed its doors and left all its investors with nothing when the business folded. Being also owned by Vincent Ortega Jr that is a known marketer online.


Also, you can observe so like his other business, Online Sales Pro also treats to teaches you how to generate more leads, direct sales, and generate a profit monthly. You will observe this platform in detail to know if invest your money or not.


The Online Sales Pro Program will offer you training, a mobile website application, an email marketing platform, a page editor, as well as landing pages and a private Facebook (Social Media) that you can join for a warranty of potentials leads.


Program Features:


Product Type: Landing Page Builder and Sales Funnel Training.


Creator: Vincent Ortega

Price: $37 per month. Up-sells: $97 per month or $997 per Year.

Rating: 2 / 5

Verdict: Not Recommended.


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What is the Online Sales Pro Program?


Online Sales Pro Program is a Package-deal Company that contains a wide range of features to help people who want to have leads and profit online of form optimized. Being a complicated aspect to achieve it.


It is important for this Opportunity to use a landing page that you to collect leads for your website. For this, you must use the companies that offer this type of service. Because for someone who is not marketing online savvy, setting up an opt-in page from scratch can be complicated.


For resolved Online Sales Pro includes a large database of landing page templates similar to “LeadPages” and “ClickFunnels”. That these landing pages is it so designed to collect potential referrals.


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The landing pages can be a problem for integrating them into your website, due to that you will have good knowledge to achieve it.


This offer programs of landing pages is an advantage that offers Online Sales Pro.


What Does Online Sales Pro Program Offer You?


Online Sales Pro Program in one of the Training videos, the Platform claims that you need to spend money in order to get new customers. In another form, they say that if you don’t spend the money to get customers, you don’t have a business, but you only have only a scheme from its point of see.


So you will have training videos that will entice you to spend a great number of dollars on advertising in order to acquire more customers.


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Also, the Online Sales Pro Program provides a service to help drive clients to your website. You’ll need to invest in their “Royalty Clicks” service in order to drive more traffic to your website. They treat that you make all the investments on its Platform.


Another of the things is that the Online Sales Pro Program has you create sales campaigns for its Platform. Claims also that you’ll be paying them for generating traffic to your website.


How Much is the “Royalty Clicks” Package that Offers Online Sales Pro?


Here you will see the Royalty Clicks Package:


Package 1: guarantees that you’ll receive 100 to 150 Social Media (Facebook)  clicks and visitors. This Package has the name of “I’m Scared But Yes”. And you will pay $103 for this package.



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Package 2: Called “Lemme Try It” will guarantee that you’ll receive 250 to 350 Social Media (Facebook) clicks and visitors. And this Package costs $257.50.


Package 3: Called “Dippin’ My toes” guarantees that you will receive 500 to 750 Social Media (Facebook) clicks and visitors. And this Package costs $515.


Package 4: Called “Level Up My Guard,” says that you will receive 1,000 to 1,500 Social Media (Facebook) clicks and visitors. And this Package cost $1,030.


Package 5: Called “Bossin’ Up” which guarantees that you’ll receive 3000 to 4000 Social Media (Facebook) visitors and clicks. And this Package cost $3,090.


Package 6: Called “Getting’ Famous,” says that they will send you 5000 to 7500 Social Media (Facebook) clicks and visitors. And this Package costs $5,150.


Package 7: Called “Instant Fame” will drive 10,000 to 15,000 visitors to your Social Media (Facebook) account. And this Package cost $10,300.


Package 8 (Last):  Called “Celeb Status” will drive 25,000 to 30,000 visitors to your Social Media (Facebook) account. And this Package cost $25,750.


Fundamentals Features of Online Sales Pro Program:  



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1- Real-time Statistics and Mobile Support


The Online Sales Pro Program provides a surprising amount of data. You will see that you can real-time tracking and real-time app notifications. If you install the application to your phone and collect new leads at any time, a push notification will be notified to your phone. Here will note You would see your funnel working in real-time as a feature of the system.


2- Social Media Training Centre


Also, there’s a training center with several videos and articles dedicated to doing marketing on Social Media (Facebook). These videos this make to give you more details of the Program.


Also, help you easily take your landing page and do marketing and collecting conversions that are things of the system.


You will observe more than that the Online Sales Pro Program has a feature that they call “Automated 7 Figure Follow-Up” that was designed by its owner Vincent Ortega. You don’t have to make the follow-up, The system will do for you without a problem.


3- Affiliate Program in Online Sales Pro Program


Another aspect that has the Online Sales Pro Program has an excellent affiliate program that helps you to make profits by promoting this. At the moment that you join, a custom funnel is formed by using your name with your picture and a  personal profile.


So you can use one of your funnels to advertise your program, all of the things that they have to do is text their email address and the details of the program which will be sent to their inbox.


Of another form this is also the residual affiliate income; The estimate of your profit would be $20/month from each lead.


4- Connect Automatically Your Marketing


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Finally set the marketing and sales software which you have already used to the Online Sales Pro Program. You will have the possibilities can choose from a wide range of integration, including GetResponse, AWeber, MailChimp, ActiveCampaign, and others. The system also sends you the new leads straight to the tools that you already use in the Program.



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How Does It Work Online Sales Pro Program?


Step 1: You must install the Online Sales Pro on your mobile phone, a laptop or a home computer. Also, you can install it easily on the Google Play or Apple App Store.


Step 2: You must do this Step-by-Step correctly.


Step 3: Finally enjoy this app to earn a profit of form easy as they say.


Here You Will See The Online Sales Pro Program Compensation Plan:


First, the Money BagWhilst Online Sales Pro is an effective lead generation tool. There are that many people are joining with Online Sales Pro simply to be able to re-sell it onto other people because of the lucrative commission structure that they offer in the Platform.


If you review the compensation and you see show you how much you’ll be able to earn by promoting Online Sales Pro as an affiliate. Also, there are 3 different levels inside Online Sales Pro and you will only be able to earn commissions on the levels you have personally purchased on of the system.


Here you will see the three levels:


1- Basic OSP Member

If you sign up as a basic member of Online Sales Pro will cost you $37 per month & will give you the ability to earn $20 per month residual commissions on anybody that you refer to who also goes on to become a basic member themselves. When your basic member you will get full access to the landing page creator, the lead management center, and the mobile phone app. The bag is that if you’re only a basic member you’ll have limited access to Training and Commissions of the Program.


2- VIP OSP Member


So the second level up from the basic membership is the VIP membership and this costs $297 per year. When you upgrade to VIP you will gain 12 months of active membership you will leave no longer need to pay the $37 (monthly fee), you will simply need to pay the $297 again at the end of the 12 months of membership. In case that you want to keep using Online Sales Pro for another year or you want back down to the $37 pay monthly option(monthly fee).


If you plan on using Online Sales Pro for a full 12 months then it would make sense to become a VIP member & pay annually as it would save you $147 over the course of a year.


3- MVP Add-On


You will have 2 different options for purchasing the MVP Add-On, you can pay monthly for a fee of $97 per month or you can pay $997 per year complete. It is important if you plan that want the MVP Add-On and are confident that you’ll be sticking around for a year then it’s better to pay for the year option as it will give you total savings of $167 on of that year.



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The MVP Add-On is basically designed to increase your earning opportunity and is primarily geared towards those who are reselling Online Sales Pro Program. You will have the possibility of creating your own affiliate resource center inside of the Program (called Store), so basically when you have new leads to Online Sales Pro all will go see the store that you have created in the system.


Also, you will get additional training once again & you’ll also get access to a private MVP Social Media (Facebook) group which is geared towards more serious and experienced marketers who are looking to take their business to the next level that wants to have more profit.


When already you are an MVP member you’ll also become eligible to earn commissions on any MVP members that you personally recruit and you’ll earn $50 residual commissions on the $97 per month membership or $500 commissions of the $997 by year memberships on of the system.


Verdict Final On The Online Sales Pro Program:


As you had seen in my Review on this Platform Online Sales Pro that I consider an that is a system acceptable of lead generating where can say that have nice templates you can use to collect leads and build a funnel for making profit online.


Of another form, Online Sales Pro Platform “Not is a Scam” even though really the company doesn’t have much to offer you in the that is internet marketing.


Another aspect fundamental is that you will be able to make money from the company, but not as you think. For each member that joins always, you’ll earn $20 a month for the life of the membership. But the company earns a lot more than this value.


You must have to watch out because many people say that this is a legitimate program and can invest a great quantity of money and really you can lose its money and investment. In spite of that, the owner has a bad record and you can lose all.


This part is very good but I think that despite are a useful program. I do not see the correct Training for an online business or building sales funnels for achieving earn money online.


By the cost of  $37 / month and up-sells, that can reach up to $997 per year. I think you will find the best opportunities for business where you can Learn and Earn.


In conclusion for me, Online Sales Pro Program is a “Not a Scam” but “Not Recommended” especially for beginners.


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Thanks so much for your interest.




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Please if you have questions or comments Online Sales Pro Program, please leave them below. For me, it is a pleasure to hear something from you.

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