Conversion Pros Review: Professional Funnel For Sales


Conversion Pros Review: Professional Funnel For Sales



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The Conversion Pros Program Review


Congratulations on reading my the Honest Review of The Conversion Pros Program. This is a Platform by which there have been many people interested and really me in particular in a first instance also, the which consist at that you to create professional marketing-funnel campaigns starting off of affiliate program for you get profits.


Really this platform I was interested because I listened to speak of people that have benefited from this program, although the beginners must have to watch out, already that the platform is more for the experienced in marketing.



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Program Features:


Name: Conversion Pros


Owner: David Dubbs

Price: $1 (7 Day Free Trial) –  $50 / Month 

Rating: 3 / 5

Verdict: Beginners Must Avoid



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What Is The Conversion Pros Program?


In principle, the Conversion Pros Program is an Online Marketing Platform that enables you to create professional marketing-funnel campaigns for whatever program of affiliates, sell of products, or business you are promoting to have profits.


To continuation, you can see a screenshot of the page where you can observe after logging in to The Conversion Pros Program for that you have an idea.



The Conversion Pros review



The system of the Conversion Pros Program enables you to make professional and unique squeeze pages. You can include a video on the page, or as a dynamic page background to give more details.


Normally you can see that the pages are easy to make. You will see step-by-step video instructions that are easy to follow very professionally. They say that It doesn’t matter if you have never made a marketing funnel before, The Conversion Pros Program has made it easy for anybody to do even though for me is a system not very good for beginners.


Another good feature of the Conversion Pro Program is that an Autoresponder is included in the complete package. Here is important to say that another Program has that to use a system of Autoresponder independent to the Program as GetResponse, Aweber, MailChimp, MailerLite, or others being this an advantage for this Platform.  Of this form, you can enjoy all the benefits included in the package that warranted the Conversion Pros System.


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After doing analysis referent to the Autoresponder seems to have been set up with WordPress as the email editor looked similar to the WordPress blogging editor.


Due to what the editor has the feature to embed graphics, color, and style, change the font size, and other functions.


Tools and Training that Offer Conversion Pros Program.



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As part of the package that offers the Conversion Pros Program, you will find A Large Portfolio Of Marketing Tools Is also included. To continue, you will observe an illustrative graphic of the various types of tools that offer Conversion Pros Program a the marketers to the Platform that the major part has a great utility and value as URL Link Rotator, Tiny URL, Email Broadcaster, Capture Page Creator and others.



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Where URL Link Rotator gives the possibility to you to do two operations important that are:


1- Enables the action to rotate your squeeze pages so you can either show all your different offers or to can run a split test on two or more pages, aspects of great value.


2- It also enables you to run ad co-ops and rotate the URLs of your referrals.


In the case of the tool Tiny URL not is as another system more advanced, they can see it as a tool more elemental in reference to the tracking.


Referent to other tools you can see of form more complete as is the case of Email Broadcaster and Capture Page Creator.


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Relative to the “Training”  is important to say that illustrative graphic of the various types of tools that offers Conversion Pros Program you will have three tools relating with the Training that in sense general are of good quality as “Fast Start Training”, “Generic Marketing Video” and “Learn How To Market”, referent to this I think that you must to have something experiences like internet marketer for can achieve all the objectives for having profits and you not lose its time and investment.


The Conversion Pros Compensation Plan





Of form general, the compensation plan can have changed from a two-level plan to a single 50% residual commission plan designed by the Conversion Pros Program.


So all indications that is that such a single-level plan is designed to stay within Paypal’s terms of service if you the see since this point of see.



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Having in consideration that the monthly subscription is $50, the Program stipule that you earn $25 per month per referral.


For explaining this best you will observe that the Conversion Pros do offer 50% commissions. They are paid at 3 different levels. Any direct referrals will land you $20. 2nd level referrals were worth $3 and 3rd level referrals were worth $2.



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You can see that this would be half of your membership price, so you will earn $25 per referral.


This implies you need to refer two upgraded members to cover your costs. And You will be in profit with your third upgraded referral where you will say that already really all is pure profit, but I repeat that this process is not very favorable for beginners.


The Conversion Pros Program is Scam?: Verdict Final


After you have read my Honest Review on Conversion Pros can communicate to you that for me this Business Opportunity really “Not Is a Scam”  can say you that is significantly awesome and that the tools they provide you with could certainly prove to be useful for all the people that have as goals have profits online or build an MLM downline en internet of form serious.


Also as a conclusion final, the Conversion Pros Program will be very beneficial if you’re already affiliated to a business opportunity or promoting an offer a product of your own or an affiliate program.


Really if you haven’t this requirement and not have experience in internet marketer I think that you not must adventure because to have Success with Conversion Pros Program.


For me, the Conversion Pros Program Not is a SCAM but is a Platform that you must “AVOID” especially if you are Beginner.


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Thanks so much for your interest.




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Please if you have questions or comments Conversion Pros Program, please leave them below. For me, it is a pleasure to hear something from you.


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