Leapforce Review: Best Evaluator Search Engine


Leapforce Review: Best Evaluator Search Engine



Leapforce Review



For all marketers, congratulations on having an interest in my honest review of the Leapforce Program and of this form, you consider if this platform is a Scam or if you can do investment in the same. With this review, you will value that represents this opportunity for the marketing online that in principle seems to be a good platform according to the seeing that I had of the Leapforce Program in social networker and other mediums of information, but is very important that you can to have our consideration.


So, I will treat to share my modest experience on the Leapforce Program, and help you to analyze if this company is a real opportunity,  with the final that you can make money and have success.


Also, it will be good to communicate to you that the Leapforce Program became Appen and after the platform merged and working under a new boss, but that doesn’t mean the work has variation referent its model.


However of momentarily, still we do not know if really the Leapforce Program is a Legitimate opportunity, or is it a Scam. To continuation you will observe:






Product Name: Leapforce

Website: http://www.leapforce.com

Price: $ 0 (Free to join)

Owners (past): Darren Jackson, Mark Bryan

Rating: 4.5 / 10

Verdict: “Is Not Recommended”


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What Is Leapforce?


As we already said, before Leapforce Program became Appen, it was a platform that was sole that hired people from many parts of the world as contractors to help them evaluate and improve the quality and quantity of best search engine results like Google, Yahoo, Bing, and others.




When the Leapforce Program identifying low-quality websites that come up in search results, it improves the overall search engine and helps rid the Internet of a lot of spam with its algorithm.


So, the Leapforce Program by reviewing search results, helps ensure that top-ranking sites are always relevant to the phrase entered in the search box. In sense general, you are like the search engine guardian and you flag down any search result that deficient or suspicious of the system.


In each case with the Leapforce Program as a search engine evaluator, you will be searching for irrelevant content and keywords that don’t match the search criteria and will be rectification and we can say that behind every search engine is a robot, that does all this work.


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Can You Get A Job At Home With Leapforce?


In principle, the Leapforce Program, have various basic requirements for you can participate in this job as:


Is Leapforce Legit?

1- You must be 18 years of age.


2- Have a high-speed Internet connection.


3- Have Up to date computer with up to date anti-virus software.


4- It is important to have the Google Chrome web browser.


5- Web research and analytical skills.


6- The platform lets only one evaluator per household.


7- Must also be able to use the latest Android software for mobile



8- As the last aspect, you should also be able to work well alone; good time management skills.


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Really, all people that are of legal age can meet the requirements above without a problem. For those of you outside the U.S., the high-speed Internet connection could be a challenge for the system.


Also, you will see that, there are a few tasks available to Leapforce agents that require you to be fluent in a foreign language. Although many assignments only require you to be fluent in English, if you want to take on extra bi-lingual assignments, they are out there. You just have to take a language proficiency exam to qualify for these jobs in the Leapforce Program.


The Leapforce Program is similar to Lionbridge already in that you will be required to pass an exam before you are offered a job with them. If you do not approve the first time you may be eligible for a one-time retake exam or on the contrary, you not can participate.


How Much Does Leapforce Pay?


Of form general, Leapforce Program seems to want to keep their pay rates a secret. you will see that exists no specific information on this when you visit the website, but after combing several forums, social networks, and blogs, there is a reference that pretty much everyone is paid around $ 13 – $ 14 per hour.


So, the Leapforce Program payments are sent each month via check and the different agents are responsible to submit a monthly invoice to the Leapforce platform to lock in payment.  You will observe that all contract people work as independent contractors, which means you are responsible for paying taxes on your earnings, an aspect that you must have in consideration.


PROS And CONS Of Leapforce


In sense general here you will see to continuation the PROS and CONS of the Leapforce Program:




1- You can work from home.


2- You have a flexible schedule.


3- You do not need expensive equipment.


4- You will have monthly payments and good hourly rates.


5- You will have work accredited by the Better Business Bureau.


6- If you are fluent in other languages, you may qualify for higher

paying jobs.




1- You can only take the exam once.


2- Some agents report that they must do at least 200 tasks per month to stay current with the contract they were offered.


3- Jobs can be terminated at any time if your quality is not good.


4- As an independent contractor, you are responsible for your own taxes.


5- You not will have income guaranteed.


6- You do not have to work steadily; it can be variable.


Verdict Final: Is Leapforce A Scam?


After an honest review as is the case Leapforce Program, the incognito is if this platform is Legit or a Scam?


In my consideration, the Leapforce Program is not a Scam is a platform real that offering work to you in its home, although exist criterium positive and negative in this business opportunity. That as already said is a work that consists of giving jobs to search engine evaluators with its system.


You will observe that the Leapforce Program has many reviews online that confirm that many people who work for this platform have the privilege of an adequate income monthly. Also, we had said anteriorly that Leapforce is actually owned by Appen and the platform does not have very acceptable in marketing online.


You will corroborate the Leapforce Program actually no longer in operation and that had been received numerous complaints about people being scammed by Leapforce on the internet.


Of this form,  I  can say to you that the Leapforce Program is an opportunity that you must Avoid, because exist a great quantity of criterium relative to this business opportunity.


Is very important that you have watch out for this type of opportunity that is not good in definition and avoids send copies of any of your social security card, driver’s license, or any other document identification to none platform if you are not this sure of the same.


Definitely, the Leapforce Program in sense general is a platform that “Is Not Recommended”.


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Thanks so much for your interest.




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If you have any questions or comments about the Leapforce Program, feel free to let me know below, thanks for reading my honest review.

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