ConversioBot Review: Automated Excellent Software

ConversioBot Review: Automated Excellent Software

ConversioBot Review: Automated Excellent Software


ConversioBot Review:


Before that, all I want to communicate to you is that this post may contain affiliate links. Is very important that you know that when you choose to purchase something through one of my links, I will earn a small commission at no extra cost to you and that when you join this program you can do the same.


Also, I want to communicate to you that give you a Welcome and Congratulations on reading my honest ConversioBot Program review and wishing you all the best.


The ConversioBot Program is an automated system that will facilitate your affluence of people to its website or blog, so if you have problems with the arrival of leads and sales to our website or blog, you can be quiet because you can say that is in the correct place.


This aspect is very important for marketing online that many marketers that are owners of website or blog and not achieve fastly convert their visitors into leads and sales because this will I could take you a good time and hard work,  this logically will cost you a fortune, already the good traffic will result in you very expensive.


It is by this that ConversioBot will help you to generate leads and sales faster, where you will employee less work and money. Although you must follow the course of this review of the ConversioBot Program to know if it really will be good for you and if it is a legit platform.


In sense general, you will appreciate at first sight that the ConversioBot Program will represent a great “Tool” for you and is an automated lead and sales machine. A software that has been designed by its founders Simon Wood and Imran S., to help you transform your website or blog in a great conversion of sales.


All this engineering of software that is ConversioBot Program will offer you a “Chatbot” that is the best of internet marketing in actuality and that will revolution any website or blog with its system.


Now, it is important to follow our honest review to know really if this “Tool” of the ConversioBot Program meets with these claims that comment that is heard in the social networks, forums,s and other mediums of advertising.


So, starting of this Summary of the ConversioBot Program you will know in detail all the referents to this platform:




Product Name: ConversioBot


Owner: Simon Wood & Imran S.

Price: From $ 37 + Upsells

Rating: 7 / 10

Launch Date: 26th February 2019 to 4th March 2019

Verdict?: Legit ​



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What is ConversioBot?


In sense general, the ConversioBot Program is cloud-based Artificial Intelligence Chatbot software, designed to increase the conversions of almost any website or blog.


One of the aspects fundamentals of the ConversioBot Program is that It comes with a full commercial license, logically this implicates that if you have a website- blog or not, you can sell their “done-for-you” Bots, or you can create their own Bots and sell after because we will say that the Chatbots are of mode and will be a source of income for you.


Referent to the ConversioBot Program can say that will help you to achieve the following aspects:


1- To directional more leads and sales to your website.


2- Help you to build a list without using traditional methods like opt-in forms in its system.


Also, the ConversioBot Program can also be used if you’re social media marketers, video marketers as YouTube as an innovative way to increase your subscribers or referrals.


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How Does ConversioBot Work?




You will observe that the ConversioBot Program is user-friendly and anyone is able to get started with this software on their website or blog only in 3 simple steps that you can see to continuation:


Step First: You will have to swipe the Done For You “AI Chat” Templates.



Step Second: You will have to click to generate a line of “Chatbot Code”.



Step Third: You will have a copy and paste of the code onto your website.



Referent to this you will be given access to a “drag & drop” builder which will allow you to create a chatbot for your site in minutes.




Really, the interface can also be used to easily create “Chatbots” from scratch without any technical knowledge with its software.


ConversioBot Works With:

Here will you see an example of companies that work ConversioBot Program:


Integrate With Your Marketing Automation Service Or CRM In A Few Clicks.


Here you can see all the CRM (Marketing Automation Service) with that you can integrate to ConversioBot that are:


Aweber, MailChimp, Sendlane, GetResponse, Active Campaign, ConvertKit, Maropost, InfusionSoft, and Webinariam.


Also, you can Connect To 1,500+ Apps Without Any Coding through “Zapier”.


Our integration with “Zapier” makes it easy for you to connect ConversioBot with apps like Slack, Facebook Pages, Google Sheets (and 1,500+ others) in a few clicks.


Use ConversioBot In Any Language


Another good feature of the ConversioBot Program is that you can use any language.






ConversioBot Review: How to Make a Marketing ChatBot Increase Conversions & Sales (To See Video)





To continuation you will see a distribution of the pricing of the ConversioBot Program and the Upsells that are associated:


In ConversioBot Program you will get this price: $ 37 – $ 47


Also here will observe the main software of the ConversioBot Program that you will be using to create your “Chatbots” and add to your website or blog.


The Features of the software that offer the ConversioBot Program are:


1- Done-For-You “AI Chat” Templates.


2- Drag & Drop Builder To Create A Custom Bot In Minutes.


3- Let The Bot Build A List For You.


4- Fully Integrated With Major Autoresponder Services.


5- Step By Step Video Training Included.


6- Easy-To-Understand Analytics To Assess And Optimise Bot Performance.


7- Exploit Commercial License To Sell Bots that for this you no website or blog needed.


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Here you will see the associates Upsells of the ConversioBot platform:


Upsell 1, 


Upsell 1: ConversioBot “Done For You” Pro ($97 OTO)


Key Features Include:


  • 75 Done-For-You Chatbots which cover a wide range of categories and businesses.
  • They have immense value and have taken considerable time to build.
  • All of them can easily be customized with our drag and drop builder.
  • Commercial License to sell any of our Bots.
  • Three, new templates each month (without paying monthly fees)


Upsell 2



Upsell 2: AutoChat Bot Builder ($47 OTO)


Key Features Include:


  • Automatically build Custom Bots by filling in a simple form
  • This is a big time-saver and is useful you need to quickly build a large number of Custom Bots for your websites or Clients
  • Send the form to your Clients to get the key information you need to create their Bots
  • Copy and paste that information into the simple form and create a custom Chatbot in seconds


Upsell 3 


Upsell 3: ConversioBot Extreme ($67 OTO)


Key Features Include:


  • Allows you to create a variety of different Bots designed to increase engagement with your website visitors
  • A traditional chatbot app is simply a widget on a page, often located on the bottom right-hand-side
  • However, with this upgrade, you can easily create a “full page” Bots by simply checking a box.
  • “Full page” Bots are highly effective as they virtually force the visitor to engage with no other distractions.
  • You can also embed Bots within the content.
  • You’re able to put your Bots on delay so that they don’t appear immediately on their website
  • You can also use intelligent exit Bots instead of using traditional exit popups
  • You’re able to convert any templates you have purchased in the main product and/or first upsell into the different Extreme Bots.

 Upsell 4


Upsell 4: ConversioBot Agency License ($87 OTO)


Key Features Include:


  • A Multi-User License allows the customer to automate & outsource to their team or freelancers
  • Can create up to 20 sub-user accounts
  • Step-by-step video training on how to outsource effectively
  • Step-by-step video training on where to sell their Bots for $200 – $500+ each
  • Done-For-You sales templates you can copy & paste to make selling simple
  • Done-For-You Agency Website with stunning design and a ready-made portfolio of Bots that you can customize.

ConversioBot Bonus:


Here is a look at the bonuses included when you purchase ConversioBot:


BONUS #1: FIVE “Done For You” Chatbot Templates


BONUS #2: VIP Training On Selling Bots


The ConversioBot platform is designed to increase the conversion of almost any website or blog. Here you can see:



conversiobot review who is it for

1- Affiliate Marketing Sites


2- List of Building Pages


3- WordPress Blogs


4- Bonus Pages


5- eCommerce Websites


6- Local Business Websites


7- Sales Letters


8- Others


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This software of engineering of the ConversioBot platform is to drive visitors and get more leads and sales to its website or blog.


PROS And CONS of ConversioBot




1- Build lists to earn profits immediately.


2- A simple interface and easy to use.


3- No experience or technique required.


4- No monthly fee required.


5- Drive more leads and more sales on almost any website just by copying one line of code.


6- Newbie friendly.


7- 30 Day Money Back Guarantee.




1- I have not found out any disadvantages from this product. But I think to make a profit as you like. You must be really serious and work hard throughout the process and always check the internet connection before working.


2- No Free Trial, it would be nice if this software had a free trial feature to give potential users a feel for the software before purchasing.


Verdict Final: Is ConversioBot A Scam?


Before all, Congratulation and thank you so much for finalizing of reading of the ConversioBot Program.


As you can see the ConversioBot Program is an engineering software of superior grade and logically is not a Scam for me is the best Tool in these moments in marketing online built for small business owners as is our case.


I think that you enjoyed this honest review and that you have obtained the information adequate referent to the ConversioBot Program and how it can potentially be used to generate more leads and sales to your website or blog with all its generator system.


In sense general, I believe that in marketing online now same not there is software with the quality of ConversioBot.


In case, the ConversioBot software will interest you can to entry in the following link ……


It is by this that the ConversioBot Program “Is Legit”.


There are better Programs and more effective ways to earn as an affiliate than the ConversioBot Program. Of this way that I give you to continuation:


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Thanks so much for your interest.




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If you have any questions or comments about the ConversioBot Program, feel free to let me know below, thanks for reading my honest review.


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