Clickbank Pirate Review: Profit With Automated System


Clickbank Pirate Review: Profit With Automated System



clickbank pirate review



Clickbank Pirate Review


.Doing a journey online between various offers of business I found a platform called Clickbank Pirate Program that claims it can help you make $10,000 monthly using a simple and revolutionary system. Also, this Program also claims you don’t need a website, and that with only 1-2 hours a day of work you can succeed. Is by that what I have made this honest review for see if really is a Scam or Legit opportunity.


Of form general, you this to the right place to find out as, in this Clickbank Pirate Program honest review, I will communicate with you all the details I have analyzed about this platform.


This review will be an important resource that can help you in your decision-making process referent to if you must do investment in this opportunity.


Really there are a lot of aspects about this program you really need to know about before signing up for more security.


For me, the aspects more fundamentals to consider are that Clickbank Pirate Program claims it can help you make $10,000 monthly using a simple and revolutionary system.


The other aspect is that also they claim you don’t need a website, and it only takes 1-2 hours a day of work you to succeed in their program.


Initially, I do not recommend this program because of the many gaps I’ve uncovered from the sales page of the Clickbank Pirate Program.


In principle for me, the more irrational is the automated system they are promoting on their sales page because they want you to believe that you can easily make a lot of money using automated software, and finally, they are selling a training program that for me not is of the betters online.


So if we reflect can say that Clickbank Pirate Program has a tendency to be a little trustworthy due to that they do not say since the first-moment alls the conditions.




Name Program: CB


Price: $67 + Up-Sells

Owners: Soren Jordansen and Cindy Battye

Rating: 2 / 5

Verdict: “Not Recommended”



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What is Clickbank Pirate Program?


The Clickbank Pirate Program is a platform to run by itself once you set up the preliminary system requirements and create and launch your online marketing campaigns in form automated.



clickbank pirate homepage



Really this program is marketed as an automated system, and it will run on autopilot once you have set it up to run your affiliate marketing campaigns estipulate by the Company. But all indicate that of some form the platform wants to make see you that in reality this in presence of a system automated.


Other of the things that they also say will provide you the hosting with five opt-in squeeze pages and a new page will also be available on your member dashboard all the months.


Inside the package, once you purchase this program, you will also receive an autoresponder filled with follow-ups and various thank you emails that also offer the Company.


Also, you will see in the Clickbank Pirate Program lots of income claims, on their sales page but finally, we do not know if these claims are real or if they are another marketing tactic to bring you can to sell their program in the that you will investment.


We must basically say that Clickbank Pirate Program is serious in the sense that they say that you won’t get rich overnight using their system because this aspect is negative in other companies of marketing online.


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Also, you will observe who the founders of Clickbank Pirate are Soren Jordansen and Cindy Battye. Upon further investigation, these two are also the owners of IM Wealth Builder, the company that created quite a number of scam products like Covert Store Builder and others.


Of all form is important that you follow my honest review for that you consider other aspects that will observe to continuation.


How Does it Clickbank Pirate Program Work?





With Clickbank Pirate Program this is all about selling affiliate products by promoting resources with your affiliate links and more often creating sales pages for yourself as a style of the company.


If we analyzed the Training can see that this program teaches you how to create your own sales pages. You will see that the sales page one long article that explains something related to affiliate products and after put links to products you want your target audience to buy.


Now of form general the problem with this training that offers you the Clickbank Pirates Program is that the same is outdated. You are never going to find most of the popular search engines ranking such pages in their top positions and really will be inconvenient.


So we will observe that when search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo saw that their users weren’t really into these pages, they decided to update their algorithms in a way that they only allow websites with tons of pages and posts to rank well that this will be other inconvenient.


Also if we see the member’s area you will observe that looks like a treasure map. And if you are the kind of person who wants things plain and simple you will say that there is some strange in the Clickbank Pirates Program.


If you analyze other aspects that exist in the Program as many claims that the people do not consider that have the veracity necessary and will lose its inclination for joining the Program.


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Another thing negative program is that they won’t really tell you what you will be doing within the program before you join. They will just get motivated to join and give you screenshots of various payments realized to show how much they have been earning affiliates with the systems that they offer, finally will say you that must follow the Training of the Clickbank Pirate Program.



clickbank pirate income claims



Who Is It For Clickbank Pirate Program?


In the sense of general Clickbank Pirate Program, this program is claimed to be great for pretty much anyone who wants to make money with Clickbank affiliate products and without having to invest too much effort into the marketing by having to set up a website. And since it seems a very easy thing, they are literally targeting everyone who wants to make money online with the least amount of time possible fundamentally for the beginners.


It is important to communicate, that if you are beginners I do not recommend to the beginners due that exist many gaps in its Training on all because it is very difficult for beginners to know some concepts of affiliate marketing.


In other words, the course is not really for people who want to make a profit online.


Pros and Cons of Clickbank Pirate Program




1- You have a 60-day money-back guarantee: You will receive a refund in case of not want the Program that is quite easy because payment processing is done through Clickbank.


2- Access to proven templates: The pre-built proven templates are useful for beginners with no knowledge in creating an adequate landing page.


3- Use of legit business model: Clickbank Pirate Program uses and teaches affiliate marketing, a legit that has helped many people achieve financial success.




1- You will observe that are outdated training and resources: You will see that the Training resources have not been updated since the product was created many years ago. This makes that the Program not this to the level of marketing online.


2- On the monthly recurring fee: You have to pay this regularly in order to work for them and make their commissions.


3- Limited only to Clickbank: In sense general, there are many other platforms and opportunities that offer affiliate marketing, but this one is only limited to Clickbank and really is not the best.


4- You can see many false promises: Referent to this theme there are lots of hype to convince people to sign up, but mostly they are false promises.


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5- There are duplicate contents: Clickbank Pirate Program users promote the same content, which is no longer effective in this day and age. It is simply impossible to get a high rank in search engines with duplicate content or the same content.


6- Also exist useless upsells: Clickbank Pirate Program offers outdated turnkey systems multiple times at a lower price. You not will sell the product that wishes.


7- You will have low-quality tools: In Clickbank Pirate Program you not will find proper tools to give any information on the following logic.  


Verdict Final: Is Clickbank Pirate A Scam?


To mode of conclusion on Clickbank Pirate Program, I can say you that for me this platform not is recommendable because as already communicated this has many gaps fundamentally in its sales page and other aspects that also already mentioned as the automated system that they promote with the which want they want to show that you can make much money of easy form with the use of software automated that in the life real not is more than a Training Program created by the Company.



clickbank pirate automated system



According to the standards of internet marketing not is possible that you go to the millionaire of a day for others with an automated system because this will be an error monumental.


So that you have profits online go depend on made a great effort fundamentally the beginners. Logically this want says we must avoid all types of programs where the owners promise that you will have riches of form instantly o fastly because it is a criterium false totally.


By this, we consider that the Clickbank Pirate Program is a platform that is “Not Recommended” due to that there are many gaps or better said little transparency in the Program.


In conclusion, I consider that Clickbank Pirate is “Not Recommended”


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Thanks so much for your interest.




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