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.Ebates  Company is a cashback website that has been around since 1998 – an eternity in the online world! It was founded by two former deputy district attorneys, Alessandro Isolani and Paul Wasserman, of Menlo Park, California. In 2014, it was acquired by Rakuten for $1 billion is currently its owner.


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Really is Ebates Legit or is it a Scam?. What exactly is Ebates and how does it Work?

Ebates Review:




Product: www.ebates.com (Join here too and get $10 for free).

Ebates Coupons and Cash Back

Price: 100% Free Membership.

Legitimate: Yes

Owner: Rakuten

App: Available for both iOS and Android

Legitimate: Yes

Overall Ranking: 9 out of 10 (Recommended)


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What is Ebates Company?


Ebates is a  Company Online that has partnered with over 2,000 online companies to form an affiliate relationship with each of them. An affiliate relationship simply means that Ebates and each online company have created a partnership where Ebates will refer you to buy something from them, and that company then will send it to Ebates Platform Online. Because are companies that work together in partnership.





Now like good news for you or me; Ebates then splits the thank-you referral with you, and you earn Cash Back. On the dates marked by them where you will receive a check.


As an example, at the time this post was published, JCPenney has agreed to send Ebates a thank-you referral of 12% Cash Back for whoever shops online at JCPenney via the Ebates website. Ebates Platform then splits the referral commission with you(the online shopper) and we each earn 6% Cash Back which is the more important for all.


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So this implies that our online sales participation through Ebates will only win repeatedly.


Win No.1 – The Online Retailer: The online store is getting more of us to shop online at their stores that are the partnerships with the Ebates Platform.


Win No.2 – Ebates Platform: Ebates receives a thank-you commission for referring us to shop online of other Companies Associated.





Win No.3 – Us the Salespersons: Ebates splits that commission with us in the form of CASH, sending a check to our house.


How Does Ebates Pay? (+ Payment Proof)


Ebates pays out quarterly, either by Check or PayPal. Here’s a handy table that shows the payout schedule:



Ebates Payment Schedule



Ebates’ payment schedule.


After you sign up, you’ll be asked to provide a mailing address. This is so they know where to send your checks.


You need to have at least $5.01 in your account in order to get paid. If you have less than $5.01, it will simply stay in your Ebates account until you reach the threshold. (Hint: if you join through this link, you’ll get $10 for free. :

For peace of mind, here’s my Ebates payment proof:

For peace of mind, here’s my Ebates payment proof:



Ebates payment proof

Join Ebates (Free $10)


Ebates Pros and Cons.



Free money!

Huge affiliate commissions

Works with most online retailers – including Amazon and eBay!

Works on your smartphone (just download the app)




See the complaints above.

What You Have That Do For Earn With Ebates.


The First is Creating an account with Ebates that is FREE and very simple.


Now for You to create an account with Ebates, all you need is an email address or a Facebook account to get started. Once you create your account, you can shop online just normally do, however now you can earn between 1% to 40% CASH BACK at over 2,000 online stores associated with Ebates!


The Cash Back is that you will either receive a check in the mail or your money will be deposited into your PayPal account. Remember, this is actual money, not a bunch of gift cards, points, or anything like that. They treat this with any seriousness.


You get started, go to the Ebates website to create an account. You will see in where say Already A Member? Sign In. Join Now:







You can see a $10 bonus you’re receiving is because I referred you to the Ebates Site!


By way of transparency, Ebates will also send me a thank-you referral for referring you to their site. You can also refer your friends and family to their website and earn the same thank-you referral as well!. Ebates this open for all.


How to Shop and Save with Ebates.


Right now, the vast majority of Cash Back savings is online, we mean there are specific stores that offer in-store Cash Back as well. We refer to the associated stores to Ebates.




Actually, according to a recent study, nearly 80% of people now shop online. Eight out of ten people you know shop online. This is why I see Ebates as a Great Source of Income– you’re going to get cashback for doing what you’re already doing and they send you to the check to its house.




Search Ebates(First Option)


It is important before you shop online, head on over to the Ebates website and you can search the 2,000+ online retailers to see if they have a partnership with Ebates. Once you find a store where you’re going to shop, simply click on the button of that store and You could do it without problems.


As an example, let’s say you’re going to purchase something from Macy’s and you go through Ebates to get 6% Cash Back. You would click on the Macys icon below and can obtain the products that You wish:





You can see that once you click on it, you will be taken this the screen below to let you know your Cash Back will be activated automatically:





Get the Ebates Button (Best Option)


Sometimes you can buy something, bring it home, and then find a coupon for it after the fact?. The situation that happens to anyone.


Ebates Members most know we sometimes do this so they created a button we can add to the Google Chrome Browser. Now instead of having to remember to go to Ebates first, we will get a little notification on our screen when we arrive at an online store that is an affiliate (partner) with Ebates and once we see the notification we activate it and everything will be solved.


Now we can see an example of buy at “Groupon”.







There are only 22 stores that currently offer in-store Cash Back, but you may as well know about it if you shop at any of those stores.

How does Ebates work?

Even though you don’t understand business or business partnerships, it might sound too good to be true. But it isn’t. Ebates Platform is Legit and not a Scam, and you should be using it every time you shop y always You can earn. Where all the process is simple.


You (the customer) go to Ebates.com search for the store you want to shop at, click the “Shop Now” button, and shop at the online store as you normally would in any other Company Online. Once you’ve made a purchase, a percentage of the purchase shows up in your Ebates account and You can verify easily.


In the same way, if Ebates offers 10% cash back for shopping at Walmart and you buy something for $300, you’ll get $30 in cashback, as You can see is very simple.



Ebates Account. $10 Bonus. TRY NOW:


How does Ebates Make Money?


Now you’re probably asking yourself. How can Ebates give you money for free? What’s their business model and others ask?


For this, you need to understand how affiliate marketing works to understand Ebates business and its Companys Associated.


On this, we can say Affiliate marketing is a business model where companies, the online stores pay people a commission for referring sales, that is, an affiliate can be benefited.


Ebates has affiliates in over 2,000 stores. When someone clicks on an Ebates link to a retail store, Ebates gets a commission, and after you get other to its affiliates members.


In this case, Ebates gives you half of their commission (via cashback). This is a Win-Win-Win. Where the store gets more sales. Ebates makes a commission. You make free money just for shopping and can be each every time you want.


Example: You go to Ebates.com and click through to the Best Buy store. You buy a Computer from Best Buy for $1,000. Ebates gets a 4% ($40) commission from Best Buy for referring the sale. Ebates gives you half of their commission ($20) in the form of cashback and really all we won.


Now you may wonder if this approach really increases the stores’ sales since customers could make purchases regardless of Ebates Platform existence or directly in them.


Personally, this is my take: the stores would opt out of their deal with Ebates if they didn’t think it was helping their sales. Here’s the store’s logic: because the customer is saving money, they will be incentivized to spend more money making more purchases and this will also benefit the companies.


Verdict Final: Is Ebates A Scam?

Ebates is a Legit cashback site and definitely not a Scam. I’ve been a user for several two years and have no complaints and I think that is A Great Company,


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Please leave a comment about Ebates, if you have any questions or simply if You want to give the criterion of this Review!


Always to Your Success and Happy 2019.





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