CashBlurbs Review. Is It An Sure Source Traffic?

CashBlurbs Review. Is It An Sure Source Traffic?



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CashBlurbs Program Review. Is Cash Blurbs A Scam Or Really Good Traffic?.


Welcome to CashBlurbs Program that is a popular product that I’ve decided to be made an Honest Review because is very mentioned in internet marketing. The Platform claims to direct traffic to your offers by allowing you to post ads called CashBlurbs on the home page and getting other people to share your ads via their social media accounts like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and others. When you analyze will decide if is convenient to make an investment and if really is a legit platform.


In my review of the CashBlurbs Program, you will see through the analysis of all the Programs that you will observe to continuation.


CashBlurbs Program Review:


Program Features:


Product Name: CashBlurbs

Price: $0 – $20 / month


Founder: Bryan Winters

My Rating – 2 / 5

Verdict: Must Avoid



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For beginning in my review, you can see that these ads of the CashBlurbs Program have been posted by members of the program. In sense general, the idea is that in order to post your own ad, you must first share the top cash blurb on your own social media profile, like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or others.



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So you only will publish your ads after of share the cash blurb on your own social media profile and it implies that you will get traffic from appearing on the home page of the website, but you will also get traffic when your ad is shared over social media This aspect the CashBlurbs Program claims that is a system of as social traffic forwarding system.


This duality of the function should provide you a source of the traffic to your offers, but the main way to get traffic will be when someone shares your ad on a social network with hundreds of followers before posting their ad, that is this is the central idea of ​​the system.


What is Cashblurbs Program?


Cashblurbs Program is a Platform in that you can post your “blurbs”, ads through your affiliate links, and like already I said these ads then get shared across the social media by the other participating members and you get traffic to your site directly.





Where you get to post a number of times, depending on the membership you have, but of form general, the more active you are the more shares you will get for your ad and theoretically more referrals.


In case you have a FREE membership, you can post 1 ad per day.


Will be best the Unlimited membership $20 / month because it will give you the chance to post every 20 (min), no limitations on how many times. With this membership, they give the possibility to get a FREE membership to which is as a Platform associated with CashBlurbs Program.


The Instant Traffic Package of $7 will enable you to post 72 ads per day for 15 days.



review of cashblurbs



Also, if you look at each of the three ads of your choice for longer than 10 seconds, you qualify for a bonus that offers the CashBlurbs Program.


It provides that your ad stands out from the rest as a “Featured Blurb”. In this aspect, they claim your traffic increases threefold if you use this feature, which is more beneficial for you.





CashBlurb Program Overview.


Really when you do this in the presence of the website CashBlurbs Program you do not will reaction it’s not immediately clear what is going on. You only can appreciate fundamentally claims as An ingenious new way to promote your products, affiliate links, and websites, that in my case this paused for a moment to reflect and place myself in what I should do.


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It is very important to see to continuation the Video that will give you an idea of as work the system to have more elements to assess the same.





In the explanation of the video, you will see provides a detailed overview of how to benefit from the system. You will see that it claims itself an Online Traffic Revolution that you can use to get hundreds of people sending free traffic and leads, leading to potential referrals, commissions, and possible sales for your products and affiliates program.


Also, I can say you that the start in CashBlurbs Program is easy. When you have the decision of joining this process is less than one min and already you can begin. Once you are in your back office you will see another video where you will receive more information relative to the system of the CashBlurbs Program.


Training in CashBlurbs Program.


The Training of the Program you will see that is acceptable and also you can see as will turn your cash blurb into a “Featured Blurb” by way of to that you can triple your traffic, and they certainly stand out from the rest of the ads. The good thing about these is that they are free, but for me not there is a warranty that is really potential leads that want your products or affiliate programs.


In CashBlurbs Program they claim that for you leading to more traffic, you have to do is have to view three other offers for 10 sec each before you post your ad. After once your ad moves to the second page, your Featured ad will show up at the top of the postings and you will obtain more traffic, although I repeat that for me the potential leads not are sure only depending on the type of Opportunity of Business.


Here You Can See the PROS And CONS Of the CashBlurbs Program:




1-The product comes with a full 60-day money-back guarantee.


2- The video walkthrough provided clear instructions on how to add social media links, how to copy ads and post them to your social accounts, and to post your own ad.


3-The basic version is Free, so you could always try it out for yourself and see how much traffic you can generate. The paid version is relatively cheap at $20.




1- They say that: You are 100% guaranteed to get traffic to your offers. For me, the type of Traffic that will generate not is “Good”.


2- If you make click on a few of the social accounts that share ads. You will see that some are fake accounts. Are accounts that set up to fulfill their part of the bargain and share the ads, for you achieve have more traffic.


3- By way of that not there is a warranty that many people are really going to see your blurb if it’s on a fake social profile


4- I think there may well be some social accounts that have good exposure for your ads, but it looks like these are in the minority.


5- Referent to the Quality Of The Traffic which CashBlurb Program promises will be of very little quality, which is why so many have made a fake account that you not will have a response.


6- The Section of Support, not have much presence with respect to the response fast of any doubt.


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7-Referent to Section of Training, there isn’t any really. The system is very simple, and once you have watched the intro video, not appear anything that can help you.


Verdict Final On CashBlurbs Program Honest Review.


My Verdict Final of CashBlurbs Program is that this Platform  “Not is Recommended” from my point of view because really I think that the promise of traffic will work, but you have to consider the quality of the clicks that you will have.


Also, I think that CashBlurbs is Not a Scam, the situation this in the quality of the potential leads that not will be real or will be very little. Therefore this opportunity must treat “Avoid”.


You to Earn Money Online must search for a Program where you can Learn and Earn as my #1 Awesome Niche and also will have Free Traffic.


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In a sense general, you can always give it a go if you want to try it for yourself, but really you will need many efforts to can achieve some sales.


In conclusion for me, CashBlurbs Program “NOT IS A SCAM” but is a Platform that must AVOID.


Thanks so much for your interest.




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Please if you have questions or comments CashBlurbs Program, please leave them below. For me, it is a pleasure to hear something from you.

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