Stiforp Program Review: The Platform Of Tools For Business


Stiforp Program Review: The Platform Of Tools For Business





Stiforp Program Review.


Of form general, The ideal is to do an analysis of any Program before of sign up in the same with the final of seeing what offer this Platform as Owner history, Training, Compensation Plan, Products, Tools, and the more important that is if you can make profits with the Program.


Of this form, we can value what decision we must make to have sure if we do the investment or not for not lose time and money. This going to review some features fundamentals of the Stiforp Program.



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Program Features:


Name:Stiforp Program


Owner: Naudar Khazan

Price: $40 One – Time (Fee) – $9.95 / Monthly

Rating: 3 / 5

Verdict: Not Recommended for Beginners.


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What is The Stiforp Program?




Of form general The Stiforp Program we can define as a brand new Marketing System and income generator created to put marketers and their businesses ahead of their competition and also to give them another source of income to all online.


You can see that Stiforp is a Multilevel network marketing company that offers MLM business-building-related resources and tools to benefit marketing businesses.


The founder is Naudar Khazan, this Platform was created in 2011. All the members of the Stiforp Program have access to hundreds of dollars worth of Software,  Tools, Training materials and you will be able to make money by referring other people to the Program.


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Also will observe that Stiforp Program has designed web pages that are able to work for almost any themes along with training materials on how to get leads.


How Much Does It Cost The Stiforp Program?


Now as a Stiforp affiliated, you have to pay a $40 once-off membership fee and then only $9.95 monthly in order to stay within the compensation program of its Platform. I think that according to the number of tools that offer the Program you are getting and the effect they will have on its business, and also the potential income you can earn I consider that the pay initial and the monthly is accessible.


This is why the Stiforp Program allows you to take a free tour so you can see first hand what they are offering you that are tools very beneficial.


Stiforp Program – Compensation Plan


Here you will see that just like so many other Multi-Level Marketing programs, Stiforp Profits requires you to build your own downline of active members, and the stronger your Stiforp Program team becomes, the more money you will get at the end of the month like the result of the system.





Can You Earn Money With Stiforp Program?


In sense general when you sign up as a member, you will be put in the called Power Line and when you refer 3 members and they join underneath you, you will receive a commission of $2 for the first people and $1 for the two remainings.


Also, you can earn a quick start bonus every time you sponsor a brand new member and earn $25 on the system.


So the Compensation Plan is based on a 2 x 14 forced matrix with an attachment of Power Lines.


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Parallelly as a “3-Star” member or above you will receive paid $2.50 per member on all the levels of the system.


Tools That Offer The Stiforp Program:


For me, this is where well the strength of the Stiforp Program.






Stiforp Program has amazing tools that can be sold or marketed easily and without the tools, you could be looking at having a hard time, trying to earn any income with the Program. That is why I am going to take you through all their tools one by one since they are included with the membership fee of the Program. You can see to continuation:


1- Autoresponder: The Stiforp Program system this designed to send the prospects who visit your lead capture page a series of emails inviting them to join the Program with highly responsive pre-loaded follow-up messages. Where you have the option to create your own email marketing.


2- Lead Capture Pages: In this first point can see that the members have full access to all of the tested landing pages that had proved to be highly responsive, you will also get your own website URL allowing you to send prospects to your lead page to the website or page you prefer.


3- Interactive Flash Movie presentations: These videos allow leads to interpret information much more efficiently and have a better success rate and these videos can be used for other options.


4- Contact Manager: Here the members get an integrated contact manager with built-in software to track leads with of objective of knowing its localization trough do the click of a button that forms part of the system.


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5- Video Spokesperson: The system on our site this designed for that you can have a real person that appears on your pages to encourage visitors for joining the Program, where you can to selection different actors.


6- Conference Call Bridges: Another aspect fundamental is that in the Stiforp Program you can get your own Conference Call Bridge, where you will be able to invite new members.


7- Private Webinar Room: On this aspect Stiforp  Program, will enable presenters and business owners to hold online webinars that can host up to a hundred seats where you can invite all its leads and friends.


8- Traffic Rotator: This aspect of the Stiforp Program enables you to run co-op ad campaigns in order to help your team to can have more members where you not will have a limit to the number of websites or team members you can add to your rotator.


9- Phone Burner: Here you will see that the burner allows you to import a list of leads and the system will automatically dial the numbers for you and leave a recorded message on voice mails. This condition allows you to have that do fewer calls.


Verdict Final: Is The Stiforp Program A Scam?


To mode of Conclusion, The Stiforp Program is “Not a Scam” of none form. I haven’t in the industry for long and I think the company is still in the stages of building itself but the truth is there is an important number of folks that are already making a living through the Platform.


Unhappily, for you to see any good result from your hard work in the program, you will definitely have to build a large downline. To this you will need to be patient for this program will take a little bit longer in order for you to start earning a good profit.


Already we know that multi-level marketing is the most difficult method of making money online, but if you are good at referring others and don’t mind investing in this program there is absolutely no reason not to generate an income with Stiforp Program.


In sense general really I’m not a member of the Stiforp Program and for me, Not is a Program Recommendable for people without experience in marketing, all the decisions will be of their part but after of have read this Honest Review you know that will earn money in a prolonged time.


Conclusion: “Not Recommended” fundamentally for Beginners.


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Thanks so much for your interest.




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Please if you have questions or comments Stiforp Program, please leave them below. For me, it is a pleasure to hear something from you.


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