Swipe 2 Earn Review: Earn with Influencer Network

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Swipe 2 Earn Review: Earn with Influencer Network



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Swipe 2 Earn Review


Here you will observe an honest review on Swipe 2 Earn Program, you will note that the Company claims to be the #1 Influencer Network and they promise that if you join you will earn as much as $500 per day just by sharing links online of according to its system. Really you want to invest in this platform without knowing it is Legit or not. Please leave me a comment when finalize.


Herewith this review, you will analyze if this site is a Scam or a Legit Influencer Network to make to $500 daily as they claim on the homepage. Really you not will found much information about what you will get in the program, and why they make such big claims that they even seem exaggerated. Although finally, you will discover how exactly works the platform.





Product Name: Swipe 2 Earn

Website: http://swipe2earn.co

Owner: Unknown Still

Price: Free

Rating: 2  / 10

Verdict: Is “Not Recommended”


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What Is Swipe 2 Earn?


In principle, you will observe that the Swipe 2 Earn Program is a relatively new website. We can say that it is a copy of other similar sites that do not meet with the pay the affiliates, also we will see that this Company has the same features relatives to the member’s area, homepage, and referral program. In a sense general similar to other types of Scams like Paid 4 Clout, OG Bucks, Tap 2 Earn, Buxify, and Clout Bonus. that you can do a reading about on the internet.






Categorically all these sites are said to be Influencer Networks that will pay you a lot of money for sharing links and doing simple tasks like online surveys that we can say this is the philosophy of these platforms.


In my criterium really this claim of all these Companies is a little transparent and unreal because not exist a true way to make $500 fastly in a blink of an eye and in the life real the claims of this platform are falses and not legit.


Now if detailly we analyze the that says the Company you can to see that they say that you will have success when complete three steps with its system and of this form you generate profits that can see to continuation:


First: You just need to join the Swipe 2 Earn Program.


Second: To share a link to get the results to wish.


Third: In this last step, you will collect your earnings.


Making emphasis referent to the profits generation’s you will observe that the Company has a calculator that shows random and ridiculously high estimations of earnings on your affiliates. This denotes little seriousness of the program.


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To mode de consideration, I think that Swipe 2 Earn Program is a platform little serious and deceptive and that finally, its program model denotes that it is a truly Scam in that really we can say that only uses its members to get our profile and with this your contact details and then make you work for them. Also when you create an account, they get your email address and login details with the objective of selling its data.



How Does Swipe 2 Earn Work?


Now when we analyzed this aspect can say that the Swipe 2 Earn Program is what’s known as a data-harvesting scam, this is summed up in that the Company distorts you into handing over your details and what others will do the same as you.


With all that, we have said and of form generic, all the Companies of the same type of the Swipe 2 Earn we can catalog them as money-making opportunity falses because really these companies never will pay to its members and you will lose its investment of time and money.


All consist of that you join the Swipe 2 Earn Program is and when already you appear website using your credentials like username, email, etc and that you use at other websites such as social network, Google and other types of advertising since that moment you can be scammed by this that not recommend you join this type of program.


Also, you can receive many spams offers that can bother you at all times in order to see how they can scam you. You will see other similar programs in this niche. This type of program is deceptive and not is honest that this exists online because will follow tricking to many people that will lose its investment in sense general.


So for the best information, you will see that when you join the site, they add $25 to your site’s account. After, the Company gives you the options to do some tasks, share your referral link, and make some social media submissions. Once you do any of the above, they add money to your site’s account, but you will never see that money in your Bank, PayPal, or other payments processor.


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Here you can see in detail these options:


1- Referrals: In this first case that you share your referral link, they promise $2 per click on that link and $10 per new referral. The process is quite standard for most referral programs. But really no legit referral program that pays $2 per click on social media or other types of advertising.


2- Task Wall: In the case of the tasks are supposed to be online surveys that pay $35 each. If you have joined any legit site that includes surveys, you know that they pay $0.50-$1 on average. When you click one of these tasks, you have to go to a third-page site and fill in your phone number to complete the task. So, the Swipe 2 Earn Program will send you paid text messages.


3- Social Media Submissions: In this last case you will observe that the site gives you specific instructions to promote your referral link on social media. Also, the Swipe 2 Earn give you the option to create and upload a “YouTube Video”, add the link to your Instagram profile, make posts on Facebook, and tweet on Twitter. The rewards are from $10 to $50 for each action, aspect little credibility.


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Can You With Swipe 2 Earn Get Paid?


Swipe 2 Earn Program includes a payment proof page. Although, there are no proofs of payments on any site. Despite this, there are some testimonials on the homepage that claim to earn money. These same claims we have found them on other sites and too also have been finally a Scam.


In sense general, really in the Swipe 2 Earn Program does not appear in any site a payment that this can be to verified and exist many members that delete their accounts and also the do the same the members in all the platforms with the same model type.


Affirmatively you not can earn money in the Swipe 2 Earn Program as well as in similar programs.


Verdict Final: Is Swipe 2 Earn A Scam?


We can affirm that Swipe 2 Earn Program is really a “Scam”, and we not must have doubt with this definition. And already we have seen that none of the members who join Swipe 2 Earn will get paid. All will lose their investment in time and money. This program was created to swindle the people and so steal your personal data and that you can transmit or promote this to others to that did the same.


Referent to this Swipe 2 Earn Program is important to communicate to you that a of the aspects fundamentals of scam alerts is the lack of contact information or Owner. On this platform, you can’t find any real person or name. They tell that they are in business for ten years, while their site is only a few months old and here you can check that the Swipe 2 Earn no have transparency and by this, we say that is false. Also, the program has not any social media accounts, and they claim that this is about making money with social media being clearly contradictory and false.


Will be good that you this well you to steer clear of Swipe 2 Earn Program with the objective that you don’t be scammed and also avoid another program that has the same model as Nice Cash, Influencers Earn( that you can see review in this niche) and others for that you not lose your time and money.


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Conclusively considering this review, the Swipe 2 Earn Program is “A Scam”. beginners.


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Thanks so much for your interest.




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If you have any questions or comments about the Swipe 2 Earn Program, feel free to let me know below, thanks for reading my honest review.


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