SFI Marketing Review: Elegant Affiliate Marketplace


SFI Marketing Review: Elegant Affiliate Marketplace






SFI Marketing Review



Name: Strong Future International (SFI)

Overall Ranking: RECOMMENDED

Price: $0.00

Owners: Carson Services Inc. (Gery Carson)

Website: sfimg.com


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What Is SFI Affiliate Center?


Of form general, you will observe my review on Strong Future International (SFI)Program. Here we can see the SFI Affiliate Center is the back office for SFI affiliates,” stated Captain Obvious. This screenshot shows the SFI Affiliate Center menu bar with its features that is the marketplace or platform where you can sell products.





Also, you can see that the Strong Future International (SFI) is an E-Commerce business opportunity that started in 1998. Starting with 1 product they have expanded to offer over 89,000 products worldwide. SFI products and services are availing of 190+ countries. SFI affiliates are provided with professional website mote SFI products and services. Actually, it is an Online Bussines growing. The owner is Gery Carson and actually has affiliates of all the world online.





Now this review and many SFI online business reviews recommend SFI. Also, you will find SFI home business scam reviews of this Marketing Group.


What Is SFI Marketing Group Introduction?


We can say SFI Marketing Group is composed of two parts, the SFI Affiliate Program, and TripleClicks, the E-Commerce website.


What Is the SFI Affiliate Program?


The SFI affiliate program has been in existence since the last century. And is popular within the Internet Marketing niche. Free to join, SFI has over 1 million affiliates worldwide and each day has more Members.


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Now the SFI Affiliate Program uses a multi-level marketing business model. As such, affiliate compensation is dependent upon sales of products and services through TripleClicks. Every product or service sold has a commission volume associated with it. Affiliate compensation is then determined by the amount of commission volume generated by the associate, the associates personally sponsored associates, and their sponsored associates, as well as TripleClicks customers (members).  Furthermore, affiliates do not earn compensation for recruiting new associates, it is important to know this aspect.


SFI Review - Scam, Legit or MLM


How Does SFI Work?


SFI Affiliate Center operates as the “central hub” for those wanting to promote TripleClicks and recruit people into SFI. In doing so, affiliates earn commissions from direct sales and from the sales volume of their recruits.


Signing up with SFI Affiliate Center is free, and members automatically become affiliates. They also get access to training and tools to help them build their SFI business. Including access to a members-only forum, tracking data, leaderboards, and other useful affiliate resources in

which we should support.


As you can see, there’s a LOT of different avenues to go down here.


On the plus side, there does appear to be some genuinely worthwhile training available for affiliates. The downside is, it’s mostly written content with no visual aids at all, so it’s not the easiest style of training to follow. It’s also somewhat confusing to know where to start given all the options. You must review Step by Step.


It is important to take a look at TripleClicks a key component of this Online Business and we will see what it is about.




What Is TripleClicks?


We can see that TripleClicks is an ‘e-commerce style’ site that launched in 2009, and it’s a big part of how SFI works.


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If we ask Why? This is because the monetary transactions that take place within TripleClicks, are primarily what SFI affiliate commissions are based on. So when people spend money inside TripleClicks, the SFI affiliate who referred them earns a commission.


How exactly does TripleClicks work?






With TripleClicks there are different ways in which you can use the TripleClicks website. First and foremost you can buy and sell products within the marketplace. In addition, you can participate in penny auctions (dubbed “PriceBenders”) to buy discounted products and play various online games to win prizes that finally help the affiliate.


TCredits and Member Rewards Points


Actually, there are two main types of rewards within TripleClicks that are: TCredits and Member Reward Points. These two play a key role in how the system works in sense general.


In the case of “TCredits”: These are credits you can use within TripleClicks.com to buy products, pay seller listing fees, bid on auctions, and play online games. One ‘TCredit’ costs $1.99 however if bought along, or as low as $0.29 if bought in a pack of 200. Without TCredits, you cannot sell products, participate in penny auctions, or play certain games. This means they’re essential if you want to use TripleClicks for has earned.


TCredits Packs.
In the case of Member Rewards Points (MRP): MRP is earned when you spend money or TCredits within TripleClicks. You can redeem MRP for products.

Now we can see four ways you can use TripleClicks:


1) Buy Products


I think this aspect of TripleClicks is almost like a lower-quality version of Amazon or eBay. There are product listings there, and you may be able to save money on something of this.


2) Sell Products


On this theme, we can say that a standard seller can list products in the marketplace for 1 TCredit. Regardless of the item and until it sells.


3) Bid on Penny Auctions (AKA PriceBenders)


Here SFI makes the lion’s share of its revenue within TripleClicks / Penny Auctions. Where is essential to consider the buy a given product at a discount determined.


4) Play Games


This is another form that you can use TripleClicks online games. Some games are free, some allow you to play a couple of free games then make you pay using TCredits. The rewards for winning TCredits, MRP, and other prizes in the Program.


SFI Affiliate Program and Compensation Plan


In this section, you will earn money with the SFI affiliate program, and here I to explain how the MLM compensation plan works. This is really the ‘nuts and bolts of the SFI Affiliate Business Opportunity exactly.


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Here appear Six Ways You Can Earn Money With SFI Business Opportunity.





There are six main ways you can earn as an SFI affiliate which are now explained in detail to give an idea general:


1) Direct Commissions


In short, you earn more or less 45% direct commissions.


2) TripleClicks Executive Pool


Really this is where VersaPoints (VPS) and the MLM side of things come into play.


On this theme in total, 40% of all of the companies sales are placed into the executive pool and shared amongst executive ranked affiliates and higher.


3) Co-Sponsor Commissions


A co-sponsored affiliate is a referral that is given to you by the company. In case you maintain your rank of Executive Affiliate, you receive at least two CSA’s per month. But you can also buy and earn CSA’s in various ways in the Program.


4) TCredit Bonuses


Now, this is simply earning TCredits each month depending on your rank in the Program.




Executive Affiliate: Earn 10 TCredits per month

Bronze Team Leader: Earn 12 TCredits per month

Silver Team Leader: Earn 14 TCredits per month

Gold Team Leader: Earn 16 TCredits per month

Platinum Team Leader: Earn 20 TCredits per month

Diamond Team Leader: Earn 24 TCredits per month


5) The ECA Referral Program


This Program consists of when you refer people to become ECA in TripleClicks, you can earn 10% of the CV on all of their sales for life. In relation to this, You also receive a one-time 100 VP bonus when your ECAs make their first $10 in sales in the Program.


6) SFI Pay Per Action


Another way is a called cost per action affiliate system that, you earn just for referring people to become an SFI affiliate. You don’t actually get them as your referral though, otherwise, you’d be getting paid directly to recruit people- which constitutes a pyramid scheme also inside of the Program.


In other words, the way this works is you earn the initial commission but lose the referral obtained.


Aspects “PRO And CONS” Of SFI From My Point Of View.




1- SFI owners and leaders make it clear this is a business and require commitment and effort and they have provided extensive training and marketing materials to assist with TripleClicks sales and Affiliate Program.


2- The training is big. Getting Started training lessons are essential for all members to get off to a good start, particularly beginners. The training is designed so that affiliates earn as they learn.


3- Is FREE to join. SFI  provides affiliate websites and back-office support without cost.


4- The amazing pricing at the “PriceBenders” The penny auctions are a great way to buy name-brand products at significantly reduced prices. PriceBenders also features Buy it Now for members that want to buy immediately instead of bidding, an aspect very positive.


5- Personal support is good and the responsive, active groups enable beginners to have the best results.


6- SFI has a huge number of products and services available. 89,000+ which includes local and foreign sources, fundamental aspect.




1- Even though SFI is free to join, monthly purchases of products may be required to meet qualifications for the compensation plan.


2- Also the amount of training and reference material may be over complicated for someone new to internet businesses.


3- Referent SFI compensation plan is not the easiest to understand because of the different ranks and qualifications like so many other MLM businesses. On the plus side active, successful affiliates have the opportunity to make huge income inside Program.


Verdict Final: Is SFI Program A Scam?


Giving form to this Review I can say that if you are looking for an E-Commerce affiliate program, then SFI is worth a look. This SFI Marketing Group review to confirm that SFI is not “Is a Scam”


If we analyze SFI as an MLM business opportunity, the focus of the SFI affiliate program is clearly on sales of products and services, especially TripleClicks.


That’s why we consider that  SFI Marketing Group Review Final Verdict:


Is Legit


Thanks so much for your interest.


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Please leave a comment if you have any questions about the SFI Program or simply if You want to give a criterion of this Review!


Always to Your Success.




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Great review. SFI is definitely one of the few MLM sites that has not only been around for 21+ years now, but you earn spendable credits known as Rewardical Tokens (RT) for doing simple daily tasks, etc.. You can convert them to cash, silver, etc.

Got more questions? Feel free to visit: http://bit.ly/SFIteamAffs


Thanks for our offer Shanah, but as you could see I’m a member of SFI make various years. I wish you Success in SFI and I invite you to form part of Wealthy Affiliate where you can build a Free Website, will have a great Community, Training, and learn all the relative with marketing online. Join Now: http://bit.ly/2EBOeVz

I hope to see you in our community and can help you.


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