Point And Click Profit Review: Affiliate Program to Profit?


Point And Click Profit Review: Affiliate Program to Profit?



Point And Click Profit Scam Review



Point And Click Profit Program Review


Program Features:


Name: Point And Click Profit

Website: http://www.pointandclickprofit.com

Price: $97 Up to $1,000

Owner: Amy Jensen

Overall Ranking: 1 / 5

Verdict: Scam


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Referent to this Honest Review on Point And Click Profit Program I can communicate to you that in principle there are many people that have made Complaints of this Program, because exist some aspects of the same that denoted that when you join,  you will not see the seriousness in the platform as payment of membership that sometimes is denied by the deficient system, sales of products, history of the Program and others. Of all forms, you must analyze the platform and give your criterium respectively.


This is what happens almost always when we treat joining Programs that must avoid because not are really Legits. Is by this that we have that to have careful for joining in determined Programs for not lose time and investment, first you must do an analysis exhaust of the same.


So The Point And Click Profit Program have fundamentally two aspects essentials that are:


First: Point And Click Profit are a system that teaches you to drop shipping by connecting you to a program called Suppliers Club and DOBA.


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This want say that you are going to go to these sites (SC & DOBA), will find items to sell, put them up as listings on “eBay” logically to a higher price, you will make a sale, and the difference will are for you.


Philosophy Of Sale – Example:


1- Of form that you find a $600 Washing Machine on “DOBA”.


2- You later go to “eBay”, put up the same  Washing Machine (without purchasing it) on auction or sale for $700.


3- After someone buys it, you go ahead and make the order from “DOBA”, you send it to the buyer.


4- Finally, you keep $100.


In sense general, this is why the Point And Click Profit Program, says a lot about listings and that is to make profits with the more listings you provide.


You will see of form generic that this is a legit business plan, the problem is “DOBA” is a questionable place, also a sale on eBay and making a good profit doing this is not basically easy, fundamentally if competitors sell the same things you are for fewer prices, logically this aspect implies that you will have less profit for each sale. For me, it will be worn.


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It is important to say that the Point And Click Profit Program indicates to also be related to a program existent of the name “Easy1Up” very popular online. You will see on the checkout cart, the link  “Easy1Up” This program basically sells you different packages of marketing courses with prices high.


When communicating this you do not want to say are negative the courses of Easy 1UP the problem is that the owner of Point And Click Profit Program does not do emphasis on this relation wich this Program the which one is foreign to eBay & DOBA. Even though after to analyze this relation existent between the two companies you also have the possibility of joining “Easy1Up”


What is Point And Click Profit about?





Really this program teaches you how to list and sell products on “eBay”. Apparently, big companies like Apple, Adidas, Home Depot, Sony or Lego need people like you to list their products on eBay but don’t want to spend the time to train you. And Amy Jensen and this program treat to give you training that in this case, the do-through of the marketing program of “Easy1Up”.



what is point and click profit about



Of form general according to the Point and Click Profit owner, Amy Jensen, earning money from home is as easy as 1, 2, 3 with the only limitation of the huge amounts of money you can earn is the factor fundamental its effort personally. For me, this claim is a little serious and is not considered or  Legit Program, this confirms that it is a “Scam”.


How Do You Make Money With Point And Click Profit?





The Owner of the Program claims that you make money by becoming an eCommerce account manager for big companies like Apple, Adidas, Home Depot, Sony, or Lego.


That this translates that you’re selling your products for them on the “eBay” Platform.


So after reading deficient idea the sales you couldn’t be blamed for thinking that this work from home opportunity involves creating listings on “eBay”, answering customer queries and helping to post and deliver, or all the related.


Also, the Program claims that the amount of money you can earn depends on how many items you can list for auction on eBay on the system.


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Point And Click Profit offer you this earnings table with your potential daily, weekly, monthly, and annual earnings based on your volume of “eBay” listings that can you see to continuation:



how much money can you make with point and click profits



How You Get The Products To List?


The Point and Click Profit Program have partnered with Doba, a drop shipping company, that wants to say that you can list and sell products without having to buy inventory or deal with shipping. Here can to see the process:


1- You select a product from the Doba catalog.

2- You list the product on eBay.

3- Once you sell the product, you collect the payment.

4- You then order the product from Doba.

5- Doba ships the product to your customer.

6- You repeat the process.


Here you will observe that your profit will be the price your customer pays less the price you pay Doba less any shipping charges. To use this service you have to pay monthly fees to Doba. This appears but you will see as is the process with Doba.


There is various site as the BBB.org and RipoffReport site where appears more of 400 complaints against Doba.


Fundamentally the complaints are from people being charged after closing their accounts or being charged the monthly fee after finishing the free trial without the people’s consent and say the people that Doba doesn’t reply to these complaints until they are posted on the BBB. The people are reimbursed when are publish the complaints.


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As you can see with this Program you can lose its time and investment.


Here you will see 5 reasons Point And Click Profit Platform I consider a Scam:



Resultado de imagen para Point And Click Profit images



1- Different names, different presentations but this is a Scam.
2- The Program has many Complaints online.
3- In a sense general claims are Fake. You lose much time with the sale of products in “eBay”

4- The owner Amy Jensen is a fictional person.
5- For you to recover your investment back you’ll have to promote the “Easy1Up Program” pyramid scheme.


Cost of Point And Click Profit Program?


The membership goes from $97 up to $1,000, meaning a lot of people out there have lost a lot of money. So you will see after of read this Honest Review that it will be difficult to recover its time and investment in this Platform.


Final Verdict: Point And Click Profit Is A Scam?


In this Honest Review, you can analyze the Point And Click Profit Program that is a company that doesn’t provide any product or training and for me is a “Scam”. This can will change in the future but at the moment they are just redirecting you to other companies so they can earn referral commissions as Easy1Up where if you want also can join this Program.


An aspect fundamental to have in consideration is that the Point And Click Profit Program sales page is completely worthless and misleading. Even though, if you find a good supplier, drop-shipping can be a good way to earn money online.


In conclusion Point And Click Profit for me “Is A Scam” for all the disadvantages that have where you can lose its time and investment.


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Thanks so much for your interest.




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Please if you have questions or comments Point And Click Profit Program, please leave them below. For me, it is a pleasure to hear something from you.


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