Make Money Even Review: This Compensation Plan Legit?


Make Money Even Review: This Compensation Plan Legit?


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Here you will observe my sincere review MakeMoneyEven that is an Affiliate Marketing Program online that we are going to take a look at that is structured like a Pyramid Scheme based on its compensation plan. It does have a product that accompanies that one-time payment but we will see if this product the considered of value for an Affiliate Program of responsibility. So we’re are going to check if it is worth considering as a good program or if is another Scam for getting your money of easy form. Having you read this review you will value if really is convenient to invest your money or not.


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Program Features and Review:


Name: Make Money Even


Price: $10 + UpSells

Money-Back Guarantee: No

Rating: 2 / 5

Recommended: Not (Piramide Scheme)


What Is Make Money Even?


In terms, general Make Money Even is an Affiliate Marketing Program but with a fundamental feature. They consider that to have found a way to eliminate all the negative aspects,  associated with Affiliate Marketing Programs Online as the price of the program, consistent growth of the same, the referrals or leads generation, and other things related to growing constant your business. For them, this is the main fundaments of sales although to really confirm this concept of the Program we must finish this review to have more elements in this regard.


Normally all the owns of Affiliate Marketing Programs will treat convince their users that their program is “the Best” and that they have a reference to the problems of other Affiliates Program and will provide a solution to make sure you earn.


This is exactly what this product is doing. It is claiming that it has identified the problems with other affiliate marketing programs and will provide a solution to make sure you “EARN” putting its product in the place higher than you can imagine and in fact convince him.


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So they say that they have found a way to game the market using their proven methods. We can confirm that your methods are the best and that it is worth entering this Affiliate Marketing Program to have Profits?


To have more fundamentals we will follow up on our honest review.


You Can Make Money With This Program?


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With MakeMoneyEven for me, the best part of it all is that they say is that this is how to make money for FREE. Do you think that really this approach is logical?  In response to this all, we will be running to earn Free Who will say the contrary?


When you see the video you will listen that it is going to cost you $10.00 to get into the MakeMoneyEven, but that is given right back to you as an instant sign-up bonus in your dashboard once you are signed up at the Program.


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Really all It seems interesting I invest $10.00 to get my $10.00 back – but this is the beginning now once you start making referrals to MakeMoneyEven you get paid $5.00 for the first referral you have signed up, they join for the $10.00 and they get the instant sign up bonus just like you did so they join for nothing. But you make $5.00 for them signing up.


Finally, we asked if this Program work, is real?


After the next phase of the video where we can now learn how we are going to be making $5.00 for the referrals, we are signing up for the MakeMoneyEven Program and in this part of the video also can see how the MME Program compensation plan. All it does to ask what is being promoted here.


After will see is a screenshot of commissions you can be paid as a starter member for FREE with the Make Money Even Program, we can see the first ten people you refer to. You get to keep every other person and then the other five people go up a slot to your sponsor the person you signed up under and all this is many easy according to the owner of the Program.






In MakeMoneyEven the system goes to infinity for members as they sign up with the free starter membership except after the first ten then you only have to pass up to your sponsor every fifth person or explained otherwise number ten you will get paid for the eleventh, twelfth, thirteenth, fourteenth person, and then the fifteenth person would go to your sponsor at the $5.00.


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Consequently, this keeps getting better once you have all your people signed up you can, so that, keep going having more people sign up but they also have to pass five of the first people that sign up under them up to you as their sponsor and keep going with the same as the above thereafter that.

An aspect that is a little complicated of this Program.


Normally this covers the Basic Plan with MakeMoneyEven and they also have a VIP Marketing Plan that you can join which will earn you even higher commissions and this works in basically the same manner with the big exception being the membership will cost you $200.00 per year that already is not the same that we had in mind with relation to MakeMoneyEven.



Here you can see that the Commissions on this site are paid at $50.00 per member joining with a 100% matching commission paid for MakeMoneyEven Program that this becomes extensive for each member signed up under you under the VIP Marketing Plan of MakeMoneyEven you will earn $100.00 per person, an aspect that is nothing easy.


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According to all the Review can see that we are in the presence of an Opportunity of Business MLM that this based in the Multi-lever Marketing Commission.


Logically this type of system (MLM) not is proper for a person that wants a business serious online where can have a consistent profit. The MakeMoneyEven Program considers this as a VIP Marketing Plan, but they do not say as will pay this type of Commission. Also, they link MakeMoneyEven with Global Domain International adding that having an MME membership could benefit GDI membership. This turns out to be complicated and a little serious.


For me, these Programs MLM are a little serious because not there is no warranty of consistent Profits and exist the possibility of you losing your time and money.


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Final Conclusion on MakeMoneyEven:


You Theoretically Might Make Money.


There are 3 Aspects that Confirm to Stay Away from Make Money Even.


1-The Pyramid Scheme will at any moment To Collapse.

2-You cannot be getting leads that easy like them to say

3-The Program does not have a warranty for Refunds.


For me, MakeMoneyEven is a Scam Program that We must Avoid.


Therefore it is not Recommended.


Thanks so much for your interest.




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