Jaaxy Review: Powerful Keyword Research Tool

Jaaxy Review: Powerful Keyword Research Tool 


Jaaxy Review   


Now you will see an honest review on Jaaxy Program, you will see as you can get FREE traffic to your website whilst sleeping. You can say that having found the best SEO keyword research tool will certainly help you to have success in marketing online and also proportioning you a nice profit.


As aspect general with Jaaxy Program, you will search the keywords below to start your research on this great tool that is an offer of Wealthy Affiliate Program.


If you have attention when you read this short article, you will feel a sense of tranquility it’s possible to get this FREE traffic of the best quality.


Please follow this honest review and you will appreciate that you this in presence of an awesome tool own of marketing online.




Jaaxy 1

Name: Jaaxy

Owners: Kyle Loundon and Carson Lin

Website URL: www.Jaaxy.com    

Support: 9.5 out of 10

Training: 9 out of 10

Ranking: 9 out of 10

Price: Jaaxy Starter: $ 0 Monthly / Jaaxy Lite: $ 0( No Fee To WA Premium) /

Jaaxy Pro $ 49 per month / Jaaxy Enterprise $ 99 per month

Verdict: Legit


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What Is Jaaxy?



Jaaxy 3



Now Jaaxy Program is an advanced keyword tool that offers a collection of features to allow you to take your Keyword research to the maximum level and that always will go you to Success.


Really with this review, you will value the reaching and the power of the Jaaxy keyword tool, and also my experiences with this awesome program.


Maybe you’re reading this honest review because you’ve been looking for a Keyword Research tool to help you with your online business for going to success. Really no import that your business is Affiliate Marketing, eCommerce, or other, keyword research plays a big part in improving your business because is the that will go to you faster to Success.


The Jaaxy Program for me is the recommended Keyword Research Tool in marketing online although also exists the Alphabet Soup Technique as a free method to find new keywords, in case you cannot do an investment of form immediately.


Also is very important that you know as a definition that a keyword is a word or phrase typed into Google or another search engine as Bing, Yahoo, or other.


This implies that if you know what people are typing into Google or another search engine you can create more content that people are searching for, either for an affiliate program, e-commerce, or other. This wants to say that people will naturally visit your website for free!


Of form general also will be good if you know that SEO wants to say Search Engine Optimisation.


In resume put it is making your website easier to find on search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, or others.


The Jaaxy Program for me is the recommended Keyword Research Tool in marketing online although also exists the Alphabet Soup Technique as a free method to find new keywords, in case you cannot do an investment of form immediately. Also, you will observe this post is all about Jaaxy it’s my recommended Keyword Research Tool online and this review will give you all the details of why the Jaaxy Program is the best platform for Keywords online.


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Who is Jaaxy For?



Jaaxy 4You will observe that the Jaaxy Program is a very useful tool for a lot of different online businesses and for people at different levels, either beginners or experiment marketers. Here below is a list of the types of people who can benefit from this awesome platform of marketing online:


1- All those looking for new quality keywords.


2- Bloggers and Website owners looking for new content ideas.


3- Those looking for a new niche that’s profitable.


4- Affiliate Marketers want to find new affiliate programs for their niche.


5- E-commerce advertisers.


6- Pay per click advertisers.


7- Advertising advertisers.


8- Internet Marketers who want to know how their sites are ranking on Google and other search engines for specific keywords.


9- YouTube marketers


10- Domain flippers


11- SEO companies


12- And many others that form part of the marketing online.


Is Jaaxy The Best Keyword Tool of Marketing Online



Jaaxy 5

For me, Jaaxy Program it’s a competitive keyword ranking tool created by the same expert marketers (Kyle & Carson)who created one of the Top Best Affiliate Marketing Courses online today, which is WealthyAffiliate.com that is the best University of marketing online.


These owners affirmed, this is a keyword research tool created for internet marketers by internet marketers and will help folks increase their sites free traffic by finding the most searched keywords with the best-ranking potential being actually the tool more qualitative

that exist in internet marketing.


Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool Features


Now same you will appreciate this Keyword Research Tool has an all-new group of features that will help your website rank higher as well as help you capitalize on finding profitable niche-related keywords that will go you to Success.


In principle, here you will take a look at these features and you will appreciate how they work and what they do for your content marketing campaigns to achieve the best position of its website.


Of form general, if you will glance at the image below you will notice a yellow box with a few abbreviations, an arrow highlighting “QSR”, and the word brainstorm circled, but for now, you will see this is the feature you’ll be using to search for the best keywords in your respected niche with the content corresponding.


Almost sure you might be asking yourself if the data this feature they derive out is trustworthy or perhaps maybe you’re wondering where it gets its keyword data.


You will check that the data, comes from Google and is updated every day or anytime Google updates it’s keyword search results of routine form.



Jaaxy 9



To continuation, you will observe an explanation of all those particularly abbreviations from the image above.



Jaaxy 6

AVG: This field shows the average amount of searches the keyword gets in one month.


Traffic: Number of daily visitors you can expect to get to your site by ranking on the first page of Google for the keyword.


QSR: It means Quoted Search Results and is the number of websites that are currently ranked for the keyword in Google.


KQI: This means Keyword Quality Indicator and shows how likely you are to rank for the Keyword. It’s a series of lights, Green means good easy to rank, Yellow is OK but a bit harder to rank, and light a stoplight red means don’t do it unless your site is bigger and better than the competition.


SEO: A keyword’s SEO Power and is a score that derives from the keyword’s traffic and how much competition the keyword has in its related niche. Measured on a scale of 1 to 100 and the higher the number the better the chances are for ranking it on the first page of Google.


Domains: This field will show you if there are any domains related to the keyword available for purchase. Such as a .com, .org, and all the other dot somethings out there.


Alphabet Soup Feature: This is a technique that not a whole lot of marketers know about but can be quite helpful in understanding what folks are searching for when it comes to niche-related criteria.


Really this we can appreciate it every time we tune into Google, Yahoo, Bing search, or really any search engine for that matter.


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Jaaxy Support

Referent to this aspect fundamental as is the support,  you will enjoy the best attention online because the owners, Kyle and Carson, are the real deal in the business sector.  They make sure their customers are well taken care of.  They offer training on their “Help” page to help you to to use the Jaaxy of a form adequately, although, it is a very simple tool to use. This is the that is the best platform for the keyword.


Cost Of The Jaaxy Keyword Tool


You will observe that there are four different ways that you can get your marketing paws on this competitive keyword tool that is Jaaxy Program but the one that is important that you try first is the free trial offer.


Referent to this offer you get a chance to take this tool out for a test drive with 30 Free searches to each one of it’s optimized features of the Jaaxy Program.


The second option is called Jaaxy Lite that which costs are $ 0 a month but is only for Premium Members when you upgrade to this category.


The third option is to purchase what is called Jaaxy Pro for $49 monthly.  This option is considered the basic membership which will give you unlimited keyword searches and access to a wide range of other powerful features.


The next and last level of this keyword tool is called Jaaxy Enterprise and will run you $ 99 bucks a month.



Jaaxy 10



With these options, you will unlock all of the features that an online marketer would need to get him or her ranked on the first page of Google, Yahoo, Bing, and other search engines. Also with the extra features, you get with each account you will also notice the speed increases.


In resume, the time that it takes to get keyword search results from the free version of the Jaaxy Program will be slower than the Pro version and the version Enterprise.


If you buy Jaaxy today you too will have your own affiliate code that you can share wherever you want.




In sense general, to be on the safe side, Kyle and Carson have furnished you will several tutorials you can use if you ever get stuck. Jaaxy is a simple-to-use keyword tool.




Is Jaaxy Worth Your Money?


Is very important to know why you decide whether or not a tool is worth making investment especially if it’s a monthly fee. For me is the first preoccupation.


Really with this tool, you will earn more money?


In case the answer is yes, then you can pay. Considering the Jaaxy Program is a monthly payment, also you must know if you should keep its subscription? Really you need it to make money.


You will see that a single keyword can earn you thousands of dollars per month. Imagine discovering just one profitable keyword per month. $200 x 12 = $2400, considering that the profit is $ 200 . That’s an additional two thousand four hundred dollars you could be adding to your income every year.


For me is good also if the only thing Jaaxy Program does is save you time, it can still be worth the cost. This Reduces keyword research time and that you can spend working on other parts of your business, or research time for what you want.


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Pros And Cons Of Jaaxy



Jaaxy 8

Offers a FREE trial with 30 searches: You can test out the Jaaxy program for free


Find new high-quality keywords for your niche


Find multiple new niches that are profitable


Find affiliate programs based on your keyword


Check your site ranking


Jaaxy 7




Different priced



Different priced memberships to fit your budget


Easy to use platform with training videos provided


No software to download or install


Fast and reliable support


A very useful tool for different expertise levels


Provides reliable results




Like with most programs and tools, there are some aspects of Jaaxy that could be improved:


The lower memberships have slow speed, so it can sometimes feel time-consuming: However, I don’t feel this has been too much of an issue for me personally.


The bonus downloads are slightly outdated: Despite this, they still provide useful information and some more tips on how to fully understand Jaaxy and use it to its full potential.


There are some features that you may not use very much: For example. I currently don’t use the “Search Analysis” feature too much, but I’m glad the option is there and included in the membership in case that changes.


Conclusion Final on Jaaxy


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Of form general, you can see that Jaaxy Program is a really great keyword research tool that is also capable of performing additional tasks and getting extra information that if we make a comparison the majority of other keyword tools on the market just don’t do. You will observe that Jaaxy is a tool that can save you a great deal of your valuable time, it’s easy to use and the results it gives are really accurate and that is the tool adequate for you going to succeed.


In case you are unsure about joining Jaaxy just try it for free. You will appreciate that when getting the results positives you not would like to stay without that great tool.


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Thanks so much for your interest.




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If you have any questions or comments about the Jaaxy Program feel free to let me know below, thanks for reading my honest review.


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