My Lead Gen Secret Review: Good Leads That Offer?


My Lead Gen Secret Review: Good Leads That Offer?



My Lead Gen Secret Review of 2021.


Really for all the Business opportunities, you will need Leads or Referrals is by this that My Lead Gen Secret Program can draw attention to you and feel interested because you will need a source of prospects.


But for me think that you must analyze always if worth the investment and this My Lead Gen Secret Program of Jim Harmon really still I not seen as a Program of viability.


So I have doubts if this My Lead Gen Secret can generate possible your leads and profits.


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That’s why I consider it very important that you read this Honest Review that I did to explain to you how the entire system works and what you will obtain finally. All with the objective of avoiding that you lost its time and investment.


My Lead Gen Secret Program Review 2019.


Program Features:


Name: My Lead Gen Secret


Price: $30 One-Time + $30 Per Month

Founder: Jim Harmon

Rating: 2 / 5

Recommended:  Not Guarantee Success for beginners


What is My Lead Gen Secret Program?



my lead gen secret review



Welcome to my review on My Lead Gen Secret Program that is a platform based to give you quality leads to make money and to have Success in its Affiliate Program that actually has many following.


With reference to these leads fundamentally are as a result of personal information of people who subscribed to Jim Harmon’s list coming from his private sources of Advertising, but for me, this not want to say that really all these Leads be of quality and this denotes that can be good or not my investment.


You will see, that the Leads of My Lead Gen Secret, you will receive the following information:


1- Email address

2- IP address

3- Date of acquisition of the Lead.


As this type of Opportunity My Lead Gen Secret Program, there have been Program similars and really have shown that is Scams.


This aspect does not want to say that a priori My Lead Gen Secret Program of Jim Harmon its Founder be to Scam, but I do not see the Program as Recommended to despite that Jim Harmon to appear Online as a person with good references as Internet Marketer and what has one Lead Generation System the concept of a Funnel in its Sales Page with good presentation.





Conceptually what is a Funnel?


We can say that a Funnel is basically the process that people go through before being introduced to your product or offer of its Business Opportunity or Affiliate Programs.


This system starts with a lot of people at the part superior since they’re the ones building the base in your business and all the persons going for the Funnel through of a process where going occupation different positions on of the system, that in others words this will are the qualified Leads or Prospects.


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Of the way that these Qualified Leads are that they will become future sales for its Program. Logically of all these Qualified Leads There will be few who will become customers of your Business Opportunity.


How My Lead Gen Secret Program Works?



myleadgensecret leads



All the Leads are mainly of the USA with a few Canadian, Brist and another country.


If we analyze as My Lead Gen Secret Program can see that this system works off a form very typic because really not using the specifics of the Email-Autoresponder as we are used to it such as Get Response, Aweber, Mailchimp, HubSpot, and others.


Referent to this can say that My Lead Gen Secret Program has its anti SPAM compliant mailing platform that will send emails for you of according to as you need.

But have an inconvenient what not it allows to import the list of emails manually and I consider that this option should be accepted. Logically this would allow me to control all the contacts that arrive at me.


My Lead Gen Secret Program(Delivery)



my lead gen secret my leads



Of form general, My Lead Gen Secret Program raises that they will deliver 100(200)Leads per day for 30 days, that total to 3,000 in one month, but as we had said all the Leads received not are of good quality and you can enjoy of this Leads always that be a member of My Lead Gen Secret Program and it will cost you a one-time fee of $30 for the mailing system set-up, then $30 per month for the membership of the Program. As a result of this, you will pay $60 in its first month and $30 each month.





This price monthly of $30 will be to the reason of $1 per day and the equivalent of $0.3 x  Lead that is a price good, but of new I expose that all the Leads are not of good quality.


Roughly this is what you will receive from My Lead Gen Secret Program. To continuation we show a graph related to the offers of the Program:




Here can see My Lead Gen Secrets Statistics



my lead gen secret statistics



With My Lead Gen Secret  Program, you have that to work because this system also needs of its effort.


If you think that you can simply mail out a message with a URL to your leads every day and have success, you need to reflect on it.


In My Lead Gen Secret Program gives you will have all the tools that you need to succeed, but you will still be required to put in some effort and to work for achieving your goals.


Inside of My Lead Gen Secret Program, you must be taking some time to put together emails that are more than just a sales pitch of Productos, Advertising, or others. This means researching products and systems that people will actually want to invest in. For this, you have that to elaborate emails that offer possibilities of a real sale, as well as a reason for buying, and you will be a good seller in the My Lead Gen Secret Platform.


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Jim Harmon placed a lucrative affiliate program for people to promote My Lead Gen Secret and of this form to give the most popular to the Program.





Conclusion To My Review Of My Lead Gen Program.


According to my Honest Review, can say you that for me  My Lead Gen Secret Program of Jim Harmon not is a viability Program, because I consider that most parts of the Leads are not of good quality


It is good to comment you’re paying $30 per month to get leads with My Lead Gen Secret Program when you will to monetize a website and obtain organic references.


In this Platform, strategies are not usually available to the newbie or beginner. This Program for me is more for entrepreneurs with experience online.


For avoiding losing your investment and time fundamentally for the beginner here I propose to you like the best variant to making money online where you will learn the fundamentals of Internet Marketing and you will Build A Solid Future Online.


This alternative to making money online will teach you the fundamentals of Internet marketing. It’s the Best Training Online, with Tools, Nice Community, and Awesome Support all in one place. You not will need a Credit Card and you can build 2 Free Websites. Never you will see anything as this Business Opportunity where you Learn and Earn.


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Thank you for reading this Review about My Lead Gen Secret Opportunity.


For me, My Lead Gen Secret Program is a “Scam” Program that We must Avoid.


Therefore it is “Not Recommended”.


Thanks so much for your interest.




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Please if you have questions or comments about My Lead Gen Secret Program, please leave them below.









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