BuilderAll Review: Sales Up With Funnel Builder


BuilderAll Review: Sales Up With Funnel Builder



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BuilderAll Review


Welcome and Congratulations on reading my honest review on BuilderAll, for me is satisfaction.


At this moment, we go analyze this review of BuilderAll Program for that you have all the details adequate to value if this platform is legit or it is a Scam due to that in the marketing online is very important to have a structure with conditions necessary for you can market products and you can being a marketer of success.


In sense general, you will need various elements fundamentals to guarantee a structure that lets you implement this commercialization and you will see that this is properly it is then that they offer the BuilderAll Program.


The BuilderAll Program will help you to build websites linked with sales funnel and to the first view seem a platform serious and have to rough way of good reputation in marketing online. You will see more information in the course of this review.


At a minimum, you’ll need web hosting, a sales funnel builder, and an email service provider to start.


Later on, you might want to bring in affiliates and perform webinars to bring in more sales.





Product Name: BuilderAll


Creator: Founded by Erick Salgado (2011)

Price: $9.90, $29.90, $49.90 Monthly

Rating: 8.5 / 10

Verdict: “Is Recommended”


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What is BuilderAll?






The BuilderAll Program is a great platform for building websites and sales funnels. Here you will enjoy having all your tools in one place, this is an aspect very positive for all the marketers.


Also, the BuilderAll Program is stand-alone, which means you’ll have to switch to a totally new platform if you’re already using WordPress to build a website. Also, in order to continue running your business, you have to keep paying Builderall recurring fees, this aspect will be negative.


Now you will know that the BuilderAll Program was originally created by Erick Salgado, in the 2011 year. After this date has been many releases until July of 2019 that out the new BuilderAll 3.0 Program.


Here you will observe the three main pieces being that offer the BuilderAll Program:


1- First: The Canvas Funnel Builder allows you to map out and create your entire sales funnel by dragging and dropping elements on a page with its system.



builderall canvas funnel builder2_



2- Second: The Pixel Perfect Builder, is a drag and drop builder that lets you build websites and landing pages without any code, being easier.





3- Third: Mailing Boss, is a full-featured standalone email autoresponder service corresponding.



Builderall MailingBoss Logo



However, with the BuilderAll Program, you will have 27 other tools, being a platform very complete.


Best Parts of BuilderAll


Part 1: Canvas Funnel Builder


You will see that the Canvas Funnel Builder is one of the best new features in the latest BuilderAll Program.


This feature lets you organize your entire sales funnel by linking the different pages you need together in the system.


In principle, this will let you can start from one of the pre-made templates or create a new funnel from the start.


When you have set up all the elements, you press a button and the BuilderAll Program will build it out for you. Finally, you can modify all the pages it generates inside of the Pixel Perfect Builder conveniently.


Part 2: BuilderAll with software is constantly evolving


Referent to other systems you will see that “SaaS”, with BuilderAll, is regularly trying to improve its software for more efficiency.


On this aspect, the BuilderAll Program has pushed out two major releases, each packed with more features. As aspect positive, you will see that is actively being updated with improvements, being this some fundamental because give guarantees, after you had made an investment.


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Part 3: Lucrative Affiliate Program


In case you have an inclination toward the BuilderAll Program, this platform has really good potential for promoting it as an affiliate and has profits.


Of form general, the new BuilderAll 3.0 Program completely overhauled its affiliate program to do this more efficiently. You will observe that It’s a bit more complicated than the old system, with different points, and levels, but there are various benefits that come with the changes in the improved system.


Here you will see a video by Shelly Turner where how works the BuilderAll.





Now, you will appreciate the best parts of the BuilderAll Program:


1- You will earn 100% commissions on all your referrals’ first-month payments.


2- You will earn $ 8 / $ 20 recurring commissions depending on the referred plan.


3- You will earn an $ 8 / $ 15 retention bonus every 3 months your referrals stay on the platform.


4- You will earn a $ 50 car bonus for every 690 points you earn.


5- You will earn up to 4 tiers of affiliate commissions.


The “Car” bonus is especially nice when compared to ClickFunnels “Dream Car” program.


So, every recurring payment you earn goes towards your bonus versus having to maintain a certain number of active affiliates.


However, some importance is that the bonus starts at $50 and it’s not capped at any fixed amount. So if you somehow reached 1,000 recurring payments, you would get an extra $5,000 a month which will be a good profit.


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Part 4: The best done for you solution


Of form general, BuilderAll Program offers a kit of complete marketing for an affordable fixed price, which really in another place online will be very expensive and not very completed as in this platform. Also if you add in web hosting, chatbot software, link tracking, and others you will spend a quantity excessive.


Builderall Program Pricing Plan


Of form general, the Builderall Program is cheaper than other comparable software of marketing online. Here you will value why is this:


In principle, the Builderall Program offers two plans: Builderall Essential and Builderall Premium.



Builderall Review - Pricing Plans 2



Builderall Essential Plan


So, The Builderall Essential Plan is $29.90 monthly and logically is the cheaper of the two plans.


You will appreciate that under this plan, you will get the drag-and-drop site builder, are allowed up to 10,000 email leads in MailingBoss, transfer websites, and funnels, and get a few other features such as SSL, and automatic daily backups on the system.


Builderall Premium Plan


Referent to the Builderall Premium Plan is more expensive at $69.90 monthly.



builderall affiliate



In sense general, Builderall’s Program  2-tier affiliate system lets you earn money (and even recurring commissions) for every time you sell the software after you become a Builderall affiliate. You will see that the program is all new and updated with more perks so there are a lot of ways for you to earn on the system.


a) 100% personal sales commissions on the first payment.

b) 30% of personal sales recurring commissions.

c) 30% 2nd tier recurring commissions.

d) Bonus commissions for low, mid, and high-ticket courses.


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You will appreciate that under this plan, you get everything that Builderall has to offer. Here can see all that includes the platform:


1- You will have the site builder.


2- No limits on email leads.


3- eCommerce store builder.


4- Email workflows.


5- You will enjoy the webinar platform.


6- CRM.


7- Until up to 15 custom domains.


8- You will have unlimited pages.


9- And other features such as the magazine builder and video animator.



Animated Video Creator – Animator

Video Project



NOTE: It is important that you accepted the offer of the Builderall Program to sign up for their 7-day trial which will be more economic for you.


Pros And Cons Of BuilderAll?

Here you will observe the Pros and Cons of the BuilderAll Program:




1- You will see that all packages are inclusive of hosting.


2- You will see that drag and drop site builder for landing pages and sales funnels.


3- You will see complete email marketing software with tagging + automation on the system.


4- You will see many apps to enhance your site and marketing funnels.


5- You will see offers a feature-rich informative webinar platform.


6- You will see sell digital products such as courses or consulting


7- You will see payment processing and affiliate management


8- You will see the best price point for the number of tools included


9- Reporting and tracking tools


10- Marketplace to sell your products and find relevant affiliate offers.




1- You will have an interface inconsistent throughout the platform


2- You will have some apps that have a higher learning curve than others.


3- You will have a few design and video marketing tools available on the system.


4- You will have not, and live chat support


Verdict Final: Is BuilderAll A Scam?


Affirmatively No, Builderall Program isn’t a Scam.


The Builderall is an all-in-one internet marketing platform packed with essential tools to help business owners and marketers leverage their digital efforts. It was introduced around the year 2011 and was mostly geared toward entrepreneurs who wish to leverage their online businesses or start one to help them to have success in marketing online.


Since they have over 40,000 customers and have been in business since around 2008 as a web consulting firm.


Make sure to analyze Builderall Program to make sure that Builderall will be a good fit for your business.


Now really, if you are looking for a low-cost alternative to a product like ClickFunnels or Kartra, then BuilderAll Program might be a good option for you.


With the BuilderAll Program when you put your business on the BuilderAll  Platform, you will definitely be able to save a good quantity of money, because you don’t have to purchase separate web hosting,  a host, and an autoresponder, because you will have all in the platform.


It is by this that the BuilderAll  Program “Is Recommended”.


There are better Programs and more effective ways to earn as an affiliate than the BuilderAll  Program. In this way I give you to continuation:


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Thanks so much for your interest.




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If you have any questions or comments about the BuilderAll Program, feel free to let me know below, thanks for reading my honest review.

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