5 Figure Day Review: Is Real Marketing Online?


5 Figure Day Review: Is Real Marketing Online?





5 Figure Day Review:


Welcome to my honest review of the 5 Figure Day Program a company that claims it can guarantee you a website that will bring more leads and up to 500% more income than your current website aspect that is considered in principle a little exaggerated. By this is fundamental that you value if you can invest your money or not.


Also, the 5 Figure Day Program, platform indicates that when you sign up, you will automatically be provided with a new website, for “Free”, and will give you access to new websites each month that you choose to continue as one full member of the program.


You will observe that the website itself requires that you provide them with your email address contact information before you are able to get the details referent their business plan that you want development.


I must communicate to you that really I’m not an affiliate of the 5 Figure Day Program, but I will give details to you of this program because there are many people in all the mediums of advertising that are interested in this platform, and is by this that I did this honest review with the finally you will have arguments detailed for that you value if really is convenient you make an investment with this program and you can earn money or if this represents is a Scam.




5 figure day logo

Product Name: 5 Figure Day

Website: http://www.5figureday.com

Founder: Bryan Winters

Price: $7 Trial (7 days) then $97/Month

Rating: 3 / 10

Verdict: Is “Not Recommended”

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What is 5 Figure Day?


To mode of information, the 5 Figure Day Program is a platform created by Bryan Winters with the goal to help people build their Email lists fast and monetize them that really is the objective of the program.


Of form general, you will see that the 5 Figure Day Program provides their affiliate members with Training with videos, Tools, and other aspects for teaching to the same including all with or without experience (beginners) the form of like to make money through buying solo ads of according to the designed of the program.


Logically for achieving this, you have that to have an adequate email contact list and sell people the chance to send an email to their list advertising the free report being given away by the solo ad buyer. We can say that this aspect theoretically the 5 Figure Day Program put as some easy but for you have a list of leads is more complicated.


If we analyzed the Solo ads you will see that generally sold in a guaranteed number of clicks, like 100more or less, which means that you will pay between $0.30 and $0.50 per click, in principle only in groups of 100, this will make that the cost of a solo ad will value between $30 and $50, that is approximately the value of the market.


How It Works 5 Figure Day And What Does Offer?


In the first place here you will observe  a video illustrative by the creator of the 5 Figure Day Program Bryan Winters where he will show you the members area, how this works, and other aspects of the platform:





Here we do a resume of all that offer 5 Figure Day Program:


1- Referent to Lead Generation


Really, the Company will provide you with Free landing pages for you to collect Emails. You will see that these landing pages have your affiliate links included. Of this form when your referral purchases 5 Figure Day Program membership, you will earn a commission by the sell done.


2- Referent to Traffic Generation


So, also from the free landing pages, you’re provided with resources to help you generate traffic to your landing page designed by the system.


In little words, the traffic generation method they focus on is called “Solo Ads”, and by this, you will have that to spend money and pay someone with an “Email List” for you to send promotional Emails to his or her list and with this, you will achieve success.


Also, you will find other types of traffic generation also mentioned by the Company about including banner ads, social media marketing, forum marketing, and others.


3- Referent to List Building


Of form general, the “Emails” you have received from your landing page will be automatically saved in your 5 Figure Day Program account. After this, you will download your list in a spreadsheet and proceed with your own “Email” marketing that is already defined by the program.


So, with the 5 Figure Day Program, you can be connected with AWeber and GetResponse, which are two serious Email Service Providers.


It is good to comment that if you have any of these accounts, you can directly import your list into your own system and follow up with your subscribers existing.


We must say you that the 5 Figure Day Program has in its Training on how to monetize and follow up with your list.


4- Referent to Traffic Forwarding System


Referent to this aspect we communicate to you that the 5 Figure Day Program has a unique system called the traffic forwarding system designed by them. Where you will see that the first 5 Emails you get-go to the person who refers you to the platform.


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To mode of conclusion after the first 5, you get all the leads from that point onward. As well as you get the first 5 leads generated by people you refer to in the 5 Figure Day Program. The program says that its design allows you to generate your list 5 times faster than the traditional way used actually.


In the life real it system not will work if you want to build your list for other purposes apart from promoting the 5 Figure Day Program that finally is an aspect negative.


Pros And Cons Of 5 Figure Day




1- The 5 Figure Day Offers Free Trial


As an aspect important and positive, the 5 Figure Day Program has a 7-day trial which costs $7 although you can to make money from this platform, you have that to pay your membership.


2- The 5 Figure Day Offers 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee


Another of the aspects positive is that the 5 Figure Day Program is a ClickBank product and it offers a 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee. Although this normally is courtesy of Clickbank.




1- The 5 Figure Day Is Deficient Business Model


Really 5 Figure Day Program is a platform called deficient because you will see that only promote program membership and that only you recruit new members to make money. It is by this that we consider the system model type pyramidal scheme (MLM). Where this type of model can collapse at any time although it is helping people to generate leads. Also, the program, not have a product that offers the for giving a character serious the same.


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2- The 5 Figure Day Is Fake Website


Referent to this aspect 5 Figure Day Program claims you will be provided with a Free Website but really only you obtain landing pages with your affiliate links included that is really that offer the platform.



5 figure day free website



3- The 5 Figure Day Offers Poor Support


You will observe that the 5 Figure Day Program does not have an easy way for you to get help. And not have a system of help referent to this aspect very important that is the Support. The platform only has a support ticket hosted by Kayako, a customer service software incorporated into the program.


4- The 5 Figure Day Offers Poor Training Resources


Referent to this aspect the 5 Figure Day Program does not provide a system adequate of Training with a sequence logic of all the aspects that they offer as Traffic Generation, Email Marketing, and others.


5- The 5 Figure Day Offers Little Efficient Marketing Method



5 figure day email swipes




In relation to this aspect, the 5 Figure Day Program is using Solo Ads and Banner Ads that you can find in its back-office that are insufficient for an opportunity of business in the actual. Also, the Email templates are really insufficient.


6- The 5 Figure Day Offers Exaggerated Cost To Join


We must point out that when you join the 5 Figure Day Program you will receive the following detail of the program:


a) Marketing materials such as Email Marketing, Social Media Posts, and Banner Ads.






b) Pre-Made landing pages with your affiliate link and other quality training resources of little quality. Also, in order for you to continue receiving commissions, you have to keep paying a $97.monthly membership.


Here you will observe this program that will generate you a 4-5 Figure Monthly Passive Income. This Program is FREE to get started. Check it out:


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Verdict Final: Is 5 Figure Day a Scam?


Affirmatively the 5 Figure Day Program “Yes” Is A “Scam”


Of form general, if you go to the analysis of the Pros and Cons of the 5 Figure Day Program you will appreciate that as the first aspect is a program based on a pyramidal scheme (MLM) that when less you think will collapse. This does that not a legit business in which your job is to keep recruiting people into the system already that you only sell the membership. Also, you will see that the program has more Cons than Pros.


Another aspect negative is that the 5 Figure Day Program, is charging you a very huge amount of monthly fee ($97), and really the Company does not offer any product and the little that offer not to have the quality of a program serious. The platform provides you are some low-quality training and free affiliate landing pages and they claim that give you a Free Website.


There are better Programs and more effective ways to earn as an affiliate than the 5 Figure Day Program. Of this way that I give you to continuation:


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Conclusively considering this review, the 5 Figure Day Program is “A Scam”. beginners.


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Thanks so much for your interest.




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If you have any questions or comments about the 5 Figure Day Program, feel free to let me know below, thanks for reading my honest review.


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