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Program Features:


Name: Program


Price: $25 Sign Up Bonus – Earn $10-$15 for each Friend. 

Rating: 1 / 5

Verdict: “Not Recommended”




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Congratulations on reading the review of my honest Program, analyzing this new platform can I say you that we again are in the presence of one of the many of these Platforms that finally have the same content presented but of form different that does not warranty the recuperation of an investment done, is by this that you must have attention to all the content explain with the objective that you not have lost of money. Program is not more than the presentation of a website of affiliate marketing that says to pay you $2 for each click received on your referral link and $10 – $15 for every person who joins you.


This Platform Program has in its  Members Area various videos where appear people claiming they’re making money online with the Money Program. And logically as it’s free to join, many people take the chance and join because all the people want to earn.


All this want says that when you share your link on social media, classified, and so forth, begin the money to go up in your account. This implies that all people follow sharing their links to can earn more money.


By way of this is why the Program goes viral exaggeratedly. Being the first reason that is free and all finally appear that you will make money easily.


From now on is when the reality hits you because you will see that you’ve been scammed and as you share publicity in different sites you will see that you helped spread the scam all over social media, classified, safe list, and so forth.


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You must follow my Honest Review on Program for that you can to value and have decisions adequate. You will follow seeing some aspects fundamentals that can help you.


How Program Works?


1- Join Money Chaser


Sign up for a account and join the community of people making money online with social media.



2-. Share & Earn


Invite your friends to our site by sharing your influencer link. You will earn ($10) for every friend you invite that joins our site.






3- Get Paid!



Cash out your earnings instantly! We pay our influencers through PayPal, CashApp, Bitcoin, mailed checks, and more.





In principle to get started with, you first have that to create your free account. Where you have that providing your name and username,  email, and choosing a password.


So when you join, you are given a $25 welcome bonus and your own unique referral link. Which is a link that you can share via text, email, social media, classified, safe list to begin earning money from clicks and referrals on the Program.


You only can obtain profits when you have generated $100 or more in commissions, you can apply to withdraw your money in its back office. All this process will take a lot of time, by the that not justify its investment and time employ, converting the Program is a little serious.


You also will see there are many tasks you can complete that supposedly pay out $30 or more per one. But can say that really these are not real tasks are things fictitious.


So is an inconvenience for you because are trial offers that require you to submit your personal information and a valid credit card to join. Risking your privacy in this way.


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As you can observe this is not a real way to make money completing tasks. When you join for trial offers that ultimately end up costing you time and money because finally, you will have that to pay to complete the tasks.


All it implies is that could put at risk its identity and them to permit that clone its credit card. All these aspects indicate that Program is illegitimate and that you must avoid this type of Program.


Why Money Chaser Program Is Not Recommended (Not Legit)?



Resultado de imagen para money chaser



Here you can observe the “Four” fundamental aspects that confirm that Program is Not an Opportunity Legit:


1-The testimonials are fake (see video)

2-The referral program is a fraud.

3-They are not working with big-name brands.

4- Program is not a real Platform (It’s a program with the same features Scams that already we have seen).


To continuation can see a breve explain of all these aspects:


1- Fake Testimonials.


As norma is good each time that we review a new Program is very important to see the criteria of the testimonials for really to value that and to know the legitimacy that has the same.


Referent to this can say that the “testimonials” page, contains some videos of people who claim to be making $1,000’s by referring people to Program even claiming that can make you earn crazy amounts of money, a thing that I do not think that is really due to the little seriousness and credibility that is this system.


2-The referral program is a Fraud.


You can think really how this site can pay you such high amounts of money for clicks and referrals who create a free account without having a product. Do you think that is possible? I think that any person can earn something with luck but the rest will lose its investment and time. Program explains to you  how can pay you when the money this in its account:


They say that the money generated from ad-spend revenue and sponsorship products is used to pay our members. Also, they say By inviting friends, you are building traffic to our site and increasing ad revenue as a result of the Program. This want says that they sustain that all the “ad revenue” they make is enough to pay people $10 per free referral and when the people see this, want to participate in Program, I think that this approach is psychological to obtain what more people join. You can see that in member areas not exist ads of any type.


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In a sense general, not exist Company that is paying $2 for a link click, or $10 for a free referral, without knowing the quality of the lead, that is the that gives credibility to a Company that has seriousness. This is one of the aspects that indicate that Program is Not Recommended.


3- They are not working with big-name brands.


This company claims to be working with brands like Fortnite, Burger King, Dunkin’ Donuts, and Wendy’s. But for me of the form that they work not is reliables and I repeat that not have seriousness.


Convincingly No legitimate company would associate their trusted brand with a site like this, that is a little serious and for me not is a Program real.


4. Money Chaser Program is not a real Platform.

 Program claims to have been in business since 2015 but really does not have features of a Real Platform. Even though they say that the website belongs to a company that is named Money Chaser, PTY LTD. But in reality not have a lineage of a Company of responsibility.


It’s a Program with the same features Scams that already we have seen.


On this aspect grounded that of the moment is similar Money Program to all the Programs Not Recommended that have an aspect to Spam that already we had seen as Swag Pay, Notion Cash Program and others that are sites that work with the same features that they support fake testimonials for to treat of a cheat to the people, but of form intelligent are different domains and branding. Really is something that alls must Avoid.


Verdict Final Of Me Review On Program:


My Verdict is final on Program is really a Platform that must be Avoid because have many tricks and not I, Not consider Recommendable, because not offer any product and not is a project or Program where you can recuperate its time and investment. You to Earn Money Online must search for a Program where you can Learn and Earn as my #1 Awesome Niche and also will have Free Traffic.


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Not is easy to earn online without putting an effort on our part is by that there are many Scamming and Scammers that they are dedicated to having a passive income of all people who have no experience in internet marketing.


In conclusion for me Program is a “Scam” and logically “Not Recommended”.


Thanks so much for your interest.




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Please if you have questions or comments Program, please leave them below. For me, it is a pleasure to hear something from you.

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