Fast Traffic Bost Review: Is A Scam Or Generates Income On Autopilot?


Fast Traffic Bot Review: Is A Scam Or Generates Income on Autopilot?




Fast Traffic Bot Review


Congratulations on reading my honest review of the Fast Traffic Bot Program. This platform was released in 2017. Referent to the same we can say that It is a piece of software “O bot” that they claim that its system automate traffic to your website, build your email list, and generate income. Also on its sales page, they claim that use the same software to get huge amounts of traffic which in turn generates a big income all designed with this system.


Really they say this based on the concept that without traffic, you have no online business and that generating traffic is difficult, as that social media, paid advertising or another source, they all take time, money and great effort and many time implies that we can to lose our investment and money.


It is by that what we must generate new ways of traffic with the final to have the most warranty to get the best quality of traffic.


In sense general, for me, these types of software that claim to generate traffic on autopilot, represent great doubts and not are reliables but having in consideration that the Fast Traffic Bot Program is basically cheap many people thought I might as well check it out including me, although the price has increased since its launch but still is accessible if will was real that you get of traffic in automatic pilot.


Also is good to inform you that Eric Holmlund is the creator of the Fast Traffic Bot Program has been in the internet marketing industry for over 20 years and has released other digital products with great success, although one more than others. This entrepreneur also has a website called “” where you can get of provides advice that is for beginners entrepreneurs of marketing online.


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Product – Fast Traffic Bot

Website – Click Here

Owners – Eric Holmlund & Jeff Alderson

Price – $63.24

Rating: 2 / 5

Verdict: Is “Not Recommended”


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What is Fast Traffic Bot?



Resultado de imagen de fast traffic bot images



In principle, we can say that the Fast Traffic Bot Program is a software that utilizes safe lists to generate traffic and build your email lists.


Referent to the safe lists the Company explains described as closed groups of communities who have agreed to receive emails (usually email ads) from other members. You send a certain amount of email depending on your membership that all logically this implemented by the system.


The Fast Traffic Bot Program explains as you can also send more emails by accruing credits, this done through two types of methods, either you view other people’s emails for a certain period of time or buy the credits that offer in the program.


Really is where the entry in play the Fast Traffic Bot comes in,  that it will automate the process of opening and viewing emails so that you can accrue more credits which in turn will allow you to send more emails all this theoretically because as already said, for me, this autopilot traffic is not real.


 Really Does Fast Traffic Bot Software Work?


Of form general, it seemed to be that they are a waste of time because everyone else really doing the same thing and only trying to build their own email lists and hardly ever check the emails from other safe list members, is practically a system little effective.


Referent to this aspect we can say that some did say, it’s all a numbers game of the system, that although hardly anyone will check the emails you send and they said a tiny fraction may catch your emails and that tiny fraction only becomes larger when you start sending more emails to more lists with bigger memberships, but finally this implies lose much time.


You will observe that in its back office of Fast Traffic Bot Program there is some training on how best to use this software and one of the first things they advise is to sign up to as many safe lists as possible that logically this needs hard work and is not that all will be in autopilot traffic.

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The Company provides a relation of safe lists they use but also they say to that you sign up on the safe lists that not this in the relation by doing your own research to really grow the traffic.





The Fast Traffic Bot Program invites you a lengthy “VIDEO TUTORIAL” in which Eric Holmlund shows you step by step on how to install, configure and use the fast traffic bot to build your email list and send traffic to your website and that you get of the famous and for me also the theoric in autopilot traffic.


Watch Fast Traffic Bot In Action – Click Here!


The Training for Software of Fast Traffic Bot


In Fast Traffic Bot Program, you will get a quick start PDF document and a 1hr 45-minute video tutorial that shows you everything you need to get started with using this software delivering for the program.



Resultado de imagen de fast traffic bot images



Really with Fast Traffic Bot, the software interface is very simple to navigate and there isn’t much required on your part in a sense general.


Referent to this all you need to do is connect one of your Gmail accounts with Fast Traffic Bot, and a of the thing fundamentals is that the training advises that you never connect any of the safe-lists with your main Gmail account for the best result.


Of form general all this is due to that you will be getting thousands of emails a day but these are mostly ads and they will look spammy and you really do not want to be filtering your way through these unnecessary emails just to get to the principals ones that this will be the correct. They say that you will need two accounts of Gmail.


So in principle, this is because when signing up for some of these lists, you are required to enter two email accounts, one for the emails you will receive and the other for verification purposes for a best practice.


The Fast Traffic Bot Program says that will never send emails to your main account but many still do and it is quite frustrating for all in sense general.


Is by this that if you ever get this software, that I really not recommended, make sure to open two different email accounts just for the safe-lists to achieve the best result.


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Now I communicate you newly, that the software has a very simple task and that is to accrue credits for you by opening and clicking on other safe-lists members’ emails in the system.


As you can see from the image below, the interface looks very simple.



fast traffic bot



Here you will see that on your left you have your settings and login details of your email account and on the right, you will see all the emails as the bot opens them up one by one and views the ads for credit. The above image shows one of the ads being viewed by the bot of form illustrative.


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Also, you will see a tab for advanced settings, within this tab you can set the bot to determine how long it has to view an ad before your account is credited if you want the email deleted afterward and if you want the bot to scan the spam folder as well that is a detail fundamental.


Verdict Final: Is The Fast Traffic Bot A Scam?


I really not participate in this business opportunity but I did this honest review in the wich I did an analysis of all the aspect fundamentals, I wouldn’t totally say that this software is a Scam, because really if you are patient and willing to log into multiple safe-lists each day and send out your emails, you will see success.


Now of form general, I should also warn you that every time you need to use the bot, you a new version of it had to be downloaded which was quite frustrating for you and think that by all in sense general. This is by this that for me this software system is not recommended because really you not can do money easily as they say.


Referent to this you will see that Fast Traffic Bot Program in its sales pages claims that the creators of fast traffic bot use it for their online business as well, but for me, this system is only for experts in marketers


Now if we making analysis more exhaust It could be a great tool for new internet marketers who are finding it hard to get leads and customers but despite the claims of automatic traffic, really it is anything but automatic and little real.


In conclusion for me, Fast Traffic Bot is Not Recommended.


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Thanks so much for its interest.




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If you have any questions or comments about Fast TrafficBot Program, feel free to let me know below, thanks for reading my honest review.



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