The most common questions asked about Wealthy Affiliate and Business Opportunities Online. Here you can see the answers:

Wealthy Affiliate scam Review



1- Is really possible to earn a living online?


There are a lot of reasons why most people aren’t making money online. For one, there are so many scams and bad products that exist within the online marketing industry that the majority of people are jaded when it comes to programs to earn online. Many, MANY people have gotten scammed out of their hard-earned dollars or invested money into programs that ended up not really working out for them. The problem is, there are very few quality products out there that will really lead people towards success.


Another factor that deters others is that it takes time, dedication, and hard work. Most people want to earn quick money, they think it’s like a job and will get a steady paycheck in a couple of weeks. Well, no – it isn’t like that. The proper way to earn online is to build a BUSINESS, which takes time. Any business is going to need an initial investment, and it will definitely take some time to see a return on that investment. You may work for hours, weeks, MONTHS, and not see a dime. That in and of itself turns off most people since it’s not instant gratification. Most people looking to make money online are in need of money NOW and can’t afford to wait the several months it may take to start actually earning anything.


You have to think long term when turning to the internet to make money. You need to be thinking, “Okay, I’m going to need to invest a lot of time into this without seeing any money, and that’s OKAY – I know it will pay off in the long run.” Going in with that type of mindset will help you keep going.


2- Now as I can build a website because I do know nothing about it?


It’s a common misconception that you need to know code o make a website. These days, they have programs like WordPress that take all the coding and most of the technical aspects out of the process, so all you need to do is literally type in your website URL and title and your website and it can be built for you.


Build a Free Website Now: Wealthy Affiliate


3- Why should I join Wealthy Affiliate and how can it benefit me?


If you’re still unsure how Wealthy Affiliate would benefit you, there’re a few questions I would ask you:


a)Do you have a passion or interest that you would love to be able to make money with?

b)Are you an “expert” at anything?

c)Do you like helping others?

d)Have you ever wanted to start a business, but were unable to afford or dreaded the initial cost of the startup?

e)Or, alternatively – do you have a real-world business you’d like to combine with the internet to boost advertising and sales?


If you answered “Yes” to ANY of those questions, you can benefit from their training. Wealthy Affiliate helps you take your passion, your interests, whatever you want – and turn it into a thriving web business. It starts with learning how to create a website (which you’re provided with for free) and then learning how to turn it into an online business. This is largely tailored towards the affiliate marketing model in the beginner training, but there are people at Wealthy Affiliate who earn money in all sorts of ways.


4- What is an affiliate marketing program?


The affiliate marketing model is a really good place for a beginner to start off earning money online.


It’s recommended you start earning through affiliate marketing because it’s proven effective and it’s easier than trying to create your own product and sell it. It’s also more lucrative than programs like Google Adsense or other ad networks. The goal is to start people off in the direction that will most likely bring them the highest rate of success, then once they achieve that, they can move on to more advanced techniques.


5- Is Wealthy Affiliate really free?


Yes. You can sign up with simply an email address. It requires no additional information on your part (no credit card, phone number, or other personal information is needed like many other “free” trials). Once inside, you’ll have access to the community, certification training, live chat, blogging, plus 2 free Siterubix websites. You’re going to have access to communicate with members for the first 7 days, at the end of your first week – while your free membership and free websites are valid for life, the communication aspect won’t be available past your first days. However, you’ll be able to keep your free websites plus have access to the starter training (plus additional training) for as long as you want.


Now there are two options for you:


1. Free starter membership: It will cost you nothing ($0) and the benefits follow:


-Free Websites or Blogs.

-More than 100 training modules.

-Access to 3 classrooms, classes lead by Kyle and Carson, founders of Wealthy Affiliate.

-7 days access to all premium communications including support and live chat.

-It’s all you need to start your online journey and honestly it worth more than most of the other paid programs. I know it sounds too good to be true, but it’s true and you can check it out yourself by creating your FREE starter membership.


2. Premium membership: It will cost you just $49 per month and some of the features follow:


-If You upgrade before of 7 days, first month only $19

-unlimited help and support including support and live chat.

– much more than 600 training modules.

-access to 13 full classrooms.

-live weekly training.

-Premium hosting plus website monitoring and feedback system for your sites with the keyword. Help others you succeed…and more.


Premium membership is a package you will ever need for making money online. Go a free membership and see if it is the program for you need or not.

6- Why is Highly Recommended going Premium?


While the starter membership within Wealthy Affiliate is a great opportunity to experience what it’s like inside the community and give you a better idea to what it can offer you without paying a single dime to find out, if you join and decide you are 100% serious about starting your own online business, I would highly recommend going premium. You can join Premium for just $19 your first month, and a mere $29 a month after that if you sign up yearly.


Free VS Premium – Comparison



Note: “Not applicable” to the following countries Bangladesh, India, Egypt, Nigeria, Pakistan, Philippines, Vietnam.


Think of it this way – that’s less than $1 a day to learn how to create an internet business that will start earning you revenue. If you put forth the effort and follow along with the training, you will definitely earn back your $359 within your first year, plus probably much more. You can’t seriously start a business without putting forth some type of investment.


You will get more hands-on, real experience within the field of e-marketing by joining  Wealthy Affiliate than you would be getting a real accredited degree. You’ll be able to earn while you learn… and each year you spend in college is a year you’re paying money to someone else instead of earning it yourself.


Now is very important Make Me Two Promises Before You Join


– Complete your profile. It takes no time, but you will get more help and support if your profile is all set up.


– Complete level 1 of your main Training. That it will take some of your precious time, but it is good learning. When you actually complete one level of the training you will see for yourself that it is possible to make money online and most importantly, that: YOU




7-When I will get my first paycheck and with this, I can pay my members?


This is, unfortunately, a question I cannot answer. I can tell you it will not happen overnight, and perhaps not even your first few months. Wealthy Affiliate is a training program and community designed to help and support you creating your own business on the web, it isn’t a “job” that yields a regular paycheck, nor a “Money-Making Program”.


The amount of money you make is entirely up to your efforts and dedication, and how efficiently you are able to utilize the program and training materials into starting up your own business. There is not a set amount of guaranteed income, but the potential to earn money (I’m talking enough to quit or replace a real job) is definitely there. Some people are making a decent part-time income, anywhere from $500 – $1,000 per month, and there are others making over a million per year, plus everywhere in between.


8-How many times I have been a member of Wealthy Affiliate to have successful?


It’s not a requirement that you be a member of Wealthy Affiliate forever in order to make money online. You don’t even have to go premium if you want to make money online, you can utilize the starter membership and other resources to get started on your own.


I’d recommend starting out with the $19 first month, and if you still like it after that, join for the yearly membership because it’s a lot cheaper than going month by month. They include unlimited web hosting, support, and training, and for $29 per month that is a very, VERY minimal investment in the scheme of business. (30K vs. $359, remember?)


I realize many people can’t afford an initial investment of $359 upfront, though. And that’s OK – if you are very limited in funds, I’d recommend joining for at least a couple of months, and you could probably learn enough to go about it on your own after that. But many members love the community so much they WANT to stay. Also, realize if you have your own domain names, you’ll have to pay for hosting elsewhere if you aren’t a premium member. If You want to Build A Solid Future.


Now Well You this in the Right Way For Success Online.


Can you have a successful online business working part-time from home?


Yes! I can show you how to succeed online. It takes some effort, but it definitely can be done. You can do it. I can show you step by step on how to create your online success. Join Wealthy Affiliate:


Learn How To Build A Successful Online


If you have any further questions, feel Free to ask me with a comment below! I’d love to help you in your path to success.


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