ClickBank University 2.0 Review: Awesome Training Of Marketers


ClickBank University 2.0 Review: Awesome Training Of Marketers 



clickbank university 2.0 review


ClickBank University 2.0 Review


For me is very important to give a Welcome and Congratulations on reading this honest review on  ClickBank University 2.0. an of the opportunities of business online.


Referent to this I can say to you that since do some time I’ve been seeing in social networker and others medium of advertising the fluence of many people interested in ClickBank University 2.0 Program and really I had the task of elaborate this review with the objective of analyzing if this platform is Legit or if is another Scam of what in this time we see of frequently form in internet marketing.


To big ranges, the ClickBank University 2.0 Program by the that we have to see and ear this platform is not a Scam.


Doing an investment of $ 47, you will get to participate in the ClickBank University 2.0 Program and with its system, you will learn how to start a real business online d also you will have access to a great Community and Support where can get a response to all its doubts.


Of form general, this review will serve you in that you know all these aspects positives and negatives of the ClickBank University 2.0 Program. here you will appreciate how it works, the pros and cons, training, tools, and all the references that you can value if you can make money with this platform.



clickbank university 2.0 logo


Product Name: ClickBank University 2.0


Price: $47 per month, plus $594 Up-sell & More

Creators: Matt Hulett, Justin Atlan, & Adam Horwitz

Rating: 7 / 10

Verdict: “Is Recommended”



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What Is ClickBank University?



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The ClickBank University 2.0 Program is a platform that teaches you how to create and sell your own products, and also how to promote other people’s products, through the ClickBank marketplace and other elements to consider.


Here you will see that ClickBank in sense general is a site where vendors sell digital products and affiliates find products they can promote for a commission. and the help of great from the vendor and affiliate, also of other features positives of the ClickBank University (2.0) Program.


So, ClickBank University Program you will see that was created by Adam Horwitz and Justin Atlan, as a way to help people take full advantage of ClickBank Marketplace as a great platform for sell and buy products.


The creator of the ClickBank University Program Adam Horwitz is kind of a big deal in the internet marketing world. He has created a number of successful products over the years and made a lot of money online. In the case of Justin Atlan is also a successful online marketer and works closely with Adam to do many years.


It is good to say that Adam presents the 8 Week Affiliate Track course which is a course on making money with affiliate marketing. And Justin presents the 12-Week Publisher Track which is all about creating and selling your own products on ClickBank on of its system.


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However, In addition to the training, there are also “add-on” courses to build on what you learn in the core course material, bi-weekly training webinars, and a private community or the called “Forum”.


How much does it cost?


ClickBank University 2.0 Program has a cost of $ 47 monthly and is primarily aimed at beginners who’ve never made money online before. And overall I think there’s a lot of value here and it’s worth the price. Although you will find big upsells immediately after buying, being this an aspect negative.



It is important to say you that there’s also an up-sell that ClickBank University 2.0 Program invite to push on you the called ClickBank Builder 2.0. It comes with a hefty $594 price tag. Sure, you can pay for it in two installments to lessen the upfront cost, but it’s still expensive and little accessible for the majority of the affiliates, being this an aspect negative.


Also, exist other hidden fees that you must consider in order to start your own business and that is called: Clickbank University Toolkit that this fundamentally includes referral links to buy your own hosting,  domain, and get essentially “Email Service Provider” and various social media tools on its system.


Training (Tools) & Support That Offers ClickBank University 2.0


In sense general, the ClickBank University 2.0 Program offers some efficient training, but we can say that it is geared more towards vendors with less inclination on affiliate marketing. To continuation you will see the courses that offer:


1- Eight Week Affiliate Marketing Training


You will observe that this Training of the ClickBank University 2.0 Program teaches you how to promote and sell other people’s products on ClickBank Marketplace. However,  it’s a great course if you are specifically interested in promoting products from Clickbank and does not cover as much affiliate marketing in general. In the case of the contrary, this will be the course more efficient for you.


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2- Twelve Week Training Course


In the second case, you will observe that this is a more extensive course and is oriented on vendors who want to create their own products to sell. To continuation you will see elements that they offer in the same:


a) You will learn how to research a niche to create and promote products.

b) You will create a new product.

c) You will create a landing page.

d) You will build an email list.

e) You will shape the Package and price your product.

f) You will create a sales funnel and promote your product or other affiliate products depending on its decision.



clickbank university 2.0 salespage



In sense general for me, vendor Training of the ClickBank University 2.0 Program is much more robust and informative and it covers a wide range of aspects with its system. Also, I can say that It’s pretty easy to give continuity along with all of the Training by having good quality.


PROS And CONS Of ClickBank University 2.0


Here to a continuation, you will appreciate the Pros and Cons of the ClickBank University 2.0 Program:




1- You will have a 30-day money-back guarantee that is provided if you are not satisfied with the service.


2- You will have the warranty that ClickBank is a reputable program for affiliate marketers.


3- You will get access to quality training videos.




1- You will see that the training is geared more towards vendors, not affiliate marketers of different programs.


2- You will see that ClickBank Builder 2.0 is an Up-sell that is extremely expensive.


3- You will see that there is no longer a free trial offered, an aspect negative.


4- You will see that Training videos are not all accessible at once, ClickBank University 2.0 will release them after some time to ensure that you don’t skip steps on the system.


5- You will observe that only learn about paid traffic with a focus on Facebook and Instagram and this limits you to not learn other organic traffic.


For Who Is ClickBank University 2.0?


As already we observe, ClickBank University 2.0 Program is not a great fit for beginners to the affiliate marketing online. You will see that It’s easy to become caught with all of the information, which is why it really is best to have some experience in marketing online. Now in principle, if you already have a website and managed traffic, you can start making money using ClickBank University 2.0 Program en theory almost more fast.


Is by this that If you are really interested in affiliate marketing, this might not be where you want to invest your time and money, because you will lose its investment.


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Of this form, you will get trapped with a mindset that Clickbank University 2.0 Program is the most credible program they can buy to only realize later it was not exactly the Training that you will need. This platform will be more acceptable, for affiliate marketers of more experience.


Verdict Final: Is Clickbank University 2.0 A Scam?


Attending this honest review of the ClickBank University 2.0 Program, you will see that it seems like the “Updated” version does bring some value to the platform. Where the “Updated” Training has more information than the previous one, although, it is more directed on vendors in sense general and not to affiliates programs.


In case you are looking to create your own digital product and market it, the ClickBank University 2.0 Program will be for you a good fit. Just keep in mind that $47 a month can add up, and there will also be advertising costs, that you will have more expenses.


If you explain this of another form the ClickBank University 2.0 Program is more own to promote products sold on Clickbank.


I hope that this review helpful to you to have a correct decision on this platform.


It is by this that the ClickBank University 2.0 Program “Is Recommended”. The beginners must Avoid.


There are better Programs and more effective ways to earn as an affiliate than the ClickBank University 2.0 Program. Of this way that I give you to continuation:


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Thanks so much for your interest.




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If you have any questions or comments about the ClickBank University 2.0 Program, feel free to let me know below, thanks for reading my honest review.

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