Click Better Review: Scam Marketplace Or You Earn Big Commission?

Click Better Review: Scam Marketplace Or You Earn Big Commission?



Click Better Review


Really when you decide to put in start an opportunity of business of affiliate marketing is very important to analyze what type of business is and the features of the same with the final of you can to value if is really Legit or it definitely is a Scam and that you not must do an investment. Also is important to know who is the creator o owner of the program.


Is by this that we decided to make an honest review to the Click Better Program for that you have a consider if this platform offer to you the details adequate for that you can earn money and this details will be fundamentally the products, tools, training, support, and others with the that you can guarantee have profits.



clickbetter review - scam or legit?


Name Product: Click Better


Founded: 2013

Price: Free to Join

Rating: 2.5 / 10

Verdict: Is “Not Recommended


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What Is Click Better?



Generally, the Click Better Program is an affiliate network for digital products and where you can earn big commissions (50%-75%) according to the that claims the platform. In principle, the company was founded in 2013 and the people online have the criterium that is a place with an unfavorable reputation because of many products of down quality that they offer.



clickbetter review



Really the Click Better Program we will say that have a type of model similar to JVZoo and ClickBank. We say that are similars because have many products are common and that characterize as marketplaces of products. Although we can say that some of these products do not have the quality adequate.


Now you will see that in the case of Click Better Program is a standard digital program have with a sales page that includes a video and many big claims where say that you will earn a lot of money.


Normally it is an of the sites where you can join and you put products with the final of promoting and sell this.


Also, the Click Better Program like a marketplace of products has the mission that attracts some vendors of digital products and here you will find the affiliate marketers and the vendors that will be two parts to complete this process or system.


Logically this is of satisfaction for the vendors who create the products of this marketplace are very happy because they can find a place to sell their products that this will represent an aspect positive for them.


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Really the Click Better Program is who operates the refunds and the payments of these products and this platform are fundamental for the vendors of products because this platform is necessary for the sell of the same but never the platform respond by the products by being only a place to the vendors and this implicates that you will found many products of little quality that not will be recommended for you.

How Does Click Better Work?


Referent to the Click Better Program can say you that always that you are an Affiliate Marketer, necessarily exist three steps to start making money that is similar to all the affiliate networks that you see online.


So, like Step 1: You must create an account. where you must put fill in your details and get into the member’s area or back office.


Step 2: Here you will observe the products that offer the Company and finally you get its affiliate link or website as an affiliate and you will select the product conveniently.


Step 3: Also lastly, when you have your affiliate links, you need to send traffic to them for can made money where is possible that already you can have profits.



clickbetter review



Normally, you can give follow since its back-office where you will check your sales and other aspects fundamentals as leads.


Already we had seen You can earn big commissions on Click Better Program according to claims that they make. Also, you will observe that it starts from 10%, although many of the products have a 75% commission and most of them include many upsells on its page sale.


Of form general, you will see that the most affiliate on this marketplace sends tons of “Spam Emails” with promotions of products of Click Better Program and platforms similars as JVZoo, and ClickBank.


Since this point of see also already we had said that many of the money-making products that sell these affiliate networks not have the quality adequate.


The Click Better Program also recommends solo ads to achieve the best traffic, landing pages, and other resources for that you can arrive to have success. But finally a big risk and most people who give it a try, they will not get a profit.


It’s obvious that some affiliates make money in this way but there is a big risk and most people who give it a try, will not get a profit due to the quality of these products that almost always is not the best.


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What Products Can You Promote on Click Better?


Now you will see that Click Better marketplace has hundreds of products in several different categories. Have a look at the picture below which shows all of them:



clickbetter review



Really the Click Better Program you can look for products and categories in the search bar the problem this in the little quality of much of these products.


Also, you will observe when made click in different categories will found that a great part of them are empty that no has any product.


PROS And CONS Of Click Better


Here you will appreciate the Pros and Cons of Click Better Program:




1- The Company has customer support.



1- Many products have little quality or not exist in the category.


2- The Click Better Program does not accept PayPal at this time, but this is only caused by an abundance of returns on the platform.


3- The products that offer the Company have problems or not have a good presentation.


4- They claim that you can have Upsells since the moment of the start, but you will see that is some false.


Verdict Final: Is Click Better A Scam?


Referent to this honest review of the Click Better Program, really I “Not Recommend” this platform due to that the products that they offer not have the quality adequate. In the case you have is the owner of a website, a YouTube channel, or an email list, you really put risk your reputation by promoting products like these ones that at any time the affiliates return in their marketplace.


Remember that as a marketer, your reputation is the most important thing when it comes to running a successful online affiliate marketing business already that if you recommending scammy products, then your audience will associate you with those products and you will lose the possibilities of making money online by being a scammer also.


Is by this that I recommend strongly you that Avoid” joining the Click Better Program.



There are better Programs and more effective ways to earn as an affiliate than the Click Better Program. Of this way that I give you to continuation:


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Conclusively considering this review, the Click Better Program Is “Not Recommended”. beginners.


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Thanks so much for its interest.




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If you have any questions or comments about the Click Better Program, feel free to let me know below, thanks for reading my honest review.



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