The Club Cash Fund Review – This Is A Legit Program Or You Must Avoid?

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The Club Cash Fund Review – This Is A Legit Program Or You Must Avoid?


Congratulations to Read my Honest Review of Club Cash Fund Program.


In first this is a new site that confirms that you can receive $100’s in your mailbox on autopilot or of form passive without promoting or explaining nothing that is without any effort of your part. Just joining, follow the system of Club Cash Fund Program and you will see as you receive the cash.


Program Features:

Name:  Club Cash Fund


Creator:  John “Chad” Stalvey

Price:  $80 to join as an Affiliate Member

Rating:  2 / 5

Verdict:  Must AVOID


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Really all this it seems very easy or by art of magic, it implies that sound to any type of Scam or something little serious.


What is Club Cash Fund Program?


The Club Cash Fund Program is a system created by this Platform that direct mail cash gifting scheme direct in its home.


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Of way, what this means is that affiliates who joining the system send cash almost always with a money order in the mail, logically with the objective of receiving cash from other affiliates who join after them and this will convert in a cycle.


In the life real these schemes aren’t new, they’ve been around for a very long time and used frequently.


If analyzed this program can see that is a more automated system. Due to that, you do not have to mail anything out to anyone after you initially joining. Really due to the system that set up to take care of this for you which. Can say that is some that offer Club Cash Fund Program, where $80 will be the cost for you can to participate in the Platform.


Club Cash Fund Income Claim


With the finally of to explain a little this, you will see that paying this fee, you qualify yourself to recruit referrals into the same system. Each time you recruit someone who pays $80, you earn a $20 commission of form consecutive.


So the remaining $60 is paid out to the person who referred you "$20", the person who referred them "$20" and the rest to Club Cash Fund Program that are "$20".


You will see that the claim of the Club Cash Fund Program talks a lot about how easy it’s all going to be. Due to what, you do not need to sell, tell, explain or promote nothing because everything is made by of system for you, but this definitely not answer back to something real and I think that you not must trust.


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Really not only you can make money joining to Club Cash Fund Program and pay our membership. You must do marketing and publish our website of affiliate programs, already that you need of person o referrals that joining the Program and of course that to pay its membership for you to can make profits.


How The Club Cash Fund Program Works.


Of form general the Club Cash Fund Program works of the following form that is very simple: You join for $80(sign up) and recruit others persons who do the same that you, as I already said is a cycle.


Logically you for to have referrals you must do publicity in Social Media, Classified, Safe List or others will. So you will receive information about each referral that you recruit and will begin the process of the cycle.


So while more you publish of course you can receive more potentials leads.


When you joining and put all its data(Name, Username, Password…) Is important put the Access Code that appears into the box.


This Access Code is important because it informs the system who referred you. The Code is unique o personnel by each affiliate of Club Cash Fund Program. Of this form when you finish of put all the information you will arrive at the official Club Cash Fund Program.


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Nextly you will observe a sales video that informs you to enroll in a simple 3 step system of the Program.


Here you can see the content of the 3 Steps:


First Step: Will say you that must call the number that appears on the page, which is basically a series of voice testimonials.


Second Step:  This informs you that must complete the form to have your Free Starter Kit mailed out to you.


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The Free Starter Kit Mailing Form (Once you receive your Kit) the step will be.


Third Step: Indique that you must do pay the $80 Registration Fee. This is that the Fee $80 you send by mail which qualifies you for recruitment commissions.


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After of doing this, you must fastly begin with its advertising in different sites like Social Media, Classifieds, Safe List and others with the objective of you can earn, though at this aspect, you need to learn how to refer others to the system.


That really this is the part more complicated of the process. Is the moment of work more, not is easy without the effort of our part.


This part of the work of advertising by its part is very expensive, because for you have profits must-do investment and can represent lose of time and investment if you are not expert in the marketing.


In Club Cash Fund Program you may get the odd $20 bill here & there.  Even though you need 5 of those to recoup your initial investment, and without recruiting others yourself you may not actually end up getting any at all. You have that have good results in advertising.


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The first thing you’re told to do upon visiting the Club Cash Fund website is to call a phone number which will read out an automated message to you “explaining” the system.


The number is (888) 997-4928 and the message is the that appears to continuation:


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Later to this, is where you’re then told to enter your name, email address & so forth on the Club Cash Fund website in order to receive a  Free Starter Kit.


The Club Cash Fund Program "Compensation Plan", have operates on 5 levels that are:


Before I must say you that when you mail off that $100, the money goes to the Program and then your name gets added to a list. There are 5 people on the list, that have the following order:


Position 1: Person who recruited You


Position 2: Person who recruited them


Position 3: Person who recruited position 2


Position 4: Company Rotator (called Random Member)


Position 5: Club Cash Fund Program


This want says that $20 of your $100 goes to each of those positions on the list, and then your name goes into position 1. The position 1 goes to 2, position 2 goes to 3 and the person who was in position 3 gets removed is as work the system of Club Cash Fund Program.


As you can see is a system a little complicated but is really like this work.


Here the fundamental is that one of those other members recruits to someone and in case of being sure your name will be on the list so you’ll get sent $20 out of the $100 they send-off and finally is a cycle. In the case worse if an of that people do not achieve recruit to anyone you will lose its time and investment.


How You Make Money With Club Cash Fund Program?


Since me Honest Review I think that really Club Cash Fund Program from a logic standpoint yes, it is indeed possible to make money with the Club Cash Fund but after of do this analysis I think what you can lose its time and investment due to what you have that to use much time and money for advertising and you will depend of what your referrals do the same.


Like the system is a cycle whole thing revolves around recruiting, so really rather than being set up to help new people make money like it claims and in sense general not will be like that.


I consider that Club Cash Fund Program is a Platform with short legs because it won't last long because they are affiliates of different characteristics and this implies that not can be completed the cycle in the most of the case without having in account the effort that alls must do.


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My Verdict Final Of The Club Cash Fund Program.


Repeat for me the Club Cash Fund Program Not is a SCAM but is a Platform that all must AVOID, because finally, I think that you will lose time and investment, in conclusion, you can lose its investment initial of $80 without can recover nothing.


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Thanks so much by its interest.




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